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  1. :macc: Very nice OZone.Bring it "rowdies"
  2. I'm not one for those types of posts on other teams boards. But in our defense, yes you owned us, but we went to the NCAA tourny. I think you may have heard of that. :macc:Cap't Roo:GREAT POST! Very funny. I voted for #4.Good luck tonight, I think you'll need it.
  3. That would be Hocking College, just north in Nelsonville. I see they don't teach Ohio geography up there in Crack'ron. Or you don't get out much.Plus Razor:"I am a professional journalist. I am ethical." HA! Blogging about a story that hasn't come out yet and also baiting a story with potentially huge ramifications may not be ethical by some people’s standards. And most likely not professional by any means. I just hope that you guys up there are triple checking your sources up there and doing responsible journalism for this piece you have hyped up.Now I have to say I have only read The Buchtelite a couple times (You guys are in session shouldn't there be a new edition out by now?) so I'm no expert, but...InTheZone: "From what I've read online the Buchtelite, Hixenbaugh, Kadar, and Rasor are all doing an outstanding job and are some of the sharpest student journalists in the country."Do you read alot of other student newspapers around the country? Can these journalists (or "journalists" like Razor) back up your statements with awards? Can your School of Journalism back up your statements?And I don't know if your posting is typical of members of this board, but I don't think zippyrifle deserves the very degrading insults you made about her. You are not showing much class.We will see how Round One goes tonight PouchyNation... Best of luck to ya! I think you'll need it.
  4. Now THAT was a totally different situation,Andy made a rude gesture to the O-Zone and they let him have it. Now not that the O-Zone is the most polite student section, but that was the first time Ohio fans learned of the Hipsher Family's inability to control themselves in the Convo. My favorite chant: "Grand-ma Hip-sher"We got the best of Andy.If Bubba makes the same mistake Andy did, your rowdies can have at him. Hell, I'll rip him as well.
  5. Could it be that the kid possibly didn't like going to school in Akron?People transfer school all the time because it is not the right fit, not because they are weak and don't like competition.Now I can't say I know nearly enough about the program up there in Akron, but like the BG fan said:Walther was an All-MAC Freshmen selection.He lit up @ Ohio as well: Leading scorer 14 pts, 4 ast, 30 minsLed you in Anderson.Those are two of the hardest places to play in the MAC.Plus he led you pts. in the Gund.Bottom line: You seem to give him no benifit of the doubt. Why?I think everyone will be happy to have him down here. We seem to run a very deep, quality bench. I think he will be happy and play well.Maybe it wasn't he who gave up on you, but you that gave up on him.
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