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  1. 19 minutes ago, GP1 said:

    This decision was very calculated. Calculated in the way that the conference leadership looked at all of the decisions other conferences made this year and supplied an answer to a very basic question, "How stupid can we make ourselves 

    Project much?

  2. Adam RittenbergESPN Senior Writer


    Mid-American Conference presidents will meet Friday and vote on whether to have a fall football season, which likely would be six games, sources told ESPN.

    The league's presidents also met Tuesday but did not hold a vote then on the season, which likely would begin the weekend of Oct. 24. The MAC on Aug. 8 became the first FBS league to postpone the fall football season because of concerns about the coronavirus pandemic.

  3. On 9/18/2020 at 10:50 PM, bigjim said:

    I have enjoyed many Zips tailgates, but that is usually because of the good food that I cook and a small group of friends that leads to a fun time.  However, the same fun could usually have happened in my driveway at home with the same group of people.  Lot 9 is the best location in the nation for a tail gate.  We are 50 feet from the field in the perfect location.  We get to hear the best band in the land in the mornings before games, but very few people are present in Lot 9..  The band is fantastic.  However, the Zips fans are typically really weak; I want to say pathetic.  I have been to the Muny lot in Cleveland, to lots at Pittsburgh rooting against the Stillers, to Heiny gate in Columbus, to Ann Arbor, and the times have been crazy.  I have been to South Bend and the SEC where tailgating begins on Wednesday or Thursday prior to game time.  I have showed up most times when Lot 9 gates open, and there is nobody present.  As of 3 hours in, we have a paltry 10 vehicles in the parking lot.  Now, I applaud these folks, but that does not make a good tailgate.  Also, how many times are you not allowed into Lot 9 when it opens due to some University event.  It may be a 5k,  Akron marathon, or a lack of workers, but there is no communication that goes out to the fans.  And, the 10 - 20 fans are left waiting outside of the lot and we are told not to drink or the cops will be called.  But, we have good tailgating.  Also, I have showed up may times at 1400 (2 p.m.) on weekday ESPN games, and I have to wait 2 - 3 hours to have 5 other vehicles in the lot to join my group.  I like to hear how good the tailgating is in this special lot.  


    The bottom line is that tailgating is so bad at Akron even though we have the perfect situation.  Also, how may past players come back to enjoy the festivities.  Almost none.  It is fun to see the cheerleaders and other Zips sport teams in Lot 9 before the games, but most people are too cheap to buy a program to support the school.


    I will continue to show up and support the Zips and be a Varsity A member as well as making several donations a year to the University.  I do not want to hear how good tailgating is at Lot 9.  You have set the bar very low.  Please, let's figure out how to set the bar high.  


    As bad as the football has been, it is still the best part of game day.  Anyone who cannot see that, has never put on a jock strap and has not been an athlete.  T ball does not count.  


    Go Zips

    what's this "Tailgating " thing everyone is talking about?

  4. 28 minutes ago, LZIp said:



    I'm a big supporter of masks and social distancing but they want to have these games with no fans?  Seriously?  just stop concessions and tail gating and limit the #s and require masks.  I'm not going to get COVID from attending a game at Infocision.

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  5. On 9/11/2020 at 10:27 PM, clarkwgriswold said:

    Sounds like our Canadian friends may be down a player this season as one of their players stabbed a Canisius player during a pickup game.  Nice.





    The more interesting story is down the page.   ACC wants all D1 teams to be in the tournament.

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