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  1. Does anyone have an update on how Chris Payton's summer league is going? 😁
  2. I see the Pacers signed James Wiseman. Talk about two players with different paths. He and Enrique are both 23 and will be looking to provide quality depth, but Wiseman was the second pick in the 2020 draft, has been handed everything and will entering his 4th NBA season while Enrique worked his way to where he is and is a rookie at 23. Here's hoping the Pacers reward hard work over 4 year old press clippings.
  3. I'm not that skeptical (which may be a defense mechanism!), but I am definitely in "show me" mode.
  4. He'll have to earn it. He's certainly proven himself as being good at that. That would make him an Indiana Mad Ant. They are also based in Indianapolis.
  5. Just the reaction I'd expect from that wonderful humble kid. Time to start planning our Indy road trip for Cavs at Pacers.
  6. He has a couple of solid bigs in Siakam and Turner to learn under also.
  7. Ummm, no give backs or passing on (or I'll never get rid of the damn thing).
  8. The NBA will figure out a way to turn the 2nd round into a 4 hour snoozefest.
  9. In the intense competition for the highly valued Matthew Wilson bobblehead, we had the following picks: clarkgriswold- 47 IlliniZip- 30 blueandgold- 29* zipsrule- 41 tpsjugglerdude- 35 (will get the top half of the bobblehead) ClevelandZip- 20* gozips19- 35 (will get the bottom half of the bobblehead) kreed5120- 51 ZipsFan31- 39 mes107- 27* LetsGoZips94- 30 Ham25* * Already eliminated
  10. Watching that last night took me back to that awful draft year that the Cavs took Anthony Bennett with the first pick. What an unspectacular draft pool. I remember the good old days when guys got drafted for talent as opposed to potential.
  11. We're expecting a pretty high "batting average" from a guy that's had the best basketball program in the MAC since he settled in at Akron. Not very recruiting class brings an LCJ or X. In a couple of years we'll be back to lamenting the absence of a big like Enrique.
  12. Nope, whoever is closest with ties determined by who bribes Clarky the most.
  13. Looks like Rob Fulford's replacement has been hired- https://gozips.com/sports/mens-basketball/roster/coaches/mike-allen/1169
  14. So, let's have a little contest as to where Enrique will be picked, by the number of the pick. The closest wins a Matthew Wilson bobblehead. I'm going with 47, though he deserves higher.
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