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  1. I spy "AA" in with the starting group on a whiteboard
  2. $10 is insane considering that's the cheapest event parking I've seen outside Akron in years
  3. zippy5


    almost every conference is doing this now
  4. I wouldn't even do that. I'd do 2 at UA and 1 neutral site in Canton or Cleveland or something
  5. The post I quoted referenced success coinciding with the new stadium
  6. We were 3-9, 1-11, 1-11 and 1-11 in the first four years of the stadium
  7. How about just play on a Saturday you morons
  8. JFC. Cancel a home game vs an SEC team and then three days later complain about attendance and suggest we play neutral site games in Florida. We are so stupid
  9. Good thing our entire season doesn't hinge on a 3 day tournament. Wait
  10. Ali is better than anyone he will take minutes from. Non-issue imo
  11. Someone's getting accused of something soon
  12. Team just can't figure out how to win
  13. Why not call timeout and hope for a review on the fumble?
  14. The most cowardly punt I've ever seen. Go for it from the 31. Geez
  15. I'm case anyone wants to feel old today
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