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  1. @bigjim  ^^I remember tossing that idea around while updating last year's recruiting class list as well.  Without looking, IIRC I did include them.  So good call.  I'll add your above mentioned players to this year's list of recruits.


    And thanks for linking the article.  According to the article Reese plans on studying nursing. 💪💪

  2. 8 hours ago, bigjim said:

    I could not find Alex Reese in the 247 database.  Per the news, he is 255 lb and not 280.  Looking at MaxPreps, he looks really quick in a limited number of snaps.  Again, I trust in Coach Arth that this is a really good commitment.  

    Thanks, @bigjim!  I got the 280 figure from his hudl profile and from his twitter profile.


    I'm not familiar with "the news?"  Could you link it?

  3. Okay, stupid question.  But scholarships don't really cost the U any tangible $$, do they?  Just on paper, right?.  Sure, you can say the scholarship is worth $xx,xxx.xx, - and it is to the student; the diploma they receive is in fact worth that much $$.  But from the U's perspective isn't the scholarship simply letting a student sit at a desk which would otherwise be empty?  


    My dad was friends with someone who owned a country club.  He let my family use the facilities free of charge.  It was a great deal for us - and worth about $8,000/year from our perspective.  But it didn't actually cost him anything because we wouldn't be going to the CC otherwise.  


    Edit: @kreed5120 hit on this while I was typing. 

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  4. Kent is the most superfluous school in NEO.  Why does it exist?  We only need Akron, YSU & CSU.  


    Kent sucks resources out of Ohio's struggling central cities.  Shutter it.  And while we're at it, shutter BGSU, which does the same to Toledo.


    Do whatever is in our power to make Ohio's cities thrive.

  5. ^^This is why I'm happy they got YSU back on the schedule.  We need as many rivalry games as we can get.  No rival will be as fierce as Kent.  But we've also got pretty good rivalries going with OU & UB.  We need to intentionally stoke those rivalries and let students & the community know, yes, these are rivals.  Add YSU & UT to the mix & we've got an exciting, yearly football schedule full of meaningful games.  








    Get the mayor of Akron in on bets with the mayors of Toledo, Buffalo & Youngstown.  Get the respective cities various social media accounts involved.  Bring back the Steel Tire Trophy.  Maybe develop trophies for the Toledo, Buffalo & Ohio games.  Idk.  It just seems like every year comes and goes and all we do is simply hope that people show up.

  6. 3 hours ago, GP1 said:

    Uh, no. Pluto is ignorant of the landscape of college athletics and should not be posting such ignorance. He is now, always has been and always will be the guy who misreads every situation. The guy has been a plague on the sports fans of NE Ohio for decades now. The answer is not "what's the best way to give up?". The question is, "how do schools like us to maximize our potential?". 


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