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  1. Defending mediocrity! (I think that's the attack that was levied but in the opposite direction). Sorry. You can book it. Arth ain't rescuing the football program.
  2. Groce had, at the very least, a resume that showed he could have success at the D1 level. Arth on the other hand...
  3. And that's a perfectly legitimate opinion to have; but it doesn't excuse the the waste of money on an already strapped program that came after that.
  4. Fan is short for "Fanatic". All "Fanatics" do is complain. Welcome to fandom. Yup. Idiot ADs that fired a Bowden with two-years left on a contract. Utter stupidity. Yup. I mean the Zips make it pretty damn hard to remain a fan. And not; posters like Hoke, dre, me, Balsy etc... are't negative to be negative. We give-a-damn. We're just as much a fan as you. We're just tired of people defending objectively stupid crap. They really DON'T get it. They cheered as we fired a Bowden; while throwing money a mediocre dope.
  5. No. You can have something be part of both sections of the graph. Like a student fee isn't all in one spot; and can change from year-to-year. Like you can have a reduction in the mount of student's paying the fee (thus an overall decline in funding) but shift around the student fee so that a higher % of it goes towards X,Y,Z. That's why you can end up having more money go towards X than before, while having a net reduction in overall incoming money. The graph isn't cherry-picking it's just meant to be an over-arching representation of a far more complex system. Saying "the graph to look more to their liking" is like saying the weather report is "more to their liking" with a forecast of a high of 72. I mean there aren't conspiracies everywhere.
  6. That's the plan anyways. Give it till July. The NCAA has stated: No students on Campus No Sports. Just reading the tea-leaves here. Sure most universities are planning to be back on campus...they're also planning to not be back on campus as well. I'd but the chance of not being on campus as greater than being on campus.
  7. Fans/The Public opinion honestly has no weight. The NCAA has already said No Students on Campus means no sports. You cannot justify having sports if students aren't actually on campus, so no...there' won't be a coup. Doesn't matter how many conservatives or Liberals or sports supporters there are. I'm just reading the tea leaves. This has nothing to do about politics. It has everything to do with a global-pandemic and how we respond. UC is just doing whatevery university will be saying in July (if not sooner).
  8. Book it now: There will not be College sports in the fall. The first domino to fall is also the largest Public University System in the country. There is precisely 0% chance other Public Institutions do not follow, and the NCAA has already said if students are not on campus sports will not be played. "Availability of on-campus housing will be reduced, and student athletes shouldn’t expect to resume regular sports before faculty and students return to campuses", White said. On the Flip-side: What would cancelling do for the U financially? Would we actually come out better off budget-wise and may not need to make as drastic-a-cuts to programs?
  9. You made me learn something. I never thought the one L was the US favored way to spell it. Huh.
  10. I've always called it the "Culture of Resume Building". And that's All Akron has ever been IMHO. Those who did "give a damn" were never kept or given meaningful opportunities for vertical movement, so they got gobbled up by other institutions. And those that are usually here are here to pad the Resume for something better(Matt Wilson) or pad the Retirement fund (Proenza). As for the fan aspect, spot on. I agree it's been a gradual thing. You can tell when I graduated (2013) and I was lucky enough to be there for a National Championship and some other fun stuff, and always wanted to be a diehard afterwards. But it has never seemed like Akron was ever taking a step forward or in a positive direction, and has always slowly slipped. Absolutely No Vision.
  11. I mean yeah...this week the entire world infrastructure collapsed and the house-of-cards was lay bare. The 2-3 payday slaughters was an attempt to reconcile the already out-of-control house of cards and maintain the program. It was a more long-term strategy, one that isn't really viable after the floor falls out. They aren't mutually exclusive ideas...or logically inconsistent or something...the circumstances have drastically changed.
  12. I know...I was just using the running theme here that Soccer is on the cut table while football is not. I'm saying it should be the other way around. I know sometimes we don't like to deal with "hypotheticals" because at the end of the day nobody here has any say. But c'mon everyone...we're without ALL sports right now except...(I kid you not I saw this on ESPN the other day)...marble races. Which is actually surprisingly fun to watch for 10-15 min! This is more of a broad statement not a dig or anything at you haha ; )
  13. It's not ideal, but at some point we have to be adults about it. I'm a Zips fan. But you're going to cut a National Championship team that has continued to compete for National Championships; and is far cheaper to maintain over a team that has surpassed over .500 once or twice in the last two decades? That doesn't even qualify as stupid. Let alone futile. Your last point is on the mark. I've always been a loyal Zips Football supporter, but even I stopped watching it. First stopped attending games, then stopped watching it....hell not even looking at the score of the game last year. I've been to more soccer games than Football games in the last 3 years. I consider my Alumni Season Ticket package to all sports as a donation, so if I miss a game I'm not worried about it.
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