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  1. Why are some of you dumping on the football Zips when they have yet to play a game? Akron has gathered some of the best coaching talent in the country. Give them a chance to show their talents and abilities. For starters, a former Akron linebacker, Chase Blackburn was not even drafted out of college now possesses two Super Bowl rings he earned. Blackburn was a division 2 size and talent player according to some of you. Bad mouth a quality coach and his staff; what class. The Cant State boards need you.
  2. This is akin to a never ending fable. Here is the truth. Which will offend many. The University had for some time desired to move up to "one-A". The Athletic Director position had been repeatedly offered to coach Dennison. He repeatedly wanted to "coach one more game, one more season". Akron played Middle Tennessee in a crucial football game where the winner would be assured a post season playoff bid. Middle thumped Akron 25-0. Then president, Bill Muse, was livid and stomped around the press box fuming. He swore loudly that coach D had coached his last game as a Zip. Dennison was fired. A search was begun and Gerry Faust was hired. Now, this scenario does not fit the Dennison supporters fairy tale version. How do I know that this is the truth? Well, I was there in the press box and heard every word. Up to that time and for days afterwards Gerry Faust's name was never mentioned. Faust was never contacted until after Dennison was fired. The truth hurts. Now the revisionists and liars can have their say.
  3. This is the best insight of the entire thread. There is no official statement of any kind. Speculating as to who is out is silly. Especially since no one has any clue to the abilities of these players. Kretzer, for one, is bigger, taller and more aggressive than McAdams. Zeke Marshall has become a man. And none of you have seen him in the past few months. I have. GameChanger44 knows her son. He will dominate this coming year. There are several ways to add a player without back stabbing a current player. Wait for a news release. No one should be cut loose for an untested player.
  4. 2012 Pairings Could be ... who knows?
  5. Isn't the CMU game on FSN Ohio TV?Channel 31 on Time Warner
  6. What a surprise, CANT ROO DUTY pretending to be a Zip.The jig is up. You were a dumb A$$ from the beginning.Let me guess. You are seventeen and a proud Cant freshwoman.Or is that a freshfemale? Hell, I did not even know that Cant even has "boards". All I ever found was a stem run off the MAC bulletin board.Amazing, fifteen hundred student fans and not one of themcapable of creating a working blog. Small time.Suggestion for you ROO DUTY. Why don't you come to theJAR dressed up as a roo pinata on March ninth? You could personally enjoy getting the hell beat out of youjust like Ham 'n Cheese will get.
  7. Correct. Obviously everyone is voting against the top roo.People do that. They long to be a winner while knocking winners off their pedestal. This attack will not let up. Next week, if we get there, willthe toughest week of them all.It is best that Zippy face Goldy. Hairy Dawg gave Zippythe closest battle. But, by that last week of regular season, no one had any incentive to vote for Zippy tohelp their own mascot.Hopefully the entire Akron-Cleveland community willget out a massive vote. This is about community pride.We are all involved. Sadly, I find UA students thatdo not give a damn. Zippy is the only nonBCS mascot in the race. UA is byfar the smallest of the four remaining universities.Vote. Vote, Vote.
  8. Who the hell is the S.I.D.? (Sports Information Director) Do you know? I sure do not.Last S.I.D. I knew personally was Ken McDonald.Who ever the S.I.D. is he sure as HELL is not doing his job.Not one TV station even mentioned the game outcome.Only Channel 3 had coverage of the Temple game.Do people even know a game is being played? Where isthe advance pregame press?640 WHLO was pimping Ohio State ( a team they do noteven broadcast, nor does BARF 1350 ).Tips and Tidbits.This was a "bought" game. Akron is not playing Wyomingout there next year. Next game against the CowPokeswill be in Akron in 2009 beginning a home-n-home series.Akron will probably be Gonzaga's next intended victimin the 2008 Battle of Seattle. Not confirmed, rumored.Wyoming prides themselves on being masters of the dunk.Prior to last night's game Wyoming had yielded just .8 dunksper game. No more than one dunk to each of four teamsthat managed to dunk on them.Wyoming averages 2.2 dunks per contest going into last night.Quade Milum had three dunks and Jeremiah had his monster one handed slam.And, Wyoming, they got one dunk on a put back.
  9. Just posted this on the MAC board. Inresponse to a number of clackers chewingtheir cuds about Akron's "weak" OOCschedule."Well now, I frankly do not know if "Jimmy" is fearful of Akron or not. I do know thathis teams have lost four straight to the Zips.In most coaches circles that would be a causefor concern. Are you implying that a fine coachsuch as Jim Christian is too stupid to be wary ofa team that has skinned his arse four straight?The Zips schedule appears to be pretty decent.Getting two Div-1 schools to come to your housewithout you going to their house beats buyinggames against Div-3 schools that most MACschools settle for.Getting a home-n-home series with Dayton isout of reach for most MAC schools. Winthropfinished in the top 25. That would appear to be a good schedule since that is a home-homeseries.Scheduling Wyoming implies that the Zips areheaded out to Seattle or Spokane the followingseason for a match up with Gonzaga. Careto wager that the Zags will be in Akron the following season? What, no takers?This schedule gives the Zips EIGHT OOC home games, three neutral court games and threeaway games with quality opponents. Two ofwhich will be in Akron next season. How manyof you would like home games against Winthrop and Dayton in the same season? Oh?That is the type of OOC scheduling Ohio Statepulls off year in, year out. Want to complainthat Thad Matta is afraid to play the big boys?You would rather play five major majors on the road and get your butts kicked five times. Now how does that improve your RPI? Sinceyou know you will lose to the Zips duringconference play?The Zips OOC may be the best in the conference.Ask your head coach."
  10. Latest word on Gonzaga. No Gonzaga.
  11. ZIP37 is right on target about Darryl Roberts.Jeter is close to becoming a Zip. Its not official.Let us just say that he was spotted on campusrecently. MRASOR will probably have details soon.
  12. A little birdy told me that Darryl Roberts is enrolledat Akron, on campus, and in class.Word is he will have to pay his own way the first year.This sure adds to the depth at point guard.
  13. RatFink

    Roo Zoo

    In this age of political correctness we are about tosee the demise of an extremely important elementof Akron Zips sports. The trashing (aka destruction)of the AK-Rowdies.Foolish at the extreme.If it works and it ain't broke, don't fix it.Roo Zoo has the makings of a five year old's mind.All the toughness and panache of a butter cookie.AK-Rowdies is hard hitting. AK-Rowdies makes a solid statement as to the tough guy image U of Zippybadly needs.Junk "Roo Poo".Students AK-Rowdies is yours. Do not let admin weeniesturn this rock solid foundation into peanut Butter.Roo Foo, my ass.
  14. I see a sucka, er, a fish, quickly took the bait.
  15. Mike Trivisono? Is that slime bag still around?
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