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  1. I thought Tribble looked good tonight. Ali made a dumb foul that cost them, but I think he made a dunk or a big play right before that. Reece and Williams are the standouts. Too bad we can sneak that Iowa guy on to the team this season.
  2. Right. No moral victories. I expect wins in Groce's third season. There were 3 key moments: the intentional foul on Ali, the quick missed 3 from LCJ, and the block of X's steal and lay up. Had they connected in any of those situations maybe a different ending, although, I never thought the Zips were going to overtake WVU. I liked that even when they got down in the mid double digits they kept the fast pace. I was expecting a slow down. That was a really fun game to watch as opposed to the Nevada game last year where the Zips tried to just keep it close with a deliberate offense. Reece did what Utomi didn't do last year. Pumped for the next home game.
  3. Poor choice by LCJ. But great rebound next time down
  4. Couple of quick 3s...grr. but it's run the floor, keep it moving. They clobber us but can't touch their players
  5. Wow. Way to change the flow of the game.
  6. I like the hustle and fast pace. But when there was a 5-6 point spread and WVU was getting hot I think they should have done a time out and slowed it down.
  7. It's going to be about 25 degrees. The game is at 8pm. I think this will be reminiscent of the Thanksgiving Snow Bowl with Kent.
  8. The 50 point loss to VCU didn't make you mad? How about the great Pat Forsythe? Drug dealing point guard? Harney, Gilliam, and Treadwell...all put team first, right? I watch this video and think about what happened a week later in Detroit and the two other double digit NCAA tourney losses. KD and his teams gave us a lot of fun and Akron pride, but I think it was time for him to move on. Time for Groce and his team to step up and win some big games.
  9. I liked the new announcer. But then again I don't remember the prior one. Nothing came near me last night. Although, in the past I got a nasty paper cut on my face from one of those Arby's coupons
  10. What I noticed early against Malone of all teams was the inability to get ball inside. XWilliams is very fluid to the hoop and was fun to watch, but wasn't in the post position that much. Reece was the real muscle inside.
  11. The perp. when they went up by 19 mid-half they were on fire and exciting. Then they started clanking from the 3 line. Malone's big guys were better.
  12. pretty much my thoughts. had some great moments but really lacked inside play. wish we had that 7 foot guy. whatever happened to him?
  13. 39-30 at half. Groce can't be happy with defense. Too many points in paint for Malone.
  14. Lot of new faces. Chucking 3s. Not much going on in the paint
  15. I'm here. President Miller and wife here. Usual type of crowd for a Malone/Wooster/Hiram game. Walters, Roles, Edwards in snazzy polos. The refs also have a new life ok with their uniforms
  16. I traveled over to Bobcat Attack and sadly the Kittens aren't expecting much for the year. Their only goal apparently is to beat Miami and Akron at home.
  17. We saw a bit of this during the first few games of Groces first year until reality set in. LCJ said the team is getting along better. Groce has his guys + Sayles who I think is very easy going
  18. As far as I know, they aren't. I saw the same rumor on here and asked someone who had some insight into this and he said they were just fine and practicing. We will see on Tuesday.
  19. My negative post for the week: I want to know the names of all those involved in this hiring decision. Who interviewed and who were the other candidates. Clearly, they were swayed by something other than coaching ability.
  20. After they picked Kato deep in in Zips territory, I turned it off.
  21. Why is it always 2nd and 11 or 2nd and 13. Brandon Lee doesn't know the meaning of "forward."
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