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  1. I think this is a great question and yet I can't decide. I am very interested to see what M-K brings to the table as a freshman. Also, I'm curious to see how Groce decides to use Okonkwo on offense. But the fan favorite will be the guard play and who ever hits the most 3 pointers.
  2. Thanks for setting up the 2025 page @zippy5. I have already been checking him out. He looks good. https://www.hudl.com/video/3/17063088/65aa9213c1244e052ca01c21
  3. That’s the challenge right? You want guys who are good teammates and represent the university well, but also play with a fierceness. It’s a tough balance and those players are hard to find. I thought this last years team could have used a little more dawg in their game. But they made up for it with experience and raw determination.
  4. I know this is a tall ask, but if anyone knows off hand where I can find a full game video from the 2012-2013 Zips season I would appreciate it. My initial search on the inter-webs came up empty. The fact that they were ranked nationally at one point is impressive. Also, been thinking about that 2020 team today obviously. Of Groce's teams thus far they were the group that had the most swagger. Not sure if it was a chip on their shoulder for not being recruited (Cheese, Banks and Reece were junior college transfers) or what, but those core guys were up for any challenge. Maybe that's why I think they had a special run in them.
  5. I get it. Enrique made great use of his time at Akron. And watching him take over games by himself and racking up awards and records was awesome. I just think it’s likely we would have been further along if not for Covid. That 2020 team was balanced and built to do damage in the NCAAT. Groce was licking his chops. I know there is no guarantee that the Zips would have won in Cleveland, but they were the best team in the league that year. And if they could just escape the MAC officiating I could see them making the Sweet 16. With that you either lose Groce (which I doubt) or the program takes off with higher level recruits. Enrique would still have been a stud, but he would have had a lot more support. I’m hoping next year’s team does for Akron what the 2020 was denied a chance of doing. Go Zips!!
  6. Agreed. I would gladly trade a year of their eligibility for the 2020 team having a postseason.
  7. Not to mention we were in the driver’s seat in 2020 before Covid struck. That could have made it 3 out of 5 years. I believe the horses are in the barn for another exciting season.
  8. I was thinking the same thing. I vote for hanging a banner for Enrique's Mom right next to his.
  9. Just so you know I already have that pick, but you are welcome to join me in victory. 😀 👍
  10. I wonder what Ohio thinks of this hire. Did they perhaps have their eyes on Mike Allen themselves? Who knows, in time he might end up the head coach over there. Looks like he can recruit.
  11. If so, I just got squeezed. Ha!!
  12. I will say the 30th pick. The last pick of the first round.
  13. Even if sending Enrique to the NBA isn’t a major draw in recruiting, it would remove a negative recruiting tactic done by other schools/coaches. They wouldn’t be able to tell an athlete he has NBA potential so why would you go to Akron where you are less likely to get noticed by NBA scouts. That said, every time Akron is mentioned during the NCAAT it is instant advertising. So I have to agree with you all.
  14. The Davidson/Curry example makes for a strong argument. Davidson had basically the same Kenpom rating as Akron last year.
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