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  1. Uhh...awkward...Akron alum Matthew Cherry won an Oscar for his short film about a Black father and his efforts to style his daughter's hair. I would suggest that Zipmeister watch it and then re-think his post. (It's called "Hair Love")
  2. Back in the day, we wanted wins over Power 5 because we "thought" it would get us that at-large bid. Well, that never happened. So I think this is an excellent tournament that will allow Groce and crew to evaluate where the team is with Mid Majors. I won't be going to Florida for this, but I will be in the JAR for the big game in November against Malone or Coppin State.
  3. Wow. All white. Exciting.
  4. Media always looking for the next villain. He's being raked over the coals more than those idiots in Hudson
  5. My comment was more of an inside joke for Clark. I refer to KSU as Ravenna State or PCCC at Ravenna.
  6. You can live really well in Ravenna on that salary.
  7. ZipsMBB just announced officially Castaneda and Walton are with the Zips.
  8. His record at Auburn was dismal
  9. the women's basketball team raised $12K and the baseball teams raised twice their stated goal.
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