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  1. I thought it was good D too. He might have gotten there a tiny bit early but not by much. Buffalo is good enough without getting help from stripes. Good news though. Game is almost half way through the first and only down 7. Shorten the game and keep it close.
  2. Buffalo is pretty good up front and physical. But they let them hold like hell.
  3. I think Akron is going to make a game of it. Buffalo big win last week. Akron first win last week. Not calling my with with a victory. But I sense a competitive game.
  4. Not trying to flame here but what were the off field issues with Bowden mentioned in a thread here?
  5. Looking to grab a sweatshirt or T for my kid with the script Akron logo. The adidas ones are sharp but can’t find anywhere. Can any if you guys closer to campus give me any direction? Thanks in advance.
  6. Nail meet coffin. What a fun day and congrats Coach Arth in victory number 1 at Akron. Congrats to the kids. The monkey is off the back. BGSU was just what the doctor ordered.
  7. Finish. In control. Light and loose and have fun. 15 minutes to go.
  8. Good morning. I hope We see a ton of Dollard today. I hope the operation is clean and the Zips win time of possession. I think keys to the game today are controlling the game on the ground, turnovers and penalties at a minimum, keep the ball so the D stays off the field. Typical stuff that usually equals a win. Victory number one is on the way. I feel it.
  9. Great post 72. From an X's and O's standpoint I don't think there is any difference between DI and DIII. On offense, we played match ups at DIII just like the big guys - what formations, motions, shifts, alignments, etc. can I employ to create match ups that are favorable for me. How do I create conflict for the defense? On defense how do I make sure we maintain gap coverage, perimeter leverage, cover the field, exploit offensive tendencies, disguise looks, etc. In fact, the zone read offense was created by Rich Rodriguez at the DII level. With 11 guys on O and over 100 years of football history as reference, there are only so many ways to do this. On D, you can only line up 11 (even thgouh at times I wish I could have played 13) so many way and still be sound. As you noted, many times we had to coach what we had to fit into the schemes we ran. We tried to recruit to needs and to the scheme like DI guys do, or at least should do. It's not all about 4 and 5 star guys, it's about guys that fit into what you're looking to run and where the gaps are. Anyway, often there were glaring gaps in the talent level that forced us to tweak the existing packages to fit our talent and give us a punchers chance to win. As noted - that's coaching. Certain teams we played could line up in a 4-3 cover 2 and play it all game and kick our buts because they were physically that much better. The old Miami Hurricanes teams were that way. Do I think Arth can coach - yes I do. Do I think Arth is CEO enough to run a DI program? I don't know, I haven't followed UA long enough to know. I will concede from an overall program standpoint (the kissing babies kind of stuff of the field) is different - has to be because DI is in reality a business and you might need a better CEO than coach at this level. A guy that is smart enough to get the right guys around him and ultimately can recruit by getting the RIGHT kind of kid to buy into the program/vision. My first job I worked for guys who were DI coordinators and moved down as they got up in age. They didn't miss the "crap" that went along with DI football (fund raising, community stuff, recruiting) and could concentrate more on coaching. I admit, I only started watch UA this year so my sample size is small. From a scheme standpoint, I don't see anything that makes me terrified with what Arth is doing. To be honest, I don't see an abundance of talent on this team, especially on D. You have guys playing out of position by design. That tells me there is no one else that can do it - talent is thin. What bothered me, at at least this past week, is the stuff where the operation isn't clean. Couple that with the fact there didn't seem to be a ton of "want to" last Saturday either. That's on both players and coaches but ultimately the coaches have the power to fix it and if they don't then that's on them. The getting lined up issue Coach Arth mentioned is inexcusable - but correctable. We would make sure to get this point across - as part of our extended conditioning this week - until the point sunk in. Get out of the huddle crisply, get lined up efficiently. As basic as that seems can't be taken for granted.
  10. Really good take Sir. That’s another thing my kid is banking on. Academics. Some schools will pull the trigger on a kid who may be in between an FCS/FBS if they know he can make it academically. That’s why grades ultimately drive the ship in my opinion. Yes Mount Union is a machine. My Alma mater Bridgewater (and one of my coaching stops) fell victim to them 20 years ago in the national championship game. They had so much talent. Lots of bounce back talent and were very well coached. Have to tip the cap!
  11. Well in fairness, they aren't selling to him yet. He put Akron on his list and we are going to get some film out to the Zips, but he's not on Akron's list yet. He's a sophomore so it's more about us starting to look for a good fit and generating some interest. He started all 8 games this season at ILB (PA 5A school) and will be our QB next year and the following (no injuries!). I see his college future on defense (perimeter player), would project him as the all encompassing "athlete" for recruiting purposes. He's also a basketball guy and coaches love that. I think Dollard shows the JUCO route can be a quick fix, so I think to your point it's a combination. I'm a firm believer is working the local talent provided it's there (and it is in Akron) and recruiting to needs not necessarily stars/ratings. I don't think there is such a thing as a quick fix as usually those come back to earth. That probably wasn't helpful at all!
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