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  1. Hopefully the Zips will be able to obtain a record of 8-0 at home prior to conference play.
  2. I think Akron will make this game a-lot closer than many folks have predicted.
  3. As a Michigan fan, I can say with confidence that Brandon Peters closely resembles a bump on a log. A little story you may find fascinating. One of the games I attended at UMich there was a fan who held a sign reading "send Peters to North Korea so he can overthrow their dictator." It was funny in the moment aha.
  4. Maybe summer activities are optional and not mandatory.. I too have not seen Michael Dawson.
  5. Does anyone know what's going on with LePear Toles? He isn't present in this photo nor has he been in any of the photos @ZipsMbb has tweeted/posted.
  6. That is a great idea! College students also love their beer. Haha. If that doesn't get people in the door and generate revenue I don't know what would.
  7. Solely out of curiosity.. How do you purpose we fix the athletic programs (mainly basketball)? As a younger Alum I am worried about the future of Akron athletics. The only solution I can think of would be reducing the price of tickets, as a result, we will be able to get more people in the door and generate more "hype" surrounding the program. I would rather sell 500 $10 tickets than 100 $30-$40 tickets.
  8. It's always nice to welcome non-MAC teams into the JAR. Especially if their conference is as big or bigger than ours. Yeah, UMass may be bottom feeders in the A10, however, they're still members of a conference whom usually has two or three teams present in the big dance. They also have some notable basketball alumni such as Marcus Camby and Jules Erving.
  9. If you scroll down, almost to the bottom of the page, you will also see the Battle for the Capital. Featuring Akron, Liberty, Towson and Tulane. Mhmm, could this mean the Zips participate in two tournaments one in November and one in December?
  10. Does anyone know whether or not the Zips will be participating in an early season tournament? Last year they competed in The Cayman Islands Classic however, they just released the bracket for the Cayman Islands and the Zips are not listed.
  11. E-Man (Emmanuel Olojakpoke) to transfer to Utah Valley and play this upcoming season per @GoUVU (Utah Valley's Athletics twitter page)
  12. Again, I know it is very early but who do you guys predict will lead the mighty zips in scoring? I think it will be Mr. Cheese. He tended to be the go-to-guy late last year when the zips needed a big bucket. However, I think LCJ will not be far behind.
  13. Does anyone know off the top of their head who is favorited to win the MAC this upcoming season?
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