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  1. 1 hour ago, Let'sGoZips94 said:


    Recognizable name from a solid conference, something we don't often get at the JAR. They've sucked in recent years, but they still hold more water with the common fan than North Carolina Alphabet Soup. 

    Oh, I get it.  We don't get North Carolina or Kentucky but we get Massachusetts.  Getting a school without a hyphen named solely after a state is the accomplishment.

  2. 32 minutes ago, AkronAlumnus said:

    Greetings, I am new to the site, I was wondering who you guys think will be in the starting lineup next season in addition, where do you think players like Toles and Williams will fit in since we have little to no in-game footage to truly evaluate their talent?

    Welcome to the board!  Cheese, Riak, LCJ, Williams, and one of the McKnight brothers.🤔

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  3. 25 minutes ago, Captain Kangaroo said:

    I think the traditional "Senior Night" is officially passé. Too bad...I always like the ceremony with the parents alongside the kid that you watched grow from an 18 year old role player into a 22 year old All MAC'er.


    Call me sentimental, but "Transfer Portal 5th-Year Eligibility Night" just ain't the same...

    8 kids just won the National Spelling Bee.   Nothing is the same.

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  4. 40 minutes ago, zippy5 said:

    No he would play half of this year and three full years. I think that's a thing. Maybe I'm losing it.. anyway I doubt that's what the deal is, why pick Akron over Mizzou and such if they're offering the traditional route and we aren't? Someone's gotta be on the way out

    If you watch the Twitter video, his mom says she drove to every one of his games and put a lot of miles in her car.  So when Buffalo collapsed Akron was maybe the next closest thing.  

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  5. 1 hour ago, Illini Zip said:

    Here is a short article.




    Edwards has already had his gap year and is listed as a 2019 recruit. Why did he not sign with someone by May 15th? Maybe there is an exemption I am not aware of?


    The Canadian calendar is actually a week later than the American calendar.  So considering that, the time change, customs, weather and the NCAA Canadian exemption, this makes total sense.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Let'sGoZips94 said:

    This could prove to be a significant get, and a turning point for the program. Up to this point, we haven't necessarily beaten out other solid schools for 4-year recruits. Everyone knows we need a shooter/scorer, and this guy looks to be just that. I'm expecting some pretty immediate impact from him this year. 


    Side note: how huge is it to have Fulford on the staff for recruiting purposes? 

    Someone said they now have too many players on scholarship?  Is that correct? I read somewhere that we lost Jimond to a transfer.

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  7. 2 hours ago, Let'sGoZips94 said:

    Tribble is a high percentage shooter - he made 100% of his shots in those videos! B);)


    There's your Cooper. Difference maker at guard. Love how many high percentage shots he takes, whether it be a mid range jumper or layup/dunk. I think this is a big get, considering college basketball - especially in March - is guard-dominated. 

    Yeah.  He appears to be unstoppable.  I think next year there really is a chance.

  8. 20 minutes ago, kreed5120 said:


    First off, Utomi was a key piece of our top 25 defense. He played nearly 34 mpg on that top 25 defense and was a versatile defender who played great team defense. Secondly, his shooting wasn't the problem. He shot 37.3% from 3, which is a down year for Utomi, but is still pretty damn good for a volume shooter. In fact, only 43 out of 351 D1 teams shot the ball better than Utomi's 37.3% clip. Your turnover complaint is revisionist history. Akron had the fewest turnovers in the MAC and despite Utomi being the #1 scoring option on the team, he was 4th on the team in turnovers per game with a modest 1.8 per game. You're really expecting Dailey to be the leader on a team he has never previously been a part of? Utomi and Ivey were the leaders on the team and both are now gone. I'd guess Cheese and LCJ will have to be the ones to step into that role now, not Dailey. I have no idea what Toles and Reece will do. Williams I have already shown optimism for.


    The MAC is going to be really bad this coming year so we might still end up contending, but I'd like our odds much more had Utomi stayed or we added someone who could have helped fill in for his loss. There is a reason Utomi had a long list of P5s interested in him. He plays great team defense, can guard multiple positions, and is a career 39.3% 3P% shooter. I think you really underestimate what he brought to the team.

    Ivey is gone?

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