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  1. Couldn’t agree more from top to bottom with this comment
  2. I’m sorry guys ...I’ve been doing a remodel and I was so shocked by the news I’ve been radio Silent...I would have been thrilled if he had gone to ball state so he was close to home and I could see games regularly ....i would have been equally thrilled if he came your direction because I thought it Gave him his best chance to make a tournament ( and possible run ) and still was close enough to catch games. Stetson came out of left field and I haven’t run into the family to be able to casually inquire as to the basis for that decision. I certainly know it wasn’t my favorite
  3. https://www.maxpreps.com/m/news/MCwnjSlkX0uop_P8t04hbQ/most-visited-maxpreps-player-pages-during-the-2019-20-school-year.htm?ftag=MPM-04-10aaa1f even I was surprised by this ...Luke brown is the 23 most visited page on all of Max preps in ANY class from ANY sport. And...for the record ....I didn’t visit it more than 10-15 times so it’s not completely my fault 
  4. https://www.hudl.com/video/2/79205/5eb729c12ab1270b0c073701 its a shame none of these highlight comps ever show much passing which is probably the best part of his game but this one does show his range and quick release pretty well if you guys want to get a look
  5. Yep that makes 10 now ....you guys are clearly better than Cleveland state though if he doesn’t get a power 6 offer ...........the interview on his Twitter from just before that offer is a pretty good listen if you have ten of fifteen minutes
  6. Gonzaga WAS the Dayton of the West ...until they built on that reputation and started getting high powered recruiting classes ...they’re a legit blue blood program now ...no longer an over achieving little guy who out recruits and out hustles everyone finding the hidden gems
  7. Totally heart breaking for athletes across the country to have their seasons cut short ....the Blackford team was poised to win its first regional title in the entire history of the school ...brown finished the season with the state lead in scoring for the second straight year ( first person to have a chance to do it three straight years ). In the last two weeks the end of season awards have been posted : 1. voted by Indiana basketball coches association to supreme 15 underclassman in the state 2. Voted by AP and coaches to the Indiana junior all star team ( top 18’juniors in the state but the annual game against the Kentucky all stars was cancelled ) 3. Voted by AP to 3rd team all-state. 9 seniors and 6 juniors made up the fifteen players to make an all-state team he was one of the 6 juniors ...4 of the other six have been offered or already committed to power 6 schools the aau season is in jeopardy and if no more games are played brown might not get a power 6 offer without a way to prove himself this summer...that gives you guys a shot in my book
  8. They caved and cancelled ...will update If games are reinstated at any point
  9. Thank you...I believe Michigan did also and I’m so sorry for the kids and fans ...I’ll post an update if Ihsaa caves and cancels but if not and anyone watches let me know your thoughts
  10. Folks I appreciate the comments and feedback you’ve provided thus far ...from an outsider ( who is also very disappointed today ) I wanted to offer my condolences on the lost post season ...I thought you guys had a great team and a shot to get in and make noise ...I was looking forward to watching. Sorry for your seniors. if any of you , while it’s not a replacement and it’s certainly not a near equal consolation, have a basketball itch the IHSAA high school tournament is just about the only basketball still being played ( closed venues limited to 75 fans per team ). You can watch Luke brown and Blackford in regional action (they won sectional championship ) this Saturday at 12 and then if they win in the championship game at 8 pm ....the games will be broadcast and streamed on the Ihsaa network premium broadcast service www.Ihsaatv.org The replay of the game costs money but if you watch live it’s free. Good opportunity to see him play and still see some basketball ! sorry again to you fans
  11. That made me actually laugh nice work ....yeah they have a shot at both sectional and regional titles this year ( making it to final four of their class ...not sure if Ohio structures their season end tournament the same way ) and it’s 100% because of him ...he has one other competent/division 3 type player on the team and it goes downhill from their pretty quickly
  12. Great question ...it’s been my only concern with him ( his size as it relates to defense not his actual ability). I’ve seen every game he’s played and at the D1 level he will be playing taller guards who are as fast if not faster and can jump significantly higher. There have been plenty of kids to overcome and be prosperous even with that time of height deficiency and lack of leaping ability but MOST of those players have a common denominator of a solid or muscular frame to be able to move weight around effectively and make it easier for a coach to mask the player on the defensive end. He has the strongest work ethic of any player I’ve ever seen so you get him with a college level strength and conditioning program and I think he ends up being a 190 pound kid. If he gets there I don’t think you’ll see a significant disadvantage and his shooting and ball handling will make up for it if it exists. If he doesn’t get taller OR add any size he will struggle on that end of the floor. It’s sometimes hard to get an accurate read because Blackford plays a lot of zone defenses but if you’re looking for anything you can use to evaluate and have a few spare minutes go to the Bruin sports network on YouTube and search their game against Southridge. It was a neutral site game and that team has a 6’5” junior named colson Montgomery. Kid is their primary ball handler and a 40% 3 pt shooter. Expected to be selected in first round of professional baseball draft ( elite athlete) and was quarterback of a state runner up in football. I didn’t expect it but Blackford went man to man most of that game and assigned brown to him. Despite the height difference he really impressed me with his effort and performance in that game ...really outplayed the kid which opened some eyes his ball handling and his distributing skills are his strongest talents in my opinion even more so than his range and shooting consistency ...he leads the state in assists playing for a team that misses 3-4 layups routinely and often his passes are the kind no one sees coming but him
  13. Didn’t come across as disrespectful I completely see your point !He could end up with some if he has a very successful summer but in the little bit of time I’ve been able to get to know the family and observe him as a player I think he’d be more the type to strongly consider a contributing role immediately at a smaller school with tournament prospects than get relegated to the bench mob till his senior year at a power 6 so don’t count yourselves out
  14. Thanks ! This helps a ton and gives me some background and perspective ...I was able to watch your home game against ball state ( another team that offered brown )and came away incredibly impressed. You definitely pass the eye ball test as far as a tournament caliber team ESPECIALLY considering the volatility and inconsistency of the college game in general this year ( anyone can beat anyone it seams ). I’ve tried to watch a little or learn a little about all the programs that have offered and with the little I’ve put together your coach, roster construction , and openings at point guard in two years seem like you’re at the top of the list and if he doesn’t stay in state I’d be a fan because it’s still drive-able to catch some games. You guys enjoy the remainder of the season I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and look forward to seeing you play through March ....Luke’s final two regular season games are throw always but I’ll update the postseason info and whether or not he becomes the first player in Indiana history to lead the state in scoring and assists. also ps ....IU which was on record as his “ dream school “ just signed a five start 2021 point guard so I doubt they will come calling
  15. Good deal so back to my original question ...have you seen him ? What’s your thoughts ? ....never have seen a single second of Len Paul basketball don’t even know what position he played
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