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  1. What do you say we don’t pee on the electric fence today. End the trip with a win. Go Zips!!
  2. I’m listening to the game. So we are getting some good looks and just not hitting them?
  3. I agree. We got their best effort yesterday. And I can’t imagine that style holds up well with 3 games in 3 days unless they have tons of depth.
  4. Maybe I missed this along the way. But this MAC-SBC Challenge is something new. Is it possible that if we lead the MAC come February we might get a shot at the current AP #22 James Madison University?
  5. Good points. To answer my own question, Groce said he has the luxury of having 8 starters with 3 coming off the bench. On any given night each of these guys could get hot and help carry the team. Ali would make that 9 starters, better odds. Could you see Ali playing starters minutes, but coming in with the second wave off the bench?
  6. There is nothing we can do about it, but I have to wonder how Ali’s presence would have affected these games.
  7. I believe the dust has settled for this period. The only question I have at the moment is when will Ali Ali get the green light to play. But I'm assuming it will be this year sometime. I'm staying with Mikal Dawson as a Junior with another year of eligibility. Marvin Musiime-Kamali and Darrian Baker are red-shirting this year. And the Zips added Rich Brisco, Eric Mahaffey and Sharron Young for the 2024-5 season leaving 2 scholarships open.
  8. That could be disciplinary, academic performance or health related, right? Any thoughts as to why?
  9. No mention of Prather during post-game. That’s my only negative for the game. A missed opportunity for him to get some playing time.
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