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  1. 17 hours ago, zipsoutsider said:

    Looks like Butch Jones will hire Milwee as OC.

    Sources: Butch Jones making key move for OC

    I wish AJ luck. I would guess he learned some things being on Nick Saban's staff for two years. He's young enough to progress.

    Hell, if Rob Ryan, Greg Williams and Adam Gase can continually get jobs in football, why not AJ!?!? I'll tune into a game next year to see what he has learned. 

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  2. Per Steelers.com, The Steelers placed linebacker Ulysees Gilbert III on the Reserve/Injured List, making room on the Active/Inactive roster for linebacker Vince Williams, whose two-day COVID-19 roster exemption expired.


    Gilbert III has played in four games in 2020 (Week 5 vs. Philadelphia, Week 7 at Tennessee, Week 14 at Buffalo and Week 15 at Cincinnati). He was previously placed on the Reserve/Injured List on Nov. 4 but returned on Dec. 12.


    Per Steelers Depot dot com, UG3 has an ankle injury. 

  3. 8 hours ago, zippy5 said:

    I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do tomorrow. No Bush, Williams or Spillane.. he should get some decent time

    I hope to see him as well. For some reason, the Steelers have this fascination with Marcus Allen (converted safety), don't be surprised to see #27 at LB as well. Maybe I'm wrong (I don't get to see practices) but I have to think UG3, if healthy, has more potential in this defense at the LB position than Marcus? Both have only played LB in the dime, so I'm wondering if that won't be their base package tonight. Williamson has played against the Bills twice this season when he was with the Jets, so I expect he will see the most time. Seems like a disaster waiting to happen, I hope I'm wrong. 

  4. The Steelers made several roster moves on Saturday, including activating linebacker Ulysees Gilbert III to the 53-man roster.


    Gilbert, who played in two games this season, was placed on the Reserve/Injured List on Nov. 4 with a back injury. He returned to practice on Dec. 9 and the team had 21 days to activate him or he would have had to remain on the Reserve/Injured List all season.

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  5. 4 hours ago, LZIp said:

    Looked like Spillane went down when I had it on in the background. Now might be his chance!

    The Steelers traded for Avery Williamson back in November. I’m sure he will get the start now that Spillane will be out. Ulysees should be able to help in some situational downs where the Steelers defense has been struggling. Hope to see him return. 

  6. A defensive lineman for the Zips had THREE tackles for a loss!?!? When is the last time that happened? Congratulations Ja'Quize. (honorable mention, Bubba with two)

    Nice effort by the defense keeping BG out of the end zone all day. I would have never predicted that. 

  7. On 12/3/2020 at 4:27 PM, bigjim said:

    Zips will win soundly in this game by at least14 points.  It will be a total team effort with solid running by Dollard and Knight.  I am hoping the freshmen Childs and Norells get a handoff or two to get some experience.  I expect a group receiving effort by Stewart, Grimes, Mathison and Qualls, and hopefully others that will catch balls from Gibson.  The young OL will rebound with a solid effort.  I am looking for the DL to play neutral, not great, but not as bad as they have been playing.  And, Bubba will have a career day of 20 tackles.  The DBs will also have a neutral day, making some plays and getting  beat on some plays.  Smigel and Romenick will be clutch.  This game will set the stage for 4-5 wins next year and 9 wins in 2022.  


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