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  1. ZipsMBB just announced officially Castaneda and Walton are with the Zips.
  2. His record at Auburn was dismal
  3. the women's basketball team raised $12K and the baseball teams raised twice their stated goal.
  4. A player for the Zips who doesn't shoot 3s? Not sure how we will all react when we see him pass up the 3 ball
  5. Coleman was B S Us best player, right? So how does Walton fit in with Castaneda?
  6. Wow. How the hell did Groce pull that off? Time to visit our old friends at "Over the Pylon" and watch the meltdown.
  7. At least Currie didn't leave with a broken jaw. So moving in the right direction.
  8. Should have been a clue? I'm Team Groce. For every 3 or 4 LCJ, X, etc there will be a "what were we thinking" recruit.
  9. You would get more bang for your buck using Hilltoppers tab.
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