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Students paying fees to support athletics

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7 hours ago, zippy5 said:

Let's pretend Terry was a great enough coach to win 4 games with this rag tag bunch. Where would we be right now after two straight 4 win seasons? Probably firing him and debating who we should hire. So let's move on. He left us with this mess.

We'd be holding on to him for another year then not renewing his contract. And we'd be more than 1 million dollars better off because of it. To a financially strapped university, that's a huge deal. And after next season, we'd set off on a legitimate coaching search early in the season so the new guy would be well positioned to recruit in his first year.

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1 hour ago, NWAkron said:

They had to rip off the band-aid. SC game paid for Bowdens departure.

This has been mentioned here in the forums before. It is intentionally misleading and convoluted for the sake of supporting flawed logic.


That $1 million + could have been applied to other expenses such as reducing the debt on the Info or better supporting the Athletics Department as a whole. Instead, it was burned to pay a coach 2 years not to coach and replace him with a guy who needed bought out at his old job in spite of being mediocre at best there. What a waste!


If I were a student paying fees to support athletics, I'd be pissed! No wonder enrollment has been sagging. The UA community deserves better than this.

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