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  1. I think Akron has a chance to make this a very close game.. The Zips have a tendency to play good teams very well. (look at last year when they almost beat #16 Clemson and #7 Nevada). Upon looking at the big 12 power rankings WVU is among the bottom half of the teams, therefore, they may not be as good as many commentators (mainly ESPN) are predicting. In addition to their low ranking, they're also going to be playing their first game, as a result, they may be rusty and come out of the gate slow.
  2. Just face it guys.. Akron football flat out stinks. I wouldn't be surprised if local powerhouses i.e. Massillon Washington and Akron Hoban could upend this zips squad, however, there is a bright side, basketball season is right around the corner.
  3. I am bummed out for I have to miss the opener, due to working the election, hopefully the Zips put up some big numbers and show an increase in growth from last season.
  4. According to Kenpom.com Akron ranks 124th out of 353 teams. Four MAC teams ahead of us.
  5. What does the red mean? Inactive for the season?
  6. Any validity behind X's chance of winning MAC player of the year? Read an article over the summer that gave him the third highest odds to win POY, however, I can not find the article anymore.
  7. Do you guys think we will go undefeated in our non-conference home games this season? I think the only possible loss is UMass, however, I think the Zips should be able to run a bottom-tier A-10 team out of the JAR.
  8. I personally think Tyler Cheese will have the biggest impact on the team this year.
  9. Do you guys think this years team has more talent than last years team?
  10. Hopefully the Zips will be able to obtain a record of 8-0 at home prior to conference play.
  11. I think Akron will make this game a-lot closer than many folks have predicted.
  12. As a Michigan fan, I can say with confidence that Brandon Peters closely resembles a bump on a log. A little story you may find fascinating. One of the games I attended at UMich there was a fan who held a sign reading "send Peters to North Korea so he can overthrow their dictator." It was funny in the moment aha.
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