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  1. Maybe Sac State should take a look in the mirror at why one of their top players is coming to Akron. Plus, LCJ's IQ is at least 100 pts too high for KSUcks. Never worried for a second. He almost did with his flop at the end of this. I remember hearing his body/head hitting the JAR floor.
  2. Doesn't hurt when you have LeBum "$50k Deck Out Hummer" James to turn to for guidance. Blessed.
  3. KJ Walton is one heck of a get. 54% FG because he gets to the hoop. Massive change of pace guy for this offense. The men's basketball program is way more efficient. Men's Basketball: $4000 raised for 0 National Championships. Men's Soccer: $20k+ raised for 1 National Championship. Final Fours are even more daunting in efficiency...
  4. Not to get off-topic in this thread, but this is exactly how it should be. Coaches can leave a program without having to sit out the next season, so players should be able to as well. The one-time cap is nice as well in preventing the constant transferring of an individual athlete.
  5. According to Gainesville and Kentucky fan articles, the transfer sit-out rule has been waived for at least one more year. So we should see Mr. Castaneda on the floor this fall for the Zips, dressed, and dropping buckets in-game.
  6. I would've been pissed had the Browns hired Jeff Fisher instead of Stefanski. Accurate comparison.
  7. If he's a good ref then his Akron games need investigated for the amount of crap that occurred.
  8. Big get. Groce loves his guards, and this kid looks like the type of player that will thrive in Groce's system. LCJ posted this transfer to his IG. I wonder if they know each other? I'd still like a 6'7"-6'8" Stretch Forward transfer, but we are going to be an absolute unit next year with our guards and front court.
  9. This is Groce's first legitimate class. Other years have been littered with transfers, but this is his first true freshman class. I'm stoked. I think the program is the healthiest it's been in years talent wise.
  10. Criminal how badly he was robbed in 2019-20 of truly showcasing himself on the national stage.
  11. Perfect summation of the situation. Do we know the transfer/open-roster-spots situations around the MAC? I'd imagine teams like Buffalo and OU won't have much room to add without some end-of-bench turnover. I don't care what PCCC does as long as they have Pinky at the helm. Toledo will return to obscurity with their veteran roster departing (keep an eye on any shady tactics from Coach K).
  12. Can we add a Vander Plas - that stretch 4 that is a serious threat from deep but also isn't afraid to slash and drive to the basket?
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