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  1. Zips add guards Xavier Castaneda and KJ Walton.
  2. Thank you. Is this news? How and when did I miss this? Are there posts on him already? Yep, Junior transfer point guard. Do we know if he gets to play right away?
  3. Freeman with a senior year scholarship.
  4. I already caught something. Freeman will eventually be on scholarship. One or two years?
  5. If I get something wrong just let me know. Should be an interesting off-season.
  6. Currie, Mitchell and Edwards depart.
  7. I would say exhaustion took us out. Some of our bench depth is back in Akron. And this was a very physical game. Just ran out of gas. Great game!! Wrong outcome.
  8. Where do I get one of those life-sized posters of Freeman?
  9. I think Groce called a time out just to rest his guys. Especially LCJ. Incredible effort by the Zips!!
  10. What is everyone's preferred starting line up to end the season? I'll start. LCJ Clarke Trimble Dawson Freeman
  11. I thought Currie was going to be a factor this season as well. Where would we be without Freeman?
  12. Watching the game the word that came to mind was "rudderless". I think this team is maxed out. We need a full off-season of development, individually and collectively. Covid please go away.
  13. This is not an excuse for the Zips drop-off in defense, just an observation. And I agree that there is no excuse for anything less than full effort. But we might be learning just how impactful Riak was as an elite rim protector. And hopefully we can insert Bandaogo into that role next year allowing Freeman to play more at the power forward position. In theory, we should be able to put 5 guards out there and have an effective defense, but in reality Riak covered up for many sins as Groce liked to say last year.
  14. Let's see here. What was Honolulu's weather today...80 degrees and partly cloudy. Nope, no sympathy from me. 😀
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