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  1. The gold Z on the white helmet was SICK!!!
  2. He is probably the highest paid graduate assistant.....courtesy of the University of Akron
  3. You are having this debate assuming we did not offer him a PWO. Is that the case or did this kid just accept the PWO from Kent?
  4. 0-16 Pretty much what we should expect. Defense improved by holding the RedHawks to 1 pt less than the Arth average. Unfortunately the offense regressed -5 ?
  5. The insanity is we are paying TWO coaches for these results. No wonder the U is in the financial mess we are in.
  6. Arth is 0-15 Avg Zips Score - 12 Avg Opp Score - 39 ?
  7. Ok, I've seen enough. Good night. Are we still paying two coaches for this? U o Akron administration, board of trustees has got to be the worst in the country. Of all time!! F**ing embarrassing
  8. "Rebuilding" implies we are trying to get to a desired place we were once at ?
  9. I know this is a soccer thread........This is not going to come out the right way but (here goes).... I think the MAC had an opportunity to grab some headlines/airtime though COVID by playing soccer and football. Seriously, is social distancing an issue at a MAC football or soccer game?
  10. Do you mean the MAC or the NCAA? If the Big10 and ACC are playing men's soccer (I believe they are).....this seems like a huge disadvantage for us.
  11. Is a Zip game at the Info really a threat to spread COVID19? ?
  12. And another would be for someone to then read the article and then take the time to make an asshole response on ZipsNation.
  13. Conference Realignment Will never happen but would be nice!!
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