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  1. Further evidence that my assertion that Colorado will not leave the Big 12 for the PAC 12 is the absolute truth. Maybe if I had said Michigan State will not leave the MAC to join the Big 10 more people would have got it...............................nah.
  2. There is no way Colorado will leave the Big 12 for the PAC 12. For that matter, there is no way Colorado is leaving the Big 12 for any conference. My guess is Kansas and Iowa State will join the Big 10. Both are AAU members; both would make a reasonable travel partner - Kansas for Nebraska and Iowa State for Iowa.
  3. The video that is about a third of the way down the link you provided is incredibly funny.
  4. Dateline January 20, 2152 Washington, D.C. Federal authorities today ruled that the Behemoth League, comprised of all sixty-four Big Time (formerly D1) college football teams except Notre Dame, constitute an illegal monopoly and ordered it dissolved just like they did with the phone company last century. Officials at the Justice Department recommend a return to conference affiliations that existed in 1970, but are giving schools twelve months to institute their own plan. Unidentified administrators at several universities, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to do so, stated that the break-up of the Behemoth League could bankrupt their school. Behemoth Commissioner Kevin Warren Jr. didn't offer much specific insight into what the Behemoth League's response might be, but acknowledged that college football was on the brink of some massive changes.
  5. I wouldn't feel real bad about it. I grew mine long while in the MBA program and it looked bad; not as bad as Kato's, but pretty darn bad.
  6. Thanks for he heads up. I almost forgot to renew my white privilege card, but now I'm good for another year.
  7. Latest rumor I've heard has Texas and Oklahoma going to the SEC in 2025. That would drop the Big 12 down to 8 teams and they could go back to their old moniker. If the AAC picks off a couple of MAC teams, Akron will do just fine in a 10 team MAC. https://www.cornnation.com/2021/7/22/22588087/frosted-flakes-texas-oklahoma-moving-to-the-sec-is-real
  8. What if we give away tickets which entitle the holder admission to the game and entry into a lottery. But, to win the lottery the ticket holder must be present at the game to collect the ($5,000 or whatever) prize. I seem to recall that the possibility of free tuition packed the students into games (or maybe this was just a dream).
  9. A bird has made a nest on Kato's head and because it is on the endangered species list he is prevented from removing it. The Zips equipment manager is working 24/7 designing a football helmet that will fit over both Kato's head and the nest.
  10. I like the Zips chances in this event, in part, because .......................................... The only noise coming out of Evansville lately is groaning from their fans. Their overall record in the last three seasons has been: 2020-21: 9-16 including a signature loss to Prairie View, 2019-20: 9-23 including 0-18 in conference, and 2018-19: 11-21. Fordham is the doormat of the A10 with 11 conference wins over the last 4 seasons. Rice is no powerhouse; over the last 3 seasons they have lost 6 more games than they have won. Vermont has enjoyed some success in the America East Conference which was rated the 22nd best conference in the country at the end of last season by Jeff Sagarin.
  11. 2. At this point, the athletic department does not have enough money to purchase the batteries required to keep the clock running all the way to zero. There are plans to start the clock up 2.5 days before kickoff.
  12. I have serious doubts about them paying us to wear their stuff. When it comes to football, we could probably make more money getting athletic wear companies to pay us not to wear their stuff.
  13. 4. A countdown clock is being discussed, but administrators have been deadlocked for weeks over whether it should be analog or digital.
  14. 9. Given the lack of info coming out of the athletic department, we can't be sure the Zips will actually show up for the first game.
  15. 10. The excitement of a countdown clock would be too much for most posters on Zipsnation.
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