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  1. My guess is Louisville, but there is a one in a million chance he could become a Zip. That's right, I'm saying there is a chance.
  2. If nobody else is there, go to Kent State because that's where the Zips are playing (or getting rained out) this weekend.
  3. Old timer you must be going senile. In responding to my question you never replied that there are any players on the Zip's team talented enough to play at the minor league level. Instead you have focused on the fact the compensation level of minor league footballers.
  4. You have detoured the conversation away from my question which was: are any of the current Zips good enough to make the roster of an Arena (or Indoor or whatever they are called now) team. Your nonresponses to this question suggests your answer is "No". This is not good.
  5. I double-checked; players in the Arena league do get paid. It seems like you don't think any of our players could make it in the Arena league.
  6. So you don't think any of them have the skills to make it in the Arena league?
  7. Is there anyone on the current Zip's roster who might be able to make it in Arena football (not necessarily as a starter, but just able to make the roster)?
  8. Turns out it was the fault of UoA for hiding the fact that they don't have a petroleum engineering program. https://247sports.com/Article/Ragin-Cajuns-Football-Quarterback-Brayden-Hawkins-enters-NCAA-Transfer-Portal-147766357/
  9. Apparently it was just gas. Close, but no cigar.
  10. If your wrong I will be flabbergasted. Kansas is the black hole for head football college coaches.
  11. At first I thought this was a sick joke, but I checked it out and those idiots have actually named this goof the interim head coach. I wish him all the success in his new position that he enjoyed while at Akron.
  12. I have a feeling the Zips may pick up a win today; although it may just be gas.
  13. No. It focuses on the joy he derived from cooking and his academic performance in junior high school.
  14. Hey! We jumped another 6 spots up the RPI. Losing to D1 teams seems to be better in this regard than beating D2 and D3 teams.
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