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  1. There's at least one guaranteed G5 team every year
  2. At least one G5 team will make the playoff every single year. This is good.
  3. Probably a walk on based on the offers I see
  4. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPZ115ynKN8/?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. Can we just start a ULM thread for Mrs Bowden?
  6. Must have been the fishing video
  7. I hope we never post anything like that. Looks like it came from the Onion. How does watching a 65 year old man cast his line over and over get anyone excited for football?
  8. The recruits are flooding the DMs as we speak
  9. Gonna have to dig up the post from every hire ever where it's explained how the search firm's job isn't to actually find the candidates. Just vet them/gauge interest/background checks etc.
  10. They might make a witty post about their transfer now with a sponsored ad. Ahhh!
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