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  1. Thought I’d bump this thread so everyone could see where the 2022 class currently stands. It usually takes a few years for freshmen to develop and contribute. It also takes a few years to look back and see how impactful the class actually was. So far, there have been 6 all-conference players (1 freshman, 5 portal) and 17 starters from the 35 player class. Only scholarship players are listed below. 2022 Freshmen Still on the Team: RB - Charles Kellom WR - Bobby Golden OL - Keylen Davis OL - Tyhler Williams DT - Kiawan Murphy LB - Bryan McCoy (All-MAC) 2022 Freshmen No Longer on the Team: QB - Dijon Jennings RB - Anthony Stallworth TE - Marquell Darnell OL - Jourden Hale OL - Ki’Marii Landers LB - Jaharon Griffin Transfer Portal Additions still on the Team: WR - Alex Adams (All-MAC) CB - Devontae Golden-Nelson Transfer Portal Additions No Longer on the Team: ( * has been placed beside players who have exhausted their eligibility) QB - Jeff Undercuffler * RB - Clyde Price RB - Cam Wiley WR - Daniel George (All-MAC) * WR - Shocky Jaquel-Louis (All-MAC) * TE - TJ Banks * TE - Caden Clark OL - Max Banes OL - Anthony Whigan (All-MAC) * DE - Victor Jones * DT - Curtis Harper * DT - Ravontae Holt * DT - Devon Robinson LB - Tim Terry * S - Kerry Martin (All-MAC) S - Nate Thompson * S - Jaden Woods JUCO Addition still on the Team: LB - Antavious Fish JUCO Additions No Longer on the Team: WR - Caleb Anderson DT - Kyle Thomas CB - Cam Threatt
  2. Have to agree with the poster. Not sure why AAC would jump the gun on this and limit their own conference. Some form of NIL salary cap is coming as it’s already being discussed by ADs and HCs (in particular Big10 and SEC). Not sure what it’ll look like since there is so much to hash out and they have to make sure whatever they decide isn’t struck down by the courts.
  3. I think the staff has done a really nice job recruiting the OL. In general, it just takes longer to develop offensive linemen than most other positions. The OL was in rough shape when Moorhead took over. There were a handful of players that had talent, but still needed developing. The rest really should have been nothing more than situational backups. From the 1st class (2022) Landers started as a freshman and unfortunately was lost to JUCO. The following year Williams and Davis became starters as redshirt freshmen (expecting both of them to only get better from here). Whigan was an immediate starter and All-MAC guard from the portal. Banes was a starter from the portal when he wasn’t injured. The 2nd class (2023) brought in two starters from the portal in Blanchard and Frank. All of the freshmen (Morris, James, and Mann) redshirted, so still too early for them, but they look promising. The 3rd class (2024) has 2 JUCO All-Americans (Walker and Fox), 1 JUCO that was on the All-American watchlist before the year began (Burrell), 1 All-MEAC (Thomas), a part-time starter at Miami (Seymore), a starter at Southern (Fields), a former Alabama recruit (Shor), and a prep recruiting win over Boston College (Mitchell). There were 5 linemen that transferred out this offseason and 5 that transferred out last offseason from the previous staff. So 10 OL didn’t get the job done at a high enough level that the current staff inherited. That’s tough. They won’t all work out but the talent and athleticism has been increased dramatically. As far as the stars go, most of these guys would be fringe 3 star guys according to Rivals ratings, which basically means either a multi-year starter, potential all-conference player, or potential late round pick in the NFL draft. This ought to be the year we see substantial improvement from the OL.
  4. I won’t have much to add about the specialists except stats, but I figured it was time for an update with so much turnover. (K) Garrison Smith - [Redshirt Junior, New] - Transfer from McNeese State. Was 48 of 48 on extra points and 18 of 21 on field goals in two years at McNeese. Also handled kickoff duties. FCS freshman All-American. Owen Wiley - [Sophomore, Returning] - Went 12 for 12 on extra points and 4 of 6 on field goals. Only misses were beyond 40 yards. Matthew Schramm - [Freshman, New] - Chose Akron over Marshall. (P) Dante Jackson - [Redshirt Senior, Returning] - Former JUCO. 3 for 3 on extra points and 2 of 3 on field goals. 65 punts for a 37.5 average. Also handled kickoff duties. Avery Book - [Senior, New] - Transfer from Augustana. 48 punts for a 44.8 average in 2023. 1st Team All-conference for two years. Joseph Castle - [Sophomore, Returning] - Did not play in 2023. (LS) Liam Reardon - [Redshirt Junior, New] - Transfer from Iowa. Emmet Rhoades - [Redshirt Freshman, New] - Transfer from Florida A&M.
  5. Bumping all of these. I think I have everyone added now.
  6. Great question. We have 3 players who are best suited at RT (Blanchard, Thomas, Walker) but one of them will likely play LT. My best guess is Blanchard since he started there last year before injuries limited most of his season. LT = Blanchard LG = Davis C = Williams RG = Seymore RT = Thomas Coach Rodriguez likes to play anywhere from 8-10 linemen each game so I’m sure if this ends up being the actual lineup we’ll still probably see Walker, Lyons, Fox, Burrell, and Fields work in. If James is ready to be the starter at LT like he was in the spring game, that’d give even more options. Perhaps Shor starts to play up to his potential too? We finally have an experienced OL with enough versatility and depth, should a few players get injured for any length of time, it shouldn’t derail performance like it did last season.
  7. In the process of updating the positions and realized both Fox and Walker were 1st Team JUCO All-Americans this past season. Not sure what went on at Texas State with Walker, but I’d imagine both players will be pushing for starting spots. At first I thought Fox would be the backup (and he still may be the backup), but he should at least push Williams for first team snaps.
  8. Pittsburgh is/was legitimately interested in him, but haven’t offered yet. They still might if they miss on other targets. If that happens, I’m not holding my breath he’ll stick to his commitment.
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