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  1. You make some really good points. And as my mother once said, "sometimes you don't know what you don't want until you get it." I don't remember Daniel on a fast break or doing much more than making 3s. Good guy and I don't like that he's leaving but. .
  2. Pat Forsythe and Zeke...they helped the Zips so much in the NCAA tournament. Miss them...a lot.
  3. I think those heights are generous with the exception of LCJ. Would Reece be a replacement for Banks? Looks like Sayles is staying around? Does he have 3 years of eligibility?
  4. Maybe they need to think outside the constraints of players being a 2 or a 3 or a 4. Just put the best 5 on the floor and not worry so much about labels.
  5. Trust the process. Banks didn't add much...I preferred Roscoe.
  6. I would guess Channel will.be next to go. Not sure what his role will be. But I wonder if that will affect his friend coming from the same JUCO.
  7. Pearl I don't think was in the MAC. Christian...not much success. Ford failed at Bradley.
  8. I wonder how many MAC coaches actually succeeded after getting the golden ticket. I know there's a trail of failures including PCCC alums Heath and Waters
  9. I guess I missed your point if you had one
  10. Quaker Oats is an Akron company.
  11. We will see if the players made the coach or the coach made the players. Maybe Graves will come home
  12. Ohhh...he told the AD he was leaving. Signed a new contract and then stuck it to Alabama. "Pretty sneaky, sis."
  13. I guess that's that. What a welching SOB. He goes wherever it's the lowest standard of living.
  14. It's lovely this time of year. If Montgomery could only "recruit Chicago.". On Kitten Attack, they want Boals to bring in DJ Cooper as an asst coach because Cooper could "recruit Chicago."
  15. https://www.daily-chronicle.com/2019/03/26/area-roundup-4-niu-mens-basketball-players-transferring/asy4m1m/. (Doesn't sound like they were impact players)
  16. Read an article about a big exodus from DeKalb.
  17. And working for that female AD whose first move was to fire the basketball coach could also be a red flag
  18. Buffalo's success seems a bit more "successful" than Akron's. Will be nice to no longer see those four Bull seniors again. If Oats leaves to Cal, Vanderbilt, Alabama or wherever and takes a couple of those guys, then things will equalize in the MAC. If he stays, I think they remain dominant but nothing like this year.
  19. Teyvion Kirk also leaving the Kittens. Fire Boals already. Only D3 players left. To the Kitten Attack credit, they already have a "Fire Jeff Boals" thread.
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