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  1. Don't know much about the FDU coach but he didn't win the conference tournament. Coached a huge upset and lost next round. More than likely lightning in a bottle
  2. I'd like to see the "Non-Highlight" reel 😁
  3. Or it prevents poaching and mid majors or any school from losing too many of their players.
  4. I'm waiting for the recruit who gets a universal "ugh, not him" reaction.
  5. we will see how this works out. however, i appreciate the swift and decisive action by the coaching staff. Clarke out/Scott in.
  6. 2022-23 (Sophomore): Junior college point guard helped Northwest Florida State College to an NJCAA national title last spring... First name pronounced "Shem-MAW."... Shooter and playmaker who controls the pace of the game... Has three seasons of eligibility remaining. Isaac Brown on Scott: “With this last scholarship, we were looking for another shooter or playmaker. Shammah is both of those things. He’s a big point guard who knows how to run a team, and he can really stroke it. We’re excited to have him.” Junior College: Qualified academically out of high school but opted for a season of junior college ball at Northwest Florida State College in Niceville, Fla... Drew interest from North Texas, Akron, Kent State and Cleveland State but ultimately signed with the Shockers... Announced his commitment on July 29, 2022... Coached by former Shocker assistant Greg Heiar... In 33 games, averaged 6.8 points, made 29 threes on 47.5 percent accuracy and sported a 1.7 assist-to-turnover ratio.... Helped his team to 31 wins and the NJCAA Division I national title... Earned second team all-conference honors. High School: Graduate of Shaker Heights High School... As a senior, averaged 14.4 points and 2.1 steals for a team that advanced to the Ohio state quarterfinals before COVID-19 put a stop to postseason play.
  7. He's listed on Verbal Commits as coming to Akron. Very random. We'll see.
  8. Certain types of guys seem to get more love than others. Like that Wisconsin transfer who never saw more than a minute of playing time. All Star Five: Cheese, Banks, Riak, Williams, and Jackson.
  9. All good points. Nothing about the ncaa and these tournaments, etc is going to ever be completely fair. My issue would be more with the media making a spectacle out of this when the comparison is apples to oranges.
  10. I rarely disagree with you, Clark, but for these tournaments to specifically and openly deny a team a post-season opportunity so that they can protect Maravich's record is rotten in my book. I'm no fan of the Davises or sons playing for their dads. I also thought Davis was quite selfish in his last game against YSU. That being said, to have Maravich's son writing these tournament directors and asking them to black ball Detroit Mercy is _______ (I can't think of the adjective). At least that's how I read the article.
  11. CMU's Kevin Miller transferred to Wake Forest, former home of Michael Wynn.
  12. Garvin experienced a conference tournament championship and a trip to March Madness. During the MAC tourney he made some solid contributions. However, for the level the coaching staff wants to achieve he wasn't on par with his teammates.
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