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  1. Yeah, I'm with you. I picked Zips by one score. I don't feel anyone has the upper hand here, just hope the Zips hang on enough to pull it out.
  2. SAME!!! My reaction was likely worse than the previous. Taking years of my life with these emotions.....
  3. It would probably do wonders for the psyche of the guys to come out with a win. After 2 blow outs and one REALLY close battle, I think a win would do wonders. Go 1-0 in MAC and 2-0 at home to start off October.
  4. I had so many emotions in just a few seconds. I stood up and cheered in excitement then verbally abused the air when I realized he dropped it. LOL
  5. So annoying. I hate how Ohio State dominates across the state.
  6. I know he doesn't have direct relation to the U of Akron, but I wish he promoted for people to go support the Zips more since it does help the Akron community at the end of the day. Regardless if people like him or not, he has a huge audience and that fact alone would help.
  7. What bothers me in this current state of football is how almost every deep pass thrown results in PI if its not caught. It's ridiculous. Sometimes there is PI, absolutely, but it seems like because there is a deep pass and because the home crowd wants a call, its almost likely a flag is being thrown. So annoying.
  8. A lot of what I could say has already been covered by others. One thing I will mention is that at some point Akron needs to learn to capitalize on opportunities. The turning point in the game should NOT be when a team decides to put their backup QB in the game and leads his team to a touchdown without even throwing a pass!! The defense should have eaten him for dinner when he was entered into the game. I agree the Zips played better. However, I want to hold them to a higher standard. All too often it's looking into the positives, patting them on the back, and so forth. But at the end of the day, the Zips should have won that game. They need to learn to win those games, especially when all of the momentum is in their favor. Also, I loved JoeMo throwing his headset. Glad to have a head coach who has the passion for these kids here in Akron. Onto the BGSU game!!!
  9. I'm so mad right now. I'm glad we competed, but I really wanted this win. So close. SO close!
  10. Ridiculous a QB came in, didnt throw a pass for a whole drive, and that changed everything.
  11. That BS penalty killed that drive. Ugh.
  12. Let's goooo!!! Momentum is swinging our way!!
  13. Needed a TD there. Dang! Okay defense, let's get another stop!
  14. No one beats Akron. It's clear Akron beats themselves. So frustrating!!
  15. Akron to win is my vote. JoeMo gets the fellas ready to capitalize on the injuries that Liberty has. With their starting QB now out, its time for the Zips to step up and take the opportunity handed to them.
  16. Absolutely!! Perfect opportunity for the Zips to take advantage of the situation given! Its go time, baby!!!
  17. We can win this game tomorrow. With Liberty's injuries, the Zips can win the game if they don't shoot themselves in the foot like they have done every game so far this season. I'm keeping positive. Unlike last week, I'm amped for this game!
  18. That's a BIG development to benefit the Zips! Would be so nice to walk out of there with a W as they come home for October 1st!
  19. If the offense moves like it did against MSU (and there aren't stupid drops...), I see the Zips being competitive in this game. I'm not calling for a win, but I am hoping the game will be fun to watch and not hopeless after the 1st quarter.
  20. Yes (on the bolded)!! I swear, maybe I just never paid attention, but for that first home game this year I felt there were TV timeouts after every play (exaggeration) and they took ffoorreevverrrrr. I guess I just never paid attention, or I was inpatient that day, but I agree, some things to get people involved or so to take the counting down the minutes for the game to begin again. This is a small thing and I'm not complaining, but since you mentioned it, I wanted to chime in.
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