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  1. Me too. It's a shame they went cheap.
  2. Yeah that's how I'm looking at it plus the ACC is a Clemson loss away from vying for the worst "power five" conference w/ the PAC
  3. I see two super conferences, not four. One with an ESPN/ABC deal & the other with fox.
  4. In the minority here but I think a renovation and reduction in seat capacity would not only help with aesthetics and it will make the JAR seem like it's drawling more people in than it actually is.
  5. This is the current status quo but if conferences expand to say two super-32 team conferences then there would be no television slots for schools who didn't make the cut of 64. This is all speculation and parlor games but once someone makes a big enough step it's hard not to go down tumbling down a slippery slope.
  6. Yes but the dynamics are rapidly shifting & making income the focal point above all-else. Who is to say that programs who don't make the arbitrary jump to a more established conference will continue to function. Rhetorical question but why would a tv station make a deal with the MAC when they'll have massive super conference games likely being played simultaneously....
  7. In addition, I worry that CFB will soon split into two major power conferences (Big in the North & Sec in the South) and everyone else gets left out. Unless there are two CFB championship games; one for the major conference and one for everyone else - those not in the SEC and BIG will be left out. Look for the Miami's, Baylor's, and Pittsburg's to make a jump up. If any of you Zipsters are familiar with the structure of European soccer, where there are different tiers/levels of play that act somewhat autonomous of each other, I think CFB will end up similar to that.
  8. The answer to this depends on what one considers success. Some say a winning season, others say beating the rival, and those who look for continuous improvement/improved conference play. While success can be interpreted arbitrarily, I look at success as what the Zips can do to make the most out of their season. To me there would be no greater prize or accomplishment than playing spoiler to Tenn or MSU early on. The attention Akron would receive from an upset would far outweigh any other season milestone other than an improbable MAC championship. Anything can happen on any given Saturday. If I were the coach, I would be prepping for MSU or Tenn now (whichever is worse; probably msu) for a chance to shock the world.
  9. but 99% THINK they will get drafted, otherwise, what's the point...
  10. Good takes! I've been saying, for awhile now, that CFB and CBB are becoming the JV of the NFL/NBA. With NIL playing sports in college is now moreso a job about making $money$ and how much $$ can you make vs getting an education. Not saying in the past college athletes prioritized their education (Cardale Jones tweet about not going to OSU to "play school" comes to mind) but NIL, free agency, and conference realignment really exacerbate it and liken CFB to the NFL. The JV unit always played on Saturdays in HS and it looks that way for the foreseeable future in college too.
  11. Notre Dame holds all the cards.
  12. I saw this and a firm rebuttal from Barrett Sallee on twitter. It looks like the big10 and the sec are the only conferences that matter anymore, might as well give the winner of the big10 the rose bowl (or even better make the big10 championship the rose bowl) & SEC vs big10 play for the natty
  13. This brings me to a post I made on a similar thread. What sparked the impetus for the change of scenery? Regardless EMU will automatically become the powerhouse of the directionals but with what baggage
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