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  1. 6 minutes ago, you am i said:

    I don't mind seeming Arth get angry. He should be angry. I just hope he doesn't go to the post game press conference and start spewing BS about all the positive things he saw today. He should say this is totally unacceptable and it is all ultimately on him as the head coach. That would be refreshing.

    All he needs for Christmas is an offensive line and a place kicker.

  2. 2 hours ago, Let'sGoZips94 said:


    20 wins is very doable this year, and they'll be battle-tested early with Louisville and WVU. UMASS will also be a solid game, strictly due to the A10 status - confidence booster if you win. The MAC is wide open this year, but we also need to keep in mind - Groce is a March-first coach. If we don't peak early, don't be surprised. We'll be ready for when the season actually matters. 


    I love the depth of this team. These are Groce's guys. I'm excited. Let's Go Zips! 

    Need some road wins and not just a first-round tourney road win against a hapless Western Michigan.

  3. Was talking to a an old friend the other day about her son.  He was a HS football player at a suburban school here in Summit County.  He was playing in an all-star game after his senior season and received a severe concussion.  He was on "brain rest" for 3 weeks and had to change career paths.   I wonder how long this game will last.  It's such a meat grinder.

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  4. 43 minutes ago, clarkwgriswold said:

    My "are you *%#@ing kidding me?" moment last year was when the Zips lined up on the wrong side of the field for the kickoff after an opposing team TD.  I had that moment today on their first play from scrimmage which resulted in a timeout before they could run the play they'd rehearsed all damn week.


    I don't expect wins or the type of play I'd see from a team with more individual talent.  If an opponent's players run faster, jump higher and throw it farther, so be it, but I can't bear mental errors and undisciplined penalties.  That needs to change, and fast.

    Ultimately, the buck stops with the coach but what's the QB's responsibility with this type of thing?

  5. I wish Coach Arth and the team well.  I hope he can figure things out and turn it around.  I also hope that this is a regrouping and rebuilding anomaly.  And I also hope that he can prove his doubters wrong and prove to those who hired him that they were right.  There's no point is stating the obvious about what I saw at the game today.  He (and Kato) just laid a huge egg at Homecoming, against the rival team, in front of a really nice crowd and the new president.  I am certain there will be a reckoning (but at what cost) for all those involved if this turns out to be the colossal fail that it "seems" to be at the moment. Who was on the search committee?  My guess is that his looks, charm, and blue-blood St. Ignatius/NE Ohio background swayed them heavily.  


    Like someone else said a while back, firing Bowden and hiring Arth were separate decisions.  I agreed with the first, but I'm really wondering now about the second.   As for Kato, HipZip is correct, time to move on.  He (much like I think Jimond Ivey was on the basketball program) is not a team player and has earned misplaced loyalty from the coaching staff.

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  6. 28 minutes ago, akronzips71 said:

    It is not gloom and doom.

    It is a reality check.

    People are fawning over players who we have never seen step onto the Court.

    Maybe I want to do be optimistic and fawn over players.  What difference does it make to the players, the university or anyone else and why does it matter to you so effing much?  When did you join the thought police? Get a life or create your own site where you and your 3 buddies can bitch and moan all the time.  Your posts are obnoxious, but of course that is probably your goal.


    I've been to every home basketball game and tournament game for the last 20 years and almost every football game.  One thing I don't need from an anonymous blogger such as yourself is a reality check.  

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  7. 22 minutes ago, Balsy said:


    Critical does not mean disrespectful/hateful or spiteful.  Even your own family has it's faults, better to help them see those faults through the safety of people who care about them , so that they can be encouraged and helped to build through those faults and become better people/stronger people.  So not utter hogwash.  


    If you are not most critical of something you care about, other people certainly will be.  You improve through criticism.  You do not improve from sunshine and rainbows and apathy.


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