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  1. Once again, I'm overcome with an overwhelming feeling of dread much like I had driving up to Cleveland for the the Akron/PCCC MAC championship game in March 2017.
  2. Dear members of The University of Akron community, Over the last few weeks, you have heard messages from me and the provost outlining the imperative need for the University to undergo a redesign so that we can emerge from the impact of COVID-19 in a way that financially stabilizes the institution and positions us for the future. As part of that effort, we need to build a budget within the reality of our available resources, which have been significantly reduced. We need to work together to provide feedback on the plan put forth by the deans and the Office of Academic Affairs. And we need to do these things quickly. No aspect of the University is exempt from the need to contribute to the overall budget redesign. As I have stated before, The University of Akron is committed to having a Division I athletics program, but the cost to do so must be significantly reduced. I have asked Director of Athletics Larry Williams to develop a plan to significantly reduce the University’s financial support to the Athletics department and he has made a recommendation that does so by approximately 23 percent ($4.4 million). I appreciate his efforts and understand that these are hard decisions, but they need to be made. The Director of Athletics will be sharing more of the details of his plan with the campus community via email today. Thank you again for your collective efforts as we work together to address these challenges. Respectfully,
  3. There was a debate on here about how scho Someone at the U broke it down for me and it seemed complicated but basically the deal was the the University wasn't putting much $ towards it.
  4. There was significant alumni and donor backing for baseball. I like having a baseball team, and they weren't doing so badly before the pandemic hit. All of us on here (except for the one who continues to leak what is probably confidential (or expected to be private) info are shooting in the dark as to what is what.
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/eastern-michigan-university-planning-to-resume-in-person-operations-for-fall-2020-semester/ar-BB142wMN I think the Ohio schools are all going to work together to open at the same time.
  6. #1. I think there will be across the board salary cuts. I wonder if Groce and his staff will avoid that. #2. Women's softball is a perennial loser. Zips only have a a women's swim and dive team. Maybe track and field will only be women and cut the men.
  7. I'm skeptical of graphs and charts. They can always be manipulated for the outcome you want. $4million exit fee to leave the MAC. I guess NIU and Buffalo will be staying around. Remember it was one of the higher up academics who stopped Mikal Dawson from joining the team even though he was eligible. Miller is a smart guy. Looks like he is going to strike the best balance he can. I'm very nervous about tomorrow, and I don't look forward to reading comments from those who appear to enjoy this situation.
  8. I don't see the conference benefit of cutting the first round games. I can't imagine they cost much of anything. The Horizon league does that, and I never liked it. But times are tough.
  9. Awesome. So excited about the football season. I really think this is the comeback year for the Zips. Arth has this team going in the right direction
  10. I bet they are going to conference only and moving games to Mid-September first of October.
  11. Dude. Stop trolling me already. You are tiresome. time to block you.
  12. you may want to email the A. D. with that idea.
  13. Lacrosse, like baseball, in non scholarship. The MAC is a good alliance for all the member schools. As a conference, they will need to decide where to go with football. Akron can't just go off on its own and hope to survive. I like the #s above from KReed. There is room to downsize. Also, I think the crisis escalated the restructuring of academics that was long planned. That can be handled in-house if you will. Athletics is going to take some time. and the crisis isn't a good time to make a decision that they will really regret down the road.
  14. What's your point? Do you want credit for "knowing" someone close to the board and obtaining "intel" from him or her and "leaking" that information on to a message board? Does this make you feel important?
  15. Division I schools: Offer at least 14 sports: seven for men and seven for women, or six for men and eight for women. Offer at least two team sports for men and two for women. Can guarantee an audience of a specific size for football and basketball. Akron has 19.
  16. hopefully this will be better for the students, improve the graduation rate, and increase the prestige of an Akron degree. I have a buddy whose son is applying to the Williams Honors College. Akron is doing some nice marketing for new students. Go on youtube there are dorm tours, etc.
  17. I think so at least for this year. But get the world moving again...and will get back to some normality.
  18. There's certainly going to be some pain and sad news, but this is decent news for now.
  19. https://www.beaconjournal.com/news/20200507/university-of-akron-president-expects-to-reopen-campus-in-fall-continue-with-division-i-athletics not much with details but promising. Division 1 so assume football remains. And get kids back on campus!!
  20. Now that is settled. We solve the coaching crisis and the "fat forward" crisis. What's next on the agenda?
  21. That is useful information. Thank you for sharing that regarding the scholarships. As for what the university is "planning" or "thinking" of doing, I will wait until there is official word. I don't want to be someone calling for elimination of programs just for the sake of "I told you so."
  22. That's a really good point. Never thought of it that way.
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