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  1. I will wait for the announcement from the president and athletic director and go from there. What's good for you is that football will still be around at Akron, and you will have something to rail against for the next few years.
  2. Anything else? Akron baseball and lacrosse are non-scholarship sports. Lacrosse doesn't drain anything from Akron.
  3. Exactly. I will wait for @akronzips71 to "weigh" in on this before I decide if this guy is worth it
  4. Who are you accusing of "fat shaming?"😖
  5. Groce and Fulford must be playing 3 dimensional chess because I don't see how he fits with the program
  6. https://www.10tv.com/article/motorcade-rally-drives-through-athens-protest-ohio-university-cuts-2020-may Protesting cuts in the Animal Husbandry program.
  7. That kid needs some serious conditioning. Seems like an odd choice for the System.
  8. First: They have a director of entertainment
  9. FYI. It's "couldn't care less" not "could care less". Think about it.
  10. Shove it, Dre. 😂 https://www.wjhl.com/sports/college-sports-2/etsu-bucs/source-etsu-to-hire-jason-shay-as-next-mens-basketball-head-coach/ BTW. that was simply an ugly rumor someone floated on the internet to ... maybe interfere with recruiting?
  11. Nervousness and anxiety gets our minds racing that's for sure.
  12. The state legislature would have to approve that.
  13. Did I misread this sentence? "Athletics will be treated just like any other unit, not protected or spared the hurt. As of yesterday Football is being treated like a sacred cow by the Director of Athletics, as well as Baseball, due to donor involvement. Soccer, Track and Field and Swimming are all seriously in play to be eliminated. " Also, I'm sure whoever he is getting this "intel" from appreciates that he is leaking it on Zipsnation.
  14. You already have to EARN your way into the basketball tournament. It's called the play-in game which I doubt cost anything other than gas $ to transport a team from Miami to Kalamazoo. Ending Akron soccer? You speak with such sincerity about this. Those who know don't talk. Those who talk don't know.
  15. — If Groce leaves for another job, he would owe the Zips $1 million if he makes the move after only one year. The buyout goes down by $200,000 each year, meaning a move after his fourth season would call for a $400,000 payment to the university. Hire someone like they did at Western Michigan and Akron immediately saves $800,000. On the other hand: https://www.johnsoncitypress.com/Basketball/2020/05/05/Noland-to-ETSU-fans-Have-patience-in-coaching-search
  16. Fair enough. this is becoming toxic on here. Time to abandon thread. I think we will have some sense of what is going on tomorrow. Let's get our mulch out before that chilly weather moves in.
  17. You know. This is NE Ohio. We expect the worst and prepare for the worst.
  18. Now that I've calmed down...I think it's a warning shot to the administration. This is John Groce. He doesn't take any BS from anyone. He's going to fight for his team and the program. He's a gambler as we've seen on the playing court. So on the flip side, I wouldn't expect him to take any crap from Miller or Williams. The timing of this is just a bit too perfect.
  19. Someone is trying to interfere with his recruiting.
  20. But what about just plain stupid?
  21. I just thought it was an interesting article...not the Holy Grail.
  22. A bird told me that we will have an idea about the athletic dept this Wednesday. googling all the MAC schools in Ohio, I see that they all have millions and millions in budget shortfalls.
  23. sorry to waste your time, Clark. Guess there will no Christmas bonus for you!🤯
  24. Wonder where Churchill got it from.
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