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  1. Ah yes the "child" attack used against anyone who possibly knows more than you about a topic. My uncle who barely got his GED loves to use that one. But seriously bro...you can do better. MAKE AKRON GREAT AGAIN, and stop making Akron look like HillTop High with your brilliant takes. And you weren't commenting like a child with your comment that doesn't even qualify as futilely stupid? Please. PLEEEEASE take your juvenile level hypocrisy elsewhere. And no I came on here to read everyone's take on UA making the "task-force" and saw uninformed comments being made about SARS-CoV-2. Misinformed ignorant comments made about a global pandemic, must be addressed. If you don't want to be dogged on and having more informed people calling you out for them than don't make the misinformed comments in the first place. Good job editing out the rest of the comment though.... I'd be happy to direct you to resources for you to read, hell some of them you can even listen do, if you would like.
  2. Because they already got paid, so do they really care?
  3. No it won't. It's not over until there is a viable vaccine, or 60-70% of the population has had SARS-CoV-2; that's the hard facts. To put that infection % into context; you can have half a million (500,000) new cases a day and it will still take 362 days to reach 60% infected. We're unfortunately in this for the long haul until there's a vaccine. There is literally no other option; because you either let it overwhelm your healthcare capacity (and destroy your economy in the meantime), or you wait it out until there is a vaccine (and mitigate the fallout as much as you can). Texas has hospitals triaging people as we speak, sending some home (to die). Real life Pandemics aren't like you see in the movies. Medurna's Phase III won't be concluded until about October 27th, and it's phase III peer-review will likely last into December, and Astrazeneca's phase 2 and Pase 3 will not be concluded until around the end of November. Assuming those are successful, they will not be widespread to the public until about March/April of 2021... and that's IF they are successful. Harvard Medical projected a "Return To Normal" (which would be pre-Covid) would be 2022. This isn't political. It's just hard freaking facts dude. Read/listen to anything by Michael Osterholm who is one of the country's top epidemiologists at the University of Minnesota. Pretty much everything he has said from March till now has been spot-on.
  4. You graduated from The University of Akron? Dear god...you're an embarrassment. Crack open a epidemiology, biology, chemistry, zoology, genetics, and history textbook and; and then spend some time reading the published literature, research and data; then feel free to comment on SARS-CoV-2.
  5. "Corona Virus Will disappear [when Joe Biden gets in office] doesn't even qualify as futilely stupid take.
  6. And baseball isn't? Baseball is a dead sport walking...
  7. It sucks being right sometimes. I was hoping I would jinx it.
  8. Isn't that how Brandon Weeden was able to go back and play football? Because he left for baseball but didn't exhaust those last 2(?) years of the ticking clock because he was failing at a baseball career...or do different sports have different clocks?
  9. I certainly hope you didn't graduate from The University of Akron...you're making us look bad. Some of us paid attention in our microbiology, ecology, Biology classes and actually read books and didn't draw pictures and eat glue in class.
  10. Thalidomide was prevented from being used in the US because of the Peer-Review process of safety data by the FDA by a single young doctor assigned to the case, and wh wasn't impressed by the salesmen and said they didn't have any safety data to back up their claims for it's use on pregnant women...and she was right. Dr. Francis Kelsey is a forgotten American Hero.
  11. I certainly hope you didn't either, because nothing I said was even remotely controversial and is pretty straight forward. There isn't one master economics theorem, and Economics as a social science is pretty dismal; plagued with bias, lack of reproducibility, and hindsight bias. And let's not get started on the charlatan charade that is "Business"...
  12. I tend to view it from a different perspective; that this crisis is exposing what was already broken. Nothing in college athletics was sustainable as is many of the things in our economy. Having record $-billion profits one quarter and then you're asking for a $-billion bailout the next quarter is a perfect example of whatever has been happening is fundamentally broken. And if you come out of a global crisis without fixing/making substantial change to what was broken...you're setting yourself up for worse. I totally agree with this. Cancelling OOC games in an attempt to make it look like they're trying. I'd wager that most in the room though know the decision is going to be inevitable. It does suck because we're in uncharted territory. And unfortunately everyone who remembers the last one is dead.
  13. There will be no 2020 season folks. Guarantee it.
  14. There's no way it's responsible to have fans in stands during a global pandemic. Especially when cases are already projected to be on the rise in the Fall.
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