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  1. He's writing himself off of this forum and board. I don't wanna hear about him anymore. As a fan I want something positive to cheer for. His time is done
  2. Sorry..previous thread already started
  3. Our team was basically playing pick up ball... Happy we made it so far. Took good effort. Back to reality
  4. Can't say I've ever seen less fight out of a team... Any team.. That I recall at least. Maybe I would have just changed the station
  5. Further than I expected a few weeks ago but what a way to die... Can we start a new season now please...this will taste bad
  6. Ps were there any Akron fans there at all? Doesn't matter much at this point
  7. Had to get his name corrected.. Ouch
  8. KD will be able to focus more on team tuning rather than doing homework. Other than MAC teams he prolly knows none better.
  9. http://www.bisonville.com/forum/showthread...etbuster/page11 They seem to react much like we do
  10. ...anyway. NDSU looks pretty good. Doesn't matter unless we take care of business
  11. Wouldn't go that far but I'd settle for legit at large with top 25 dreams
  12. Would be great for us if OU could win
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