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  1. News5—Joe Moorhead aims to create winning culture in Akron 
    By: Camryn Justice



    "When I took over Fordham it was a 7,000-seat stadium and we could come to a game, and there were barely 1,500 people in the stands," Moorhead recalled. "We went and started winning a ton of games, and I think we sold out every home game for three years and actually had to get extra bleachers put in, and we were selling 10,000 tickets to a 7,000 seat stadium."


    I think it's going to take more than winning to fill 30k at Akron. From the little I know about Guthrie, I would guess he has a multi-phased plan. I think it will take success at each phase to fill the Info. Looking forward to seeing the plan unfold. 


  2. 5 minutes ago, Cykron said:

    Kyle just committed to Georgia Southern.  I haven't talked to him directly about the reasons for leaving Buffalo or chosing Georgia Southern.  However, I can think of more than 50 degree/reasons to do so.  

    How coach Bowden talked all the south Florida kids to come to Akron, I'll never get. He's explained it to me, and I still don't know how he did it. Simply amazing. 

  3. 1 hour ago, LoyalZIP said:

    I understand what the STARZ DON'T MATTER folks

    I wouldn't categorize myself as a "stars don't matter" fan, more like "as an Akron fan, I don't care about stars." I remember attending a Lee Owens presser, where he was telling us how highly rated Thomas Plummer was. I can't remember how many stars he had, more than Chase Blackburn that same year. After this happened over, and over, and over again in Akron classes, I stopped paying attention to stars. I'll trust that coach Moorhead knows the best type of player that can win at Akron, regardless of stars. 

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