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  1. UNC-Asheville 97 Johnson U 51 That is a Big Johnson loss. Also - St Thomas MN beat Western Michigan last night.
  2. Didn't even download an app...just watched it on the Mountain West web site. Two clicks, and there it was in hi-def.
  3. That’s as bad as it gets. It’s parallel to our Zips quarterback situation.
  4. Showed some moxie, but in the end close losses to P5's are a dime a dozen for mid-majors. I’ll be tired at work tomorrow. Thanks to whoever posted the streaming info. Much appreciated.
  5. We aren’t as good as I thought we’d be this season. Ali, or no Ali. March is a long ways away, but I expected us to make some noise in the OOC portion of the schedule. I was wrong.
  6. Dawson has three 3’s? I think my feed must have been buffering on each one. 😄 Glad he’s back. Our guard play is a big time drop off from years past.
  7. A Caymanesque start for the Zips. How does a badass like Dawson lose his confidence?
  8. Pittsburgh writer wants Joe at Pitt’s OC
  9. Good news is - we didn’t lose another 1-score game.
  10. We need to expand the band to 25,000 members and fill the stadium.
  11. Amazing what’s possible when the offense moves the ball and doesn’t turn it over.
  12. He did have an attorney. I guess just not one as good as Aziz’s.
  13. So is he eligible after finals week? Or does he wait until fall 2024?
  14. Earlier post regarding UA/Kentucky @ Akron Kentucky will probably generate $5 million by bringing in a cupcake to pound at home. Paying the Zips $500,000 (?) NOT to play in Akron is deemed as a win-win by the powers that be at both UK and cash-strapped Akron. As a fan I don't like it, but my vote doesn't count.
  15. Can we get a picture with the 4th place trophy when the team returns?
  16. I admire Matt because he’s genuinely invested in the Zips. The guy could take a private jet anywhere in the world on a fall Saturday but more often than not he can be seen on the Zips home sideline. For everyone’s sake I hope his steadfast support pays off. He’s a special Akron dude.
  17. Their rivalry with North Dakota Yours is one of the all time greats.
  18. If anyone is interested, Life-Pacific plays Cal Northridge at 4pm today.
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