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  1. Well, yes, there is that. Reorganizing the colleges I guess. Cutting administrators.
  2. https://www.toledoblade.com/sports/college/2020/04/18/ncaa-cutting-sports-mac-coronavirus/stories/2020041805. Good read.
  3. Rip the band-aid off. Cut the cord. Let's just get on with it. Heard a story on NPR that for many retail establishments the pandemic is only accelerating what they were already planning to do. And then on an episode of Ozark, money launderer and casino owner Wendy Byrde offered the sage advice, "Never waste a good crisis"
  4. Don't get me started! Grrr. BTW. The Akron/Buffalo game replay is still on ESPN+ .
  5. I guess you told us. Maybe write an email to Bob Dyer. He will be happy to take up your cause.
  6. the basketball players have a gray uniform with just the half kangaroo head above the # on the jersey. They are very cool.
  7. Once in a while I think I should subscribe to the ABJ, but then I realize that I would be supporting Bob Dyer's salary. If they ever fire that arrogant, blow hard, who can only build a column from a complaining reader's email, I will sign up again.
  8. I hope there is a way to salvage the program. I don't want to throw it out just because of last year's season. All MAC schools must be in the same boat with this. Just because a team was 7-5 or 4-8 doesn't mean the state of that program is much better or makes more $ for the school. The MAC needs to find a way for the schools to protect their best programs and have flexibility with the others.
  9. Uses his cousin-in-law, Bob Dyer, and Terry Pluto to back up his theory. Bob Dyer doesn't like anything Akron including John Groce.
  10. Yeah. Was thinking same thing. And considering baseball is donor supported it should stay.
  11. He's like Bob Dyer: a useless hack who loves to read his own words or hear himself talk or both.
  12. Never heard from a few of these guys when the basketball team was winning big this year. Consider the source.
  13. Yeah, the like the City of Akron can afford to buy a stadium. There are some who linger in the shadows of Zipsnation and ONLY appear during the "bad times" so they can troll and stir the pot. I block them, but can see when others quote them and try and use logic with them.
  14. I'm certain the university staff knew this well before Miller made the announcement to the community. Further, all schools at Akron's recruitment level are in the same boat.
  15. Amen. Save Groce and the basketball team at all costs. I can tolerate the complaints about other sports and campus issues. But Zips basketball is becoming sacrosanct.
  16. throwing business guys or gals into a athletic or university bureaucracy without any experience can easily turn into a disaster. I highly doubt Miller would go that way IF he wanted to make a change at the AD position.
  17. I would love for all the MAC schools to get on the same page and come up with a plan for the future which would avoid these Tuesday and Wednesday night games. A buddy at work whose son plays football for a MAC school said his son is in the dark about next year but there was some talk about football and basketball overlapping a lot more at least for 2020.
  18. I really like the idea of the Power 5 going off on their own for football. However, I can't forsee any huge institutional changes occurring over the next 3.5 months.
  19. Good idea. Use Ohio HS sports as a model.😖
  20. I read they are shutting down PCCC @ Streetsboro and the Ravenna campus is absorbing those students.
  21. Football can schedule Clemson, Purdue, and Kentucky and bring in $4.5 million. And I mean this...I'm glad I'm not the one making these decisions.
  22. These other schools can't get rid of bad coaches. They are all in the same situation.
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