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  1. I don't know why anyone would consider him. Forcing a kid to eat something that violates his religion tells you all you need to know. That was unconscionable. Forget about the PR, what kind of message would that send players?
  2. Their next job is more about their connections than their performance at player development or history of winning.
  3. I know the narrative is that we are only losing kids who can't play, but at what point do you say a kid has a lot of potential but is missing the proper development because the staff is inadequate?
  4. Year 3 of Arth and we are still 2 years out?
  5. 26 tackles as a RS freshman isn't too bad.
  6. This is exactly the point. I, and I think others share what Bowden is doing to demonstrate you don't need a large budget to be actively trying to engage the community. The fishing videos? Recruits are probably not the audience, the community is. There seems to be so little community engagement from Arth.a G5 program head coach has to be part coach, part community engagement director. This isn't a Bowden vs. Arth thing to me, because Arth isn't doing anything, honestly. It's a what are the Zips doing at all thing. 72Roo floats a conspiracy. Although I don't know if I agree, I do think the lack of commitment from the administration is palpable and give pause to wonder what is going on.
  7. Well, with Dollard potentially out, Alce and Knight would have both been good to have in the RB room.
  8. Like I said, what is Akron doing? I would be happy to talk about their activities if they had any.
  9. ULM is doing quite a bit and have some enthusiasm. https://twitter.com/CoachTBowden/status/1394008415844896770 @CoachTBowden: ...and proud of it‼️ #LouisianaByGodMonroe #TalonsOut https://t.co/qhvjgtXUhb They have hosted a few other coaches to do instruction for the coaching staff (Rick Trickett, Pete Jenkins, can't remember the third), have coaches on Shreveport radio every week, and have a billboard ad campaign happening statewide. They also have a transfer portal camp next month, in addition to high school camps, and oh, Rich Rod has his little podcast (Hard Edge Football.) Remind me what Akron has been doing over the last 6 months?
  10. https://twitter.com/boss_abraham/status/1393651474828304389 @boss_abraham: It’s official I’m COMMITTED and ready to become the face of ULM... catch me ballin on the bayou‼️‼️#Redwood #6God #immokalee @CoachTBowden @ULMFB_Recruit @ULM_FB @RealCoachRod @mattstat82 @flymac32 https://t.co/jW1x24vYHe
  11. I don't believe someone has to have experience running a football or D1 football program to be successful. If he is a good leader, it shouldn't matter. I am not ready to write this off as a disaster, yet. He inherits a difficult situation with the football program. I don't envy him.
  12. Hard to say anyone failed, including the player. No shade for a guy trying to find a way to play. It's his risk to take to transfer.
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