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  1. I'm more concerned about the fire coming out of that microphone.
  2. Looks like they've picked up where they left off (with a quarterback running for his life).
  3. 3. Who counts down to a colonoscopy or root canal?
  4. I was just happy he didn't call him Gavin, spell his last name without an "e" or call him a shooting guard.
  5. Even our assigned Zips beat reporter doesn't know the difference between Bryan Trimble our starting shooting guard and Greg Tribble our backup point guard who is competing to take over for LCJ. Sigh...
  6. I found the following par of the article a little odd- As for replacing Jackson, it comes down to Garvin Clarke, Bryan Tribble and freshman Nate Johnson. “Those three, plus Xavier Castaneda,” Groce said, “so we’re still a work in progress.” Strange that GT wouldn't just write all 4 of them into the sentence. I am 100% excited about the Zips upcoming seasons in football and basketball. 90% excited about hoops and 10% about football.
  7. He's a fine player and he'll get drafted. I just don't see him as much of an NBA player. I hope I am wrong.
  8. Good luck to Jayson Preston. He's a great story. I wish him well. He'll be a fine pro (in Europe).
  9. I'm pretty confident that I could not fit into LCJ's gear!
  10. He and daddy have never realized that he might actually have some success at the level of a conference like the MAC. An OSU tattoo in high school...4 schools in 4 years...now in the transfer portal... Not what they had in mind.
  11. That's one shallow analysis. The typos really help the credibility too.
  12. That depends on the extent of the loss. They still have to demonstrate some financial responsibility and not be a substantial financial burden to the school or community. That being said, community involvement and support is a benefit certainly worthy of financial support, even at some loss.
  13. Despite technically losing money the OSU athletics program produces huge revenue for the area and the university and well as good will and publicity that pays off in many other ways. That can't be said of Zips sports.
  14. The more we discuss the football program the more I look forward in anticipation to the (basketball) season.
  15. I remember back when they did the ESPN deal that the MAC Commissioner touted how it gave the conference long term exposure and stability. They saw the money and the long term stability and never considered what being held hostage by ESPN over the long term was going to do on the campus and community level with things like mid-week football. They still think that some guy with no connection to a school involved is going to tune in on ESPN12 to watch an Eastern Michigan/Akron game on a Tuesday from their recliner in New Mexico, and they'll tout the game as "nationally televised." All the while, the sports fan in west Akron never turns on or attends the game as they have no connection to their hometown team.
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