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  1. Good post with the exception of the highlighted item. KY can afford to buy an entire team and still have plenty left over for other stuff. There are a bunch of other factors that might make really good players turn down Big Blue's offer (e,g., the recruit's: perceived available playing time at KY, loyalty to a different coach, school or state, location of girlfriend and on and on). One interesting (and old) example, with a local connection, of KY NIL money before there was NIL money involved a large basketball player from Mogadore. This example took place before some of you were born (early 1970s). KY got the recruit "a job" watching horses (not feeding them or grooming them - watching them) at $20 per hour (pretty good money back then). As far as I know there was no time clock to punch and no limit to the number of hours the recruit could "work." The local boy decided to attend KY and play for their team.
  2. Got to admit, this wasn't what I was thinking when I read Clark's intro.
  3. The Optimist Club is looking for a few good men.
  4. I thought Zack the Zip was funnier when he was UAkronkid.
  5. my concern level that Groce will be gone by next season is 10 on a 1,000 point scale.
  6. I prefer ipse factum, but illud est quod est.
  7. Sorry, I did not recognize the underlined words in your original post as a link. Therefore ipso facto I did not read the link. Think your most recent explanation was much better than your first. In part because it was a long time ago, I don't really recall doing any homework while at Akron. Therefore ipso facto I don't recall asking anyone to do it for me. GO ZIPS.
  8. There are literally 100 schools between Oregon and Akron on the talent spectrum. Therefore, I'm concerned, but hopeful that a guy who has been rated as highly as D.D. is moving from Oregon to Akron because of his deep respect for the Zip's head coach, and not because of some dubious circumstances.
  9. The Zip's QB room is better described as a tool closet in a detached garage.
  10. Three takeaways from the Toledo game. 1. The Zips should watch lots of film on how teams successfully beat the press. 2. The Zips should practice breaking a press a lot. 3. The Zips should repeat takeaway #1 and #2.
  11. I have not read the MACs published tiebreakers, but I'm confused by your interpretation of "the best record against the rest of the conference top to bottom." How would a team losing to a 6th place team give them a better seed than the team they are tied with who lost to a 3rd place team. Shouldn't it be the opposite of what you explained?
  12. It's already been decided, 16th ranked Auburn is unimpressive. I'm hoping for the day when the Zips can be just as unimpressive.
  13. The last straw, the one that could break the camel's back, may be happening right now as the Dukes are struggling at home against Chicago State.
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