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  1. A social media coach is an even dumber idea than the always popular "clock management coach" NFL fans think an NFL coach should have on the team. Truly stupid stuff.
  2. Don't give up so easily. It can go well. The Athletic Department is not in a bad way. A major program needs fixing, but in general we are in a good position.
  3. If I had more time today, I'd explain to everyone how a guy like Williams hires a guy like Arth. It isn't complicated, but obvious. More to do with personal preference than professional preference.
  4. Maybe in some cases, but not in this one. Finding the new AD could have been as inexpensive as placing three ads in local papers and the President calling his buddy. Akron is a better job than UWGB. Making the move for then new AD was obvious.
  5. If this is all we expect out of our AD, we need to fold up the Athletic Department. In closing, I'm pray to the good Lord that the University did not spend a dime on an executive recruiting firm.
  6. As far as G5 schools go, this is more of the same. Neither bad nor the brave jump forward I would like to see. The good old boy network is difficult to break. Since it is more of the same, expect the same.
  7. Not a bad move. I mean...seriously, what could go wrong?...... Edit: I hate to give ideas to the competition, but I think MAC athletic directors are so stupid they wouldn't know a good idea if it fell on their heads. Why in the world wouldn't you take a deep breath and think about it for a few seconds? I mean, after a few minutes, the name Doc Holliday came to mind. He is a proven winner at the G5 level, out of work and may find it appealing to go to an established program and win some games next year then ride off into the sunset (no pun intended). It would give UB a year to see how things shake out.
  8. Every time I think about, I fall asleep before I can decide.
  9. Sorry they are upside down. Don't know how to turn them. The only piece I am missing from my memory is how much time was remaining in the game when Akron got the ball back.
  10. It's not about rivalries. It's not even a rivalry. It's just a good idea. It's working for Wake and UNC. We can beat Toledo. We have in the past. We will beat them again at some point. They need to do something interesting. Getting destroyed by Auburn and OSU isn't interesting. We've seen that far too much already. The idea of playing the likes of Troy, ULM, UNCC, New Mexico, Temple, Howard, etc makes me want to fall asleep. If I still lived in Ohio, I think it would be awesome to go to Toledo every other year to watch the Zips play a late summer game at the Glass Bowl. If any of you haven't been there, it's the Wrigley Field of the MAC.
  11. It was 1992. Gary Pinkel's first season at UT. It wasn't just the last second kick. Toledo made a great comeback and scored with little time remaining in the game to tie it. Back then there was no overtime. Akron was able to get just close enough to kick the FG with no time remaining. https://utrockets.com/sports/football/schedule/1992 If there are any journalists who read this and have a copy of an ABJ article or a news video, that would be awesome. It really was a great college football game. I would love to know how Toledo scored late. My memory says it was 20-17 and they kicked a late FG to tie it but were really close to scoring a TD, but my memory ain't what it used to be.
  12. That's a pretty loose definition of a rivalry. If the series being competitive is the benchmark, then the OSU vs. Michigan rivalry is not really one. In fact, it's becoming the Tennessee vs. Vandy rivalry in terms of national relevance. Besides, I'm not really interested in debating what rivalry means. I want them to play because they are two schools within two hours of each other, at the same level and that allows students, fans, alumni and the general community (basically the taxpayers of Ohio) to enjoy a day of fun and football on a late summer day. If the mayors want to have some sort of trophy, I could really give a hoot. Akron won't always be this bad. We have been this bad before and have recovered to some level of respectability. Not that long ago we were in the MACC. The MAC is a pretty easy conference to get good in as long as you don't make catastrophic mistakes.
  13. I don't know, but my guess is misplaced priorities by athletic directors followed closely by a lack of imagination. What is a rivalry? I have no idea. I would say that UNC and Wake have no rivalry. Wake really has no rival. UNC has Duke and NC State to hate. UNC and Wake have decided that playing each other in OOC games when they are not scheduled for an ACC match up is good for the players, students, alumni, fans and general community. The last time they played it was a beautiful 6 PM, Friday night kick off in W-S. It was a great game with Wake having to hold off a desperate second half comeback by UNC. After the game, the bars and restaurants in uptown W-S were packed with smiling fans from both schools. Isn't that what Toledo and Akron should be trying to accomplish with an annual game. What is in it for Toledo some ask?.?. Some snark there would be an easy win. Maybe, maybe not. The all time record between the schools is 12-9 in Toledo's favor. Two of the best games I have ever saw at the Rubber Bowl involved Akron kicking the longest FG in school history for a last second win and Toledo Tom's final season when the Zips won a well played game by both teams. Maybe the question isn't, what's in it for the Universities of Toledo and Akron, but what is in it for the taxpayers who support these programs? What is in it for the players, students, fans, alumni and general communities for these two schools? Are they not intertwined? I would bet there is a lot more in it for these two schools playing each other than a game against a school like Troy or UNCC or ECU or Purdue or some other school people in Ohio have almost zero interest.
  14. I would love it also. However, it isn't how WF schedules OOC games. They know who they are and they compete at their level. Basically, they are an ACC school for brainy kids and try to compete against other brainy schools. G5 schools could learn a lot from this type of "know your identity" scheduling. Upcoming Wake OOC games include: 2021 - @Army, @UNC (Not an ACC game, but smartly contracted so fans can have some fun. I'll probably go. Can't beat a first weekend of November weather in Chapel Hill. Why don't we play Toledo every year regardless of the MAC schedule first or second week of the season?) 2022 - @Vandy, Army 2023 - Vandy, Air Force 2024 - @Army, Mississippi (low level SEC school with good academic standards) 2025 - Army, @Mississippi 2026 - @Purdue (excellent academic school), @Army, They also have NIU which is unusual...this game may never happen. 2027 - Tulane In recent years they have also played Rice, Baylor, Stanford, Tulane and Navy. I know they throw in some bottom feeders, but that is the nature of P5 schedules. Although, ODU is not a program to sneeze at next year. Lots of good talent in the Virginia Beach area. I don't think it is crazy for MAC schools to play 10 conference games, one cupcake and one G5 school. Maybe 9 conference games, two G5 schools and one cupcake. Either would be better than what is currently being shoveled out for fans to watch/endure. Early season college football is mildly interesting at best the way it is currently scheduled.
  15. It's funny you bring this up. I'm going to assume you may be discussing things such as masks and social distancing. My wife and I discussed this last weekend and decided if Wake Forest or the State of North Carolina is going to require masks at games, we are not buying tickets. They still have some of our money from last year. We will get that refunded and do something else with it. Last year we went to two games and had to sit there for 3 hours with a mask on when there was not another person within 20 feet. We simply are not going to spend our money to participate this year given the high level of vaccinations and increased knowledge of the virus. Given their attendance, I am confident I will be able to repurchase my existing tickets on the 50 yard line relatively easily. Heck, maybe we will find something else to do with our recreational time in the fall. The beach is a fun place to go in the fall.
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