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  1. I think the team improved, but it isharder to turn around a bottom 10 team than people allow for.
  2. Doesn't seem so crazy now, does it?
  3. And this is why I had the Zips at 3 wins. It's tough to go out and get the right QB when you have a recent history like Akron or any other struggling G5 school. You will have a guy like Sanders at Colorado woth the name to flip a team in a year, but those guys are hard to find and the exception and you usually can't get them at what a G5 school can pay them and their staff.
  4. The turnover tire as bad as the turnover pencil
  5. Truthfully, there will probably be a lot of games that can go either way. Winning 1 or 2 of those early could create the shift needed to get to the 4-6 win category.
  6. Akron: MAC East pre-season coaches' poll: 1. Ohio (9) – 63 points 2. Miami (2) – 52 points 3. Buffalo (1) – 51 points 4. Bowling Green – 35 points 5. Akron – 26 points 6. Kent State – 19 points I don't think my 3-win prediction is all that different from the mainstream outlook.
  7. I guess I would rather be realistic and not throw a fit when the Zips don't do as well as the hype would lead people to believe. I do realize that getting hyped about unrealistic expectations and then dissolving into vitriolic diatribes is a way of life in NE Ohio, however.
  8. I will be happy to be wrong, but let's see where things are in November.
  9. It takes a couple of years to realize the value of HS signees, in most cases. I am not saying the program is a lost cause - I threw out my prediction, and we will see how close I am around Thanksgiving.
  10. You will pick up a few talented players, but teams in Akron's position are lucky to break even with the talent lost, and they aren't able to build the depth needed to win, quickly.
  11. I just think it's harder to turn a team around, especially the shape it was in after the Arth debacle.
  12. After skating by St. Francis in OT last week, my expectations are low. I expect something g lime a 50-10 blowout, though I am always cheering for MSU to lose after the NCAA failed to punish them for their role in cov e ri g for Dr. Larry Nasser in the USA women's gymnastics abuse scandal. Coach Joe has a lot of rebuilding to do. Arth left the program in shambles.
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