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  1. Iona is a pretty big step up. 6 figure job and established tournament presence. 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2023
  2. Chicago kid. 6' 170 lbs. Averaged 19 ppg at the halfway point this season (no idea what he finished at). Charleston being in on him is promising for his potential. Don't know enough about him for the needle to move either way, but trying to find DII talent ready for the DI level is smart (look at Toledo and JT Shumate). Edit: Just watched a highlight video. Takeaways... - Looks like he is bigger than the old 6' 170 lbs metrics - Twitchy/Explosive. Handles well, moves quick with the ball, gets to the basket well, finishes well, and gets into his shooting motion quickly.
  3. Transferring and transferring again is a semantics issue that's largely irrelevant when talking about a coaching change. FDU for example. Guy is hired 10 months ago. He is now taking the Iona job (as he should; he was making $40k at FDU). Let's say he wanted to make an immediate impact and hit the Transfer Portal hard to build the FDU program quickly. They have success, then he bolts for Iona. Those players who transferred in would be forced to stay at FDU. Schools are a dime a dozen. Good coaches, chemistry with coaches - that's more rare. Coaching changes should easily be accepted as a secpnd-transfrr waiver reason.
  4. CMU & NIU were buried long before the open Transfer Portal. Most schools that failed to establish a winning culture expectation will continue to suffer - open portal or not. Blocking kids from transferring if a coach leaves is criminal and I believe this is only the first tightening on restrictions we will see as FBS Football/DI Basketball becomes more competitive.
  5. NCAA just released a new set of transfer guidelines when applying for a waiver to transfer a second time. Applications for a second transfer due to a coaching change will be DENIED. I guess the NCAA quickly realized the transfer portal is helping the G5s more than they thought.
  6. 10-15 ppg (my guess) has been added to the roster. 2 more schollies to fill.
  7. You're right. I misread the 2022-23 bio, thinking that was an end of the season bio.
  8. The Gregg Marshall aftermath. They fired Marshall's replacement and just hired Oral Roberts' coach. Shammah is from Shaker Heights HS. Looks promising from his Junior College time. Minimal action in his only year at Wichita. 3 years of eligibility left.
  9. Anybody know if we've reached out to anyone else? Via a Twitter search, we have reached out to... Terrance Ford Jr. (G - Arkansas St.) Kaleb Thornton (G - NIU) Kevin Miller (G - CMU - Committed to Wake Forest)
  10. Mosengo transferred. The key to next year's success is having at least 2 scorers emerge. Whether that's the transfers, returning young players like Tavari/Nate/Prather Jr., or a combination, we need 2 guys that can consistently give us double digits along with Freeman.
  11. Garvin and Kobe were the 2 I had circled as the most likely transfer candidates. 3 open scholarships. Let's go to work. 2 guards and either a 3rd guard or stretch-4/big.
  12. I have nothing against Indiana, but them getting dog-walked by Miami is hilarious when looking at it from the lense of PCCC not even being competitive with Indiana.
  13. They want KD fired, so if this accelerated that, maybe it was worth it to them.
  14. Kowalchoke watching the Toledo women's team have success in March...
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