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  1. When I said that I meant more program type stuff. Especially when we don’t get coverage of the program I was thinking more of posting the program along with personal life stuff
  2. You would think this guy is a full time coach how he is active on Twitter. He definitely give tips and sells his own brand for sure. I don’t see any full time coaches at Akron doing thisn
  3. Has anybody heard anything on our TE job?
  4. My insider tells me we have some good candidates for the open TE job. My source also tells me they saw one guy on campus yesterday touring the facilities will update when I find out more
  5. It’s more of probably his parents I researched this kid he was at Maryland when all that DJ Durkin stuff happened. Went juco then Lafayette now is then now in the portal. Maybe his parents are telling him he is better. He was a walk-on that didn’t play and wasn’t gonna play.
  6. I think if the players and staff have a good summer. Get kids to camps and grind it out I think they can surprise in the fall. Now I’m not saying win 8-9 games but at least compete for 6 that should be the goal.
  7. Lol this kid has been around the block. He is not a starter he might be a career back up. Better for the zips. Let him leave, I don’t know the new rules by the Ncaa but I’m sure he has to go D2 or something now
  8. I’ve watched interviews with the other sports all spring. The last video I saw of Arth was the signing day one. We have saw a couple articles posted through the Beacon but nothing other than that. I know it’s crazy but it needs to change. We just want a weekly update if we can. Not talking about Ohio State coverage but the same coverage as our conference mates. Is that hard to ask for? Like some schools do position breakdowns and that’s a write up. Some people do coordinator interviews and that ain’t the whole spring just at the beginning. All these things don’t require you to have a full staff to do so. You need a SID and local paper or the same person that interview other sports
  9. It’s very sad that the fans don’t get updated in nothing. I haven’t seen nothing on Twitter, school website, news paper etc. this is unbelievable to me. I think something has to change how do you support a team that the athletic department, social media don’t even support.
  10. I thinks it’s because of the WR that someone said was out earlier this week I’m not sure but that’s what I think
  11. I heard the spring game got canceled
  12. Will the spring game be open to the public tomorrow?
  13. I think the issue at Akron is the support from administration. When the new AD arrives they will have to ask themselves the question if they want to support this current football staff or go in a different direction. Arth has yet to get the support he deserve because of the current administration lack of care. If you look at the App States, Bosie State, Charlotte, UL Lafayette, Ohio, Buffalo, Western Michigan, Marshall. These programs are G5 schools that don’t have the highest of budgets but they care about athletics. You have to genuinely care about sports in order to make it work. Do these schools have good coaches yes. But these s hooks also hired coaches with no HC experience as well. Simply put do what these schools are doing and you will see some results. It all starts at the top. Playing 2 P5 schools with a conference schedule that’s not easy is already tough to do there is not 1 game on the schedule that you can look at and say that’s a win.
  14. so will they have to shut it down or just keep rolling without any issues? I know the game is April 9th but those players that’s out will miss that. Dollard should get a slap on the wrist if there are no more issues that we know of. I know you hate to say it but we need him baggage and all. All the good teams have issues like this. also what’s the latest on the coaching staff? New coaches? Title changes? Etc.
  15. I want to chime on on this situation, one I think that the new schedule is tough you could possibly go 1-3 In the first 4 games. the school is only looking at the financial part of this and not the opportunity for our school to win games. I know that there are some issues within the athletic administration but don't tank games on purpose. The other piece I want to touch on is the fact that there is no coverage for football throughout spring. there are no interviews on the youtube channel, school website, only on beacon journal. imagine being Arth and not being seen by your schools athletic page as the HC. I also want to talk about the assistant coaches for a second. Cook was a good coach that did a lot off the field and I think he would have left regardless if it was NFL or not we need a strong person to replace him. Our Offensive Line is horrible and I don't see them getting better at all. 2 years ago we was dead last in rushing the football and near bottom half in sacks. I don't see that unit improving. We also had guys playing out of position last year which makes it hard to win. the spring game is on the 9th I think our guys has to have a big summer in order to be decent in the fall. Has Cooks replacement been hired yet cause we need somebody coaching our TE's
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