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  1. Liberty loses two in a row to North Florida (12-9) and Stetson (10-11, #314 Kenpom)
  2. yeah, thats why I raised the question because I thought our side was tougher
  3. interesting.. Thank you. So in basketball the east and west conferences don't really matter, as long as, Akron is in the top four.
  4. How does seeding for the MAC tournament work? Is it premised upon the top four teams get a first round bye or do the top two teams from each division get byes?
  5. According to Ole Kenpom the Zips are rated above Daniel Utomi's mighty USC Trojans.
  6. so who would you give the edge to Teague or Knapke?
  7. do you think we have an answer to him aside from the double team?
  8. Toledo has a big #30 that worries me. He creates a mismatch and without a doubt our weakest link is our center.
  9. NIU doesn't belong on the same floor as us
  10. here is a free stream for the indigent https://www.reddit.com/r/ncaaBBallStreams/comments/eou1ay/game_thread_northern_ill_vs_akron_0800_pm_est/
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