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SI Article (Frye helping Edelman)

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Where is Charlie Frye now? By Scott Patsko, Northeast Ohio Media Group

From local kid and backup quarterback fans chanted for to an unprecedented trade that kick-started the Browns' best season since 1999, Charlie Frye certainly had a rollercoaster ride in Cleveland. But it turned out to be a short ride, lasting just two seasons and a game. Frye's best performance as Browns quarterback may have come in his first career start, a Week 13 loss to Jacksonville. Despite the 20-14 final score, Frye finished 13-of-20 for 226 yards, two touchdowns passes to Braylon Edwards and no interceptions. The 136.7 quarterback rating would remain the highest of his career.

Frye was the first quarterback since the 1970 AFL/NFL merger to start Week 1 and be traded before Week 2.

What he's doing now

Frye is a physical education teacher and assistant football at Wekiva High School in Florida. Frye is on the staff of former Browns defensive end Kenard Lang.


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Got my fantasy football email this morning with a bunch of QB stat in it.

Saw Frye's name in one. Pretty good company.

Completion Rate, First Two NFL Seasons (1980 - Present)

Elvis Grbac 94-95 162/233 69.5%

Ben Roethlisberger 04-05 364/563 64.7%

Kurt Warner 98-99 329/510 64.5%

Joe Montana 80-81 176/273 64.5%

Tom Brady 00-01 265/416 63.7%

Russell Wilson 12-13 509/800 63.6%

Marc Bulger 02-03 474/746 63.5%

Brett Favre 91-92 302/476 63.4%

Charlie Frye 05-06 350/556 62.9%

Robert Griffin III 12-13 533/850 62.7%

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Frye should get an * next to his name for having suffered with the Browns O-line. Or perhaps maybe ** for having Maurice Carthon as OC.

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Charlie Frye...oh Charlie...I always felt like he got a raw deal. But so did a lot of QB's in the league. Unfortunately the greatest QB from Akron wasn't able to tranlate to the NFL.

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