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  1. 9 hours ago, John Ward said:

    I figured I would let you boys slug it out on here a bit before I chimes in. I have been watching this team and I like some of the young men Arth has brought in.My only complaint is he don’t seem to want to play them. If you loose with the young men you are playing then try something else. Play the youngin’s .. see what happens. I also notice all the upper classmen are gone.Can’t win with no experience. I have also mentioned Arth is not using the transfer portal like he should. The transfers he brought in he ain’t using. #11 is a big boy that did well at Kentucky and we ain’t using him. Whats up there? 

    If the upperclassmen are gone and he's not playing the "youngins".. then who is playing?

  2. 16 hours ago, bigjim said:

    Tonight, I did a quick review of the stats of the Akron and Temple games from the ESPN website, and here is what I saw.


    1. Both teams lost to a P5 school: Akron 60-10, Temple 61-14

    2. Passing yards: Akron 191, Temple 148

    3. Passing yard differential: Akron (-106), Temple (3)  (Akron had 106 fewer yds passing than their opponent, while Temple had 3 more yards passing than their opponent)

    4. Rushing yards: Akron (-3), Temple 113

    5. Rushing yard differential: Akron (-318), Temple (-107)

    6. Turnovers: Akron 4 fumbles lost, Temple 3 fumbles lost and 2 interceptions


    Looking at the statistics and differentials, I am very surprised that Temple lost by 47.  When I first saw the score of the Temple game, I thought we had a solid chance to win.  Now, I am not sure.  Food for thought.  More to come as the week goes on.  Go Zips!!!

    I'd be curious how many of those yards came after they were down by a bajillion. Though the same applies to the Zips, too.

  3. 4 hours ago, TheZipCat said:

    I root for the Zips...I'm also not delusional enough to think that the Zips won't be down by multiple scores to Auburn in Q1. I root for the Zips and can reliably predict with a high degree of confidence that the Zips will be down by multiple scores in Q1 when they play OSU later this month. You're kidding yourself it you think that won't be true for a game they are getting paid $1.8-millions to play...

    GO Zips.

    Who said that? I bet they'll actually lose by 50

  4. 1 hour ago, zipsoutsider said:

    The Zips would be lucky to be down by one score at rhe end of Q1 today.

    That's fine. This is a Zips board. If you don't want to root for them, this isn't the place for you. 


    25 carries for 0 yards, sounds familiar. Enjoy.


    Go Zips!

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