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  1. Rambling Thoughts Enough of the pissing and moaning. The Zips LOSS to a better TEAM - themself, with the focus on team not players.Can't did not out play Akron the first 38 minutes. Can't outplayed Akron the first 10 - 15 minutes. Akron played even with and/or outplayed Can't the last 25-30 minutes. It's just the hole Akron dug for themselves was so damn deep.Christian did not out coach Coach K. Coach K out coached Christian. Coach K did not miss one free throw, did not force one shot, did not create one unforced turnover. Still, he kept the team in the game with solid DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE until the final 2 seconds. With the quality of players Can't has, Can't should not have had to rely on a last second shot to win if the coaching was that good.Coack K is a genius. How else can you describe him given the program's success acheiving upper echelon mid-level status ( I think that's how he described his goal ) with a disportionate number of marginal - at best- mid-level players. That fact alone is evidence of his genius.Bardo is potentially the stud in the middle I've been ranting about for the past five years. If he can developes a consistent low post shot (hook) and focuses on rebounding, setting picks (Hard Picks)and shot blocking-yes you heard it here first, he could possibly play at the next level by the end of his senior year. McNeese - BubbaBret. Potentially, no, first team all MAC as a soph.With BRET, Bardo, a guard who not only can shoot threes but is not afraid to putumup, and the appropriate complimentary pieces, the Zips are going to be a force to recon with for the next three years.Linhart - BubbaIf the Zips get past the semis they will win the MAC.DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE
  2. Buckzip my respect for you and your apparent understanding regarding why local "kids" won't stay at home and play for the zips has increased exponentially by 10.DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE DEFENSE
  3. Zipgrad01, I appreciate your answer for buckzip but I'm still interested in buckzip's opinion since he offered the statement.. Furthermore, if you research from a historical perspective why the local suupport is dismal you will also receive several reasons why local talent won't stay at home and play for the zips.
  4. Buckzip maybe we all don't know the answer to that. I'm interested hearing from you what the answer is from your perspective.
  5. G-Mann 17, Please educate me you would want me to see FAU and FIU. I live in Broward County, Florida and I wouldn't drive acrosseithere county line to see either one of these (expletive deleted) teams. Wiill however be flying across state lines for the Army game. I pray every night that FIU is removed from the ZIP's 2010 or 2011 home schedule.
  6. Is Blake Smith the 06 recruit from Pennsylvania- I think- Woodland Hills. Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense Defense
  7. Man do I feel your pain. I've been lying in bed ALL night seeing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again that damn shot bank off the backboard and go in. I even got up at 4:30 because I couldn't sleep. As a looooooong time Georgetown fan this game goes down right next to my other nightmare, the 1983 or 84 NCAA championship game against Villanova (sp) when GT shot nearly70% for the game and loss because Nova must have shot nearly 80% for the game to win. I still wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat reliving that nightmare. I now have NIGHTMARE 2. Big fella- merciful - oximoron?KD's recently renegotiated contract should be torn up and extended for his lifetimeDEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED (and a shooting-not a scoring-small forward. Hell I'll just settle for a small forward since it is obvious there was not one on this team
  9. If the zips have twenty-five schlorships to give and "sign" twenty-five recruits but eight of the recruits are non-qualifyers or prop 48s, whatever the damn distingtion (sp) is, how many schlorships do the zips actually obligate on the 2007 recruits when classes begin september 2007 - 17 0r 25? If seventeen, does that mean some non schlorships players are given aid for one year. If not - what ? DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED
  10. It is my understanding, other than any bonus money he may get, pro football contracts( unlike other pro sports) are not guaranteed. If so, then what is the significance of the fourth year of his contrac t being voidable if he can be cut this year and not receive a dime of the non bonus money. Please educate me if I am wrong.
  11. Now that the 2007 recruiting class is completed, it is time for JD to aggressively champion a contract extention for the recruitment coordinator (RC). My suggestion is a ten year contract (we keep him/her even IF or WHEN JD leaves), with a five year university option during years eleven through fifteen. If he/she decides to leave, the contract MUST have a five year non compete clause from the Mississippi River east and the Mason-Dixon line north. Moreover, the RC must give the U 120 days notice of his/her resignation during which time the RC must personally introduce his/her replacement to all of his/her recruitment contacts. We have come such a loooooooooong ways in four years since you know who. At the pace the RC is going, I would not be surprised if the RC breaks the four star barrier during 2008, and the five star barrier by 2009 (especially after we defeat the buckeyes this year - wishiful thinking of course).It was not to long ago -4 years to be exact- we were actively competing against 1AA programs for local tier 2 recruits. Now we are competing nationwide againt the majors for tier 1 athletes, and winning.e.g. Piitsburg, North Carolina, Miami, Rutgers, Virginia, Mississippi State, West Virginia etc. While it would be nice to have some local players, if they aren't studs f___um. We went that route previously and we all know where that got us- one of the laughing stock of the MAC. To paraphrase an old adage, continue to build a better mouse trap and they will beat a path to our door - as some are starting to do.DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE
  12. While I believe the statement, " I fear they will get what they deserve", is over the top presumably not knowing the character of the individual, I whole heartedly agree with you that a scholarship should be offered to some one (a D-1 or potential D-1 player of course) who really want's to be here. Way to much time and effort is expended kissing the a$$e$ of far to many of these non qualifying or potentially non-qualifing TEENAGERS.Put the offer on the table, set a deadline for acceptance, accept or recind by deadline date, then MOVE ON. Given their academic record, for what ever reason, they should be appreciative someone is willing to take a chance on them to the detriment of hundereds of academically qualified students not blessed with the natural ability to jump as high, run as fast. or throw as straight.
  13. If I am not mistaken Alex Allen played as a freshman. If so, would he then be eligible for a red shirt year not withstanding the outcome of his potential medical red shirt request.
  14. I agree with zipsbandman. Get however a 1AA ( historical black college team) on the home schedule ANNUALLY. Guranteed win, lotsa NEO publicity, great halftime show, and lotsa fannies (20,00 plus) in the seats. I know there are some on this board who believe the Zips should not belittle themselves by playing a 1AA school. It does not appear however that Florida, Florida State, or the U have a problem beating up on FAMU and Bethune Cookman on an annual basis. Moreover, I have never heard any of them complain about having the 1AA win count toward their national ranking.
  15. GPI is a seerer and a revealator regarding the need for more money ( much more money) for the assistant coaches. If there has been one consistant rant All season it has been the alleged lack of development of the players.To build on a statement he atributed recently to a friend of his regarding Xs and Os and Jimmys and Joes, you also need some buding Woodys and Bos to DEVELOPE the Jimmys and Joes, and, you cant hire them or retain them paying minimum wages. DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED DEFENSE SPEED IN JD I WILL ALWAYS TRUST
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