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  1. I'm very pessimistic as to whether we will ever play football at the FBS level again. I think this will end up being the excuse the administrators needed to be done with the giant black hole of major NCAA athletics.
  2. And you're still completely wrong. That's a team that went 8-5 last year, won a bowl game, and has a former SEC starter that transferred in starting for them at quarterback this year. We just went 0-12 and may not even have the money to play football next year. They're light years ahead of us, and it's not even close. Two guys transferring over politics doesn't really change that. They'll continue to get players we can't with resources we don't have. Acting like that isn't the case because you hate what the school stands for doesn't change that.
  3. Yes, because I was talking about high school, you got me. Just know this, there were a lot of football alumni at that game, we all talk, and not one person to a man thinks what's going on with this team under Arth is anything but a disgrace. Guys that have been in the program and worn the uniform know what to look for, and it's not being found. This was one of the most boneheaded hiring decisions in school history.
  4. I have D1 playing experience slapdick, and I'm humiliated by what's being put on the field. There's no excuse for the complete lack of discipline and effort. Nobody cares on that field.
  5. I honestly don't think we would win many games at the FCS level this year. That's how bad this team is. From beating Northwestern last year to not being able to compete in FCS. That's what happens when you fire a great coaching staff of legitimate FBS coaches and replace them with a bunch of part time D3 morons who should still be living off stipends and driving Uber in the offseason.
  6. I think I'd still give Ianello the nod, but Arth is making it more competitive week by week. We're right back to being the most embarrassing program in the country after a few years of competence with Bowden. Sad sad sad.
  7. Difference between Arth and Bowden? How about a eff'n competent staff?? What an embarrassment. Larry Williams can go screw himself. We had one of the best staffs in place in the history of this University and he goes and fires them all, hires this numbskull and his band of D3 misfits. John Carroll called, they want their 15k stipend coaches back. Freaking amateur hour. They should call up Terry and beg him to come back.
  8. Fun little exercise for the offseason as we head into yet another first season under a new regime. My rankings: 1. Terry Bowden - Like my #2 choice, inherited an absolute disaster, turned it around, and was let go a year too soon. Was able to bring together a stellar defensive staff and reestablish a steady stream of NFL prospects similar to the late Owens and early Brookhart years. Only coach to take the Zips to two bowl games. I think a couple more years at the helm could've allowed him to establish our program as a MAC powerhouse. 2. Lee Owens- I'm not sure some people realize how bad things were when Owens took over in 1995. It took him a bit to right the ship and make the team competitive, but given the terrible facilities and administrative support he was dealt, the fact that he was able to develop as much talent as he was and have some winning seasons was nearly a miracle. 2003 should've been a banner year, but the ball bounced the wrong way in three games that year and the team could've very easily been 10-2 with an upset over powerhouse Wisconsin. Defense was the achilles heel of his later teams. It's my firm belief that had his staff remained in place a MAC Championship would've been won in 2004 and 2005. Owens has been a consistent success in everyother head coaching position he's ever held, albeit at lower levels. 3. JD Brookhart- Like my #4 choice, inherited a very good team and shiny brand-spanking new facilities and support that his predecessors never had. Must receive credit for winning the school's only MAC Championship, but did so with a team full of his predecessor's recruits. Was finally able to solve some of the team's defensive woes, but despite his background never developed a high powered offensive attack. He swung for the fences in recruiting and took too many chances on high risk/high reward guys that never panned out. 4. Gerry Faust- Led an exciting transition to FBS (1-A at that time) but his later years were an unmitigated disaster. Discipline and talent were complete bottom of the barrell in 1-A by the time he was fired. Still love seeing him around the Zips program after all these years though. 5. Rob Ianello- This needs no explanation.
  9. If we’re going to schedule an FCS team, then by damn schedule one that doesn’t have any chance to beat and embarrass us. The average fan doesn’t know the difference between St. Francis and James Madison. FCS games should be guaranteed wins. I have never understood why any school would schedule a tough FCS game. You gain nothing if you beat them, yet sacrifice quite a bit if you don’t.
  10. Kreed and some others clearly want use this thread to lay bare their own politics and religious bigotry. I simply meant to talk about LU’s athletic program and what I’ve seen with my own two eyes. Their facilities and financial support are unreal, and now that they’ve hired a coach who has shown a marked ability to take multiple programs from the bottom to the top very quickly, I don’t think this is a wise scheduling decision for us. Let’s keep the discussion to football.
  11. I've always been a fan of hosting Kent State early in the season. Attendance and the game atmosphere is so much better. Anyone remember when we opened the season with them in 2003. The ending sucked but the Rubber Bowl atmosphere was electric.
  12. Freeze was hired right on top of the early signing date from what I can tell. Of the players that were left for February, the average star rating of the players he signed was well beyond our's. They signed a four star corner with offers from Clemson, Auburn, Virginia Tech, and many more . When was the last time we did something like that? You can hate evangelical Christians all you want to, but Liberty doesn't appear to have any problem recruiting. They were a playoff team in FCS and with the facilities and support I've seen first hand that they now have, they will be far beyond MAC level competition in short order. Dumb scheduling decision. If we're going to go on the road and lose, again, make it to an SEC or Big 10 team. https://www.newsadvance.com/sports/liberty_university/liberty-s-late-push-for-clark-and-land-pays-off/article_a5ec8cba-782c-53aa-a98f-40d595d78101.html Their basketball team also looks to be a lot better than ours with a roster full of black players. 23-5 and tearing trough the A-Sun.
  13. My daughter had an AAU track meet at Liberty last year. Their facilities are absolutely unreal. Hands down top 20 in the nation, better than 90 percent of the P5 schools I’ve been to. In fact their entire campus was quite a sight. With Hugh Freeze running their ship now I don’t think we’ll be getting a million dollars to go down there and win. By 2022 we’re probably going to go down there and get worked. If we’re going to lose on the road, I’d prefer it to be to an SEC or Big 10 team. Another stupid scheduling decision, right up there with YSU
  14. It didn't go all that well with Faust at first though. When Lee Owens first came in, Faust was still trying to show up at practices and sit in on coaches' meetings. Owens had to let him know in no uncertain terms that this wasn't welcome.
  15. I've seen this kid play, he puts some nice zip on the ball. Will definitely add depth. He could've had a scholarship at a lower level so it sounds like he will come in with a chip on his shoulder wanting to prove something. Love getting these kinds of kids, as there's no risk, only upside.
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