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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/colleges/mac-eliminates-intraconference-transfer-restrictions/2021/04/08/674322de-98a1-11eb-8f0a-3384cf4fb399_story.html Interesting...
  2. Hopefully, these transfers free up a roster spot or two. I wouldn't mind landing one of the Cincinnati transfers, preferably a point guard who can create and score.
  3. Yup, it's a shame. Could have been the best Akron team of all time.
  4. WMU - Titus Wright entered into the transfer portal.
  5. The announcers confirmed it but they've been wrong many of times.
  6. That's it? That's the only tangible difference? Then yeah, I think Freeman will stay on an academic scholarship giving him the chance to have a better teammate. As long as he gets his education compensated, it should not matter, whether it's via the athletic or academic department.
  7. What's the difference between an athletic and academic scholarship? As long as one gets their education and expenses paid for, that's all that matters, right?
  8. So based off this, Akron has exhausted all 13 scholarship opportunities and can't pursue transfers?
  9. Yeah, to concur with much of the sentiment already posted; we need a transfer, or we're going to barely scratch the top 8. Hopefully, Groce can bring in a significant contributor, Currie and Dailey were excellent prospects - however, they didn't pan out. If Groce was able to recruit talent before, hopefully, he can do it again.
  10. Freeman may be good be he's not clutch. LCJ should have been more selfish, shame.
  11. I want an LCJ three off a double screen for the win!
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