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  1. In my opinion this is exactly what’s wrong with the program and the MAC. Being happy about another guaranteed thrashing for a payday is mind boggling to me. This happens yearly. We will guaranteed start off 0-1 and frankly will lose to Rutgers and South Carolina. That is 3 loses right there, but as fans we should accept it all because it will be a pay day for the university? Goodness. Akron should drop down to FCS. Yea board, dislike this post, quote this and trash me. I don’t care. At least at FCS we may be able to win and host a playoffs game. Being a guaranteed win for these big programs is bullshit. Expecting fans to accept it because it’s a payday for the university not only is bullshit as well, but also a clear sign your program does not deserve to be FBS. I’m fed up with being a Zips fan and accepting this crap. But this board doesn’t like to go against the grain, so I’m sure I’ll be more lectured how im wrong on this and how I need to be happy. Someone on here said this is a positive to see the program go against big competition. Just stop. That’s a clear sign you cheer for a loser program. Accepting this due to the payday…goodness.
  2. Totally agree. Wish it wasn’t my gut feeling, but unfortunately it is.
  3. Miami wins. JU does not copy his performance from last week sadly imo.
  4. Wish we were all perfect like you and NEVER said anything incorrect about the Zips. Let’s bow to you
  5. Akron sucks. Can’t believe I feel for the hype of JoeMo. Oh let me guess, someone still likely wants to blame Arth. Just stop. Getting out coached by a rookie HC of a crappy Kent team.
  6. 12 interceptions coming our way. Goodness.
  7. Lol are you like a Wake Forest spokesperson or so? Almost every post of yours they are mentioned 😂
  8. But what does them being the "lesser option" matter at this point? This team is 1-6. Let me repeat, 1 win. Bullock is not the savior, he has more than proven that already. He can barely throw an accurate 5 yard pass. It's pretty clear others on here would actually care to watch if one of the young men got a chance in this waste of a season. What, does the "lesser options" bring fear that our "genius" head coach may have also recruited bad players on top of the other things he hasnt accomplished so far? JM is rather protected on this board by some, so maybe that's it, fear of further exposure. Beating Kent does nothing at this point. For me that's just another way for an Akron fan to try to make lemonade out of a lemons season. This season is a wash and beating a fellow 1-6 team in front of 10 fans doesnt do anything for momentum because there are still plenty of games left for horrible loses this team seems to like to do this 2023 season.
  9. No. Pass on Bullock. Time to see Jennings or Wasel. JM himself visited each of them at their houses multiple times to recruit them. I'd like to see what they have since he went after them. Bullock has looked bad thus far and wasn't exactly a guy Akron was desperately trying to get. His old college was happy to see him leave in the portal. This season is over, why not see what one of the high school recruits have to offer? Literally the Zips have nothing to lose seeing what one of the young guys has to offer. But sure, Bullock, we can start him. Yawn.
  10. Well, here's the thread for this week. Someone had to do it lol. I'll really only be interested at this point if Jennings or Wasel starts.
  11. That's assuming anyone even attends that dumpster fire of a game, kid or not.
  12. Guthrie should be feeling some personal pressure I assume. Not job security pressure, but for him to have a good shot at a P5 job, I think he needs to be able to show he changed the football program for the better. So far the product still sucks under him, though I guess some will be impressed that he got JM to come to Akron, even though he hasnt done anything as coach. Also, attendance is still trash, which maybe theres nothing he can do about that, frankly. But I do believe football is his key to a P5 school if that's what he wants. He needs to show he changed the program.
  13. With all due respect, not really THAT tough of a game for a freshman to start. Attendance will be embarrassing for a rivalry game no one outside of Kent or Akron fans care about. If this was OSU-Mich, sure. But Akron-Kent? I dont think a freshman will be too rattled with 20 people in the stands. Now is the time to see what one of these kids has in them.
  14. Nothing to say. This team is a joke. May not win another game this season. Attendance going to be (even more) embarrassing moving forward. Start Jennings or Wasel next, season is over so may as well.
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