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  1. Dinner on The Strip? EuroGyro? The Kent Car Strip?
  2. basketball and football going on simultaneously would be crazy and fun.
  3. The more interesting story is down the page. ACC wants all D1 teams to be in the tournament.
  4. damn. I miss those days. Infocision is probably the safest place to be during a pandemic.
  5. Hopefully, we can find a happy middle ground by time basketball comes around.
  6. Seriously? Leave your political agenda in a different thread or on a political blog.
  7. So I have to reset 1350 on my car radio?
  8. So for blue seat denizens the answer: was...maybe...don't know....September 1...deadline...don't know...sorry...uncertain...priority points.
  9. And I read that Purdue had its biggest freshmen class ever.
  10. i hope this works out because we don't need another setback. individual districts decide.
  11. This is all a cluster. Ohios #s have been going down and DeWine again takes his foot off the accelerator.
  12. I think there was also one at Infocision when the rain was coming down sideways.
  13. 135 students at UNC Chapel Hill have COVID. The student newspaper front page reads "Cluster&*ck"
  14. I will sit through the games in the dead of Winter. I was at the Thanksgiving Snow Bowl!! and the Pitt game in the torrential rain and that one during the polar vortex.
  15. I hope so, too. however, the disfunction and the greed in the NCAA and the Power 5 had been laid bare over the last few weeks.
  16. Jerry Brewer of the Washington Post wrote this. It may be behind a paywall but I will provide link and a few thoughts he shared in his long column. It's better to read the entire column and a few others he wrote on the topic. I'm not taking a side but found his views insightful. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/08/15/college-footballs-con-has-been-laid-bare-by-coronavirus-crisis/ "It is futile to hang morality in college football’s closet. Don’t bother trying. The integrity of the sport is so compromised that even a perceived noble gesture during this pandemic serves as little more than a well-stitched mask to preserve the con of amateurism. At the end of a week that featured a historic rupturing of the sport, the Big Ten and Pac-12 may appear as the foremost careful and concerned conferences, while the rest of the Power Five looks daring, reckless or worse. But if trying to salvage college football is akin to guiding a yacht through treacherous waters, all factions should unite around one depressing thought: The ship is sinking. That’s because honest maintenance has been neglected for a while. Some can jump on lifeboats and get out early. Some can play their music louder and enjoy themselves for as long as possible. But this thing is going to submerge, by the force of the relentless novel coronavirus or by the will of enlightened players and others who have turned crisis into clarity about a system of exploitation." "Two of the sport’s most prestigious conferences just opted out on the advice of their medical advisers, fearing covid-19’s link to the heart condition myocarditis. And SEC coaches are flustered because they need to know — right now — how they got Arkansas and Mississippi State or Alabama and LSU as the additional teams on a schedule that still qualifies, despite their insistence on playing, as more of a suggestion than a stone-cold reality. This is why they make the big bucks — and most don’t offer to take pay cuts to help their struggling athletic departments. With the nation still struggling to contain the coronavirus, with schools reopening in some communities and autumn on the horizon, it figures to get increasingly difficult for colleges to play football and other sports this fall. But go ahead and argue about scheduling."
  17. Southern Conference cancels (Arths old home). 9 players on Oklahomas team test +. The NCAA needs to find a way to shut this down or basketball will be gone, too.
  18. They should only allow Zipsnation members to attend the games. Problem solved.
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