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  1. I think it was the rep from The Ravenna Record Courier. How did they resolve the tie?
  2. if all goes accordingly, BGSU's fan base at the Q will triple by 2:30 on Thursday.
  3. Wonder if they are discussing us on the Monmouth boards?
  4. They drew attention to themselves with some decent wins and the bench antics. That is all planned to create the meme in the media. Marketing. Hurley's and Groces sideline antics were as much or more about marketing (themselves) than motivating the team. (I'm ready for the slap down). And Monmouth has the coach with the "million dollar smile."
  5. Agree. Can't imagine Akron's coaching staff putting up with that nonsense. That was all about PR and spiking media interest.
  6. Will be a slog at the Q. Good win for BGs new coach. Kent should have a new one next year.
  7. Ball St crashed and burned. Just think a week or so ago they were looking at #1 seed.
  8. Don't like Monmouth. The bench antics are solely for selection committee.
  9. I always thought they tried to actual "line up." Three centers! I would take Simmons, Wilder, or McAdams over Hall any day.
  10. On YouTube you can find a clip of a EMU/Zips game at the Q that was quite close to say the least. Needed a miracle 3 from McNeese. I can't figure out Toledo, but we were a much different team when we lost to them early in the year. In the end, if we are a team that it capable of winning in the NCAA then it shouldn't matter who we play in MAC.
  11. Might be best for Kent to win tomorrow and maybe knock off Central in next round.
  12. Looking for BG to pull upset Monday night at Kent.
  13. Didn't Singletary slug Nate L in the gut and get ejected? He has to be the worst of the worst
  14. I agree with you on Central and Toledo. But if we are going to win a game or two in the NCAA instead of just showing up we have to beat teams that we don't match up with. And I would fear NIU more for some reason.
  15. There was a point during Akron's last run when one of our guys (maybe Josh) made a three and Hall literally stomped his feet and whined instead of getting back down the floor. Put Jimmy Hall and James Thompson IV on the All Mac punk team.
  16. Just an amazing regular season. Yeah we all melted down after the Miami loss. But apart from injuries, no technical fouls on players that I remember and no suspensions. Sold out crowd, national TV, and a solid win.
  17. Looks like CMU got the best draw for their quarterfinal. Would love to get winner ok Kent/BG game. Not sure OU got that lucky either.
  18. So we can have another classic EMU v Akron game in the quarters. Ugh.
  19. I don't see a letdown from the team in this game. I think it may start off a bit rough for them with all the excitement and it being senior night. (as if i'm a sports shrink). but the pressure is on Cant. I dont forsee them suddenly going cold at home.
  20. Yes. Home base is the Corner Alley. As was told to me from athletic Dept.
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