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  1. LCJ's getting help. No excuses now...
  2. I'd like to see a lineup with Clarke and LCJ.
  3. Looking like the LCJ show yet again.. poor man is playing a 1v5
  4. The team's backs are up against the wall, let's see what they have in them. I'm cautiously (or foolishly) optimistic.
  5. Does anyone know what LePear Toles's status is?? He's listed as a member of the team via their website & I've seen him post pictures and video of him practicing on his socials, but I don't think I've seen him play in a game - though his whole duration at UA.
  6. Given the previous two games it would logically follow that we would get blown out against Toledo but who knows... Like many of you have said, the team has a lot of talent. They've showcased their talent miraculously against Ohio and Kent but struggled against the less talented teams... Is this a case of playing down to their opponents? Even scrimmage games against Malone, we struggled to maintain intensity against a lesser opponent. I guess we'll find out Saturday! Does Toledo still have that tall caucasion center who can shoot? - it feels like he's been there forever.
  7. Yikes.. Worst JG loss since joining the program
  8. https://tenor.com/view/mad-ass-whoop-ass-in-can-gif-3556290
  9. Will we see more or less Currie against NIU? Here's hoping for more; I love watching athletes playing to prove something. Against a subpar team (no way this can age badly... right?), he should get some extra minutes leading to establish a role in the rotation!!
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