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  1. Miami, VA Tech, Syracuse, Pittsburgh and Boston College were also in the Big East before joining the ACC. It was an easy decision back then and an easier decision today. UCONN has a great basketball program and have won national championships under three different coaches in the past 25 years. I would argue they would get even better in the ACC because the level of competition would draw even better recruits than they are already getting.
  2. With the exception of basketball, the Big Ten already has a Rutgers. The ACC makes more sense. Nobody in the ACC is going anywhere anytime soon. FSU can whine, but they signed a contract.
  3. I'm not disagreeing, just asking. Where are they going to go? ACC comes to mind. The limits on NIL are interesting. There are limits to NIL, but not income per player in general. Theoretically, the two schools could stay and they could find external revenue sources for players in key sports.
  4. Maybe they finally looked at their checkbooks. Reality is a powerful motivator.
  5. AAC may have had enough. I will respect the decision. They can't keep up. They should be included in a future G5 conference/division. It would be good for everyone. https://www.barstoolsports.com/blog/3518692/the-new-aac-commissioner-says-they-might-institute-an-nil-compensation-salary-cap-to-create-balance-in-the-conference?utm_content=bufferc1440&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer
  6. Actually, that's four things they do better. The question I have is whether or not Akron can produce a great gameday experience at The Big Dialer if they win, because they've never won there. There is no actual evidence they are capable. I haven't been to a basketball game in a long time. They have a fantastic team. Does the experience match the quality of product on the floor?
  7. Gameday at a Toledo game is a better experience for athletes students alumni fans and general community than Akron. It's been like this for decades. Toledo puts their best foot forward with a good program and people respond. We should be more like Toledo.
  8. I've been in Hilton Head in January and have experienced the same thing. In fact, I've seen an extremely small amount of snow on the ground before. If you want to feel small, walk along the ocean without anyone around for a couple hundred yards. It provides perspective.
  9. Analysis of second round picks. https://sportsanalytics.studentorg.berkeley.edu/articles/trash-or-treasure.html#:~:text=Seniors actually have the lowest,rounders are on teams today.
  10. I rarely go. There are places just as nice with more to do closer to where I live if I want to go to the beach. With that said, if you're in a position in life where you can vacation in the fall, I do like going to HH then. You can stay right at the beach for around $75 per night. The ocean is still warm in late September through October and it provides radiant heat. It's very comfortable because it's warm and the humidity is lower. Most importantly, there is no crush of tourists. If golf is your theng, the courses are in fantastic shape in the fall.
  11. I-77 in Charlotte is a disaster. Even worse, there is no way to expand it. If you are traveling through Charlotte, make sure you use the toll roads and Waze. If Waze takes you around the cit via I-485, listen to the program and do it.
  12. This is awesome news. Congratulations to him.
  13. My thousands of hours spent in bars has allowed to observe different types of human behavior. Can I get a couple of credits for Sociology? This doesn't strike me as a good idea. At same time, my college transcript contains one credit hour for Varsity Football. I guess used smartly, it's a good idea.
  14. Thanks for your diligent planning.
  15. I agree. The burden for non OSU state university athletic departments should be spread among the taxpayers of Ohio. Then they should make those programs benefit the athletes students alumni fans and general communities around them in a first class way. That means play at times that are convenient for people to go. Have clean parking lot, stadium, bathrooms, good food, make it an event beyond a game, and generally put their best foot forward. Further, they should give four general admission tickets to two MAC sporting events to every Ohio taxpayer. If the taxpayer likes what they see and want more, they can buy tickets. Expose taxpayers to a great experience at an event they are paying for and are willing to continue to pay for it.
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