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  1. He's been at the football games. Spoke to him briefly, he was walking around Zips fest.
  2. Yeah, who knows. The roster that you can click on from the main FB page still shows MTB and Moore, but not on the roster you show. They both have Bell and McNeil, though, so it's strange. Maybe one of the writers can get to the bottom of this...
  3. They're on the roster. MTB is #10 now, Moore is #56
  4. Totally agree with you, B&G, the 40 time is vastly overrated. I think the cone drill is much more relevant. Shows quickness and change-of-direction ability. Much more useful in game situations.
  5. Did some digging around on twitter, so take this for what it's worth...Benny Cunningham, Arlington McClinton, and Curtis Black all still list themselves as students at Akron and Josh Smith says he will be there on Jan 8 (I assume that's the start of the spring semester). Reading some of Cunningham's tweets, it sounds like he is recovering from an injury, so maybe it was similar to the situation that D'Orazio went through. Hard to say how accurate twitter information is, but it would explain why the incoming recruiting class is expected to be so small.
  6. On twitter, Jeremy Guy (@JGuyMAC), the director of communications for the MAC, said they are looking into the problem...
  7. I can't get it to work, either. Very frustrating.
  8. From reading various items on twitter, it seems as though McClinton is attending classes at Akron. Maybe the issue with him, as well as the others, is that they couldn't qualify this year? If that is indeed the case, hopefully, we will see some of them in the spring.
  9. Hope. For the first time in a long time, there is reason to have hope for the future of the Zips program. We might not win a lot of games this year, but we are on the right track, finally.
  10. And a few of those seniors are in their first season with the Zips. Excited to see a bunch of new faces, but that also means it may take longer for all those guys to gel together.
  11. I think the TE you're talking about is Justin Favors. Also, I noticed A.Russell isn't on the roster. That seems like the only major subtraction. I actually expected more turnover, but maybe there will be some after spring practice.
  12. I would be very interested, sounds like a great idea!
  13. I believe the article said he would be coming here as a walk-on, so he wouldn't be listed today with the other recruits.
  14. rivals.com shows him having offers from Ball St, Toledo, and Can't, so he is getting some attention. It does seem a little strange there's not more interest, though. That is one heck of a highlight reel, maybe it's an issue with grades.
  15. I understand what you're saying, but I think it's the "star" ratings that are meaningless. Many of the players around the country are never scouted by Rivals, ESPN, etc. Even when they are, if you look at the dates of the evaluations, they are done over the summer prior to the season. Guys get bigger, stronger, or just plain better in their senior season. I am going to trust our coaches opinions over somebody who scouted a guy once 8 months ago. Don't get me wrong, it would be great if all these guys were considered elite by everyone, but it really doesn't matter.
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