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  1. Made clutch FTs. He needs conditioning.
  2. Tavari has that "thousand yard" stare. never sure what is going on with him.
  3. Please explain. What's "take plays off?" not getting back on defense?
  4. It's a puzzle, and all we can do is watch and hope some of these 3 balls eventually make it through the net in Cleveland.
  5. Woof. It's like Dawson is deliberately missing these 3s. No way they make it to Saturday in Cleveland.
  6. Zips haven't won in Toledo since...long time ago. Rockets to cover.
  7. But Zips didn't get the help they needed elsewhere in the MAC
  8. I think they were 5-0 when they came to Akron
  9. This would be one of if not THE worst Zips loss, factoring in the current team's record. Pathetic.
  10. My concern level is -10% if that is mathematically possible.
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