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  1. 99.7 survival rate according to WHO
  2. Think about the precedent being set by all this panic. Anytime there is a cold going around people are going to want to close off sporting events/schools/public gatherings. This is a very slippery slope.
  3. either that or give the bid to KSU since they're the highest seed remaining, I don't know much about wbball but I think someone said that central has an automatic bid.
  4. Well, the commissioner announced that if there is a Tournament the Zips will go dancing via handout.
  5. I assume they're going to cancel March Madness too. This season will all be for nothing.
  6. I like Dave Portnoy's idea of playing March Madness in high school gyms across America rather than college arenas. Will make for a better atmosphere.
  7. Hard to get motivated for this one. 80-70 Zips, I guess.
  8. Don't be scared. You'll be okay, just take common sense procautions.
  9. I can get on a plane, fly to California, and go to Disneyland but I can't watch a basketball game. Shaking my head.
  10. Can I go if I wear a hazmat suit? The MAC is an absolute joke of a conference. I follow this team all season and can't even go to their playoff games. I hope the MAC and RM field house lose lots of money as a result. What a crap show. Gonzaga is a school in Washington where there are actual deaths yet they still get to play in their conference tournament game (in front of fans). 3 people in Cleveland contract the virus and DeWine turns into a pansy.
  11. I hope they do not do this. I hate handouts. Feels unearned.
  12. https://t.co/LLQIFKWFkM?amp=1
  13. I'd love to see CMU pull off the upset tonight, however, I don't think they have another win in them.
  14. Out of the first 4 campus games, which one do you guys think will be the best game? Or most likely upset?
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