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  1. Yup I was pleasantly surprised to see Gibson listed as a FR. Third year freshmen are pretty rare but with some action in 2019 and the covid year, he's got a nice mix of experience and a lot of eligibility left. Let's hope for the best

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  2. 9 hours ago, John Ward said:

    I figured I would let you boys slug it out on here a bit before I chimes in. I have been watching this team and I like some of the young men Arth has brought in.My only complaint is he don’t seem to want to play them. If you loose with the young men you are playing then try something else. Play the youngin’s .. see what happens. I also notice all the upper classmen are gone.Can’t win with no experience. I have also mentioned Arth is not using the transfer portal like he should. The transfers he brought in he ain’t using. #11 is a big boy that did well at Kentucky and we ain’t using him. Whats up there? 

    If the upperclassmen are gone and he's not playing the "youngins".. then who is playing?

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