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  1. Looks like we’ll soon be getting a visit from D3 Transfer OL Josh Castro. He played OT at Cal Lutheran, but would likely be moved to the interior with us.
  2. Glad for Gray, but Houston must have some serious OL issues. You’re on target. Recruiting well and developing linemen from within is a must.
  3. Looks like we are still looking for immediate help along the OL. New offer out to JUCO IOL Que McBroom. Honestly, I’m surprised it took us this long to offer. He’s a guy I’ve been watching for a while now. 3 years to play 3. HUDL FILM
  4. Thanks, I appreciate all of your thoughts and contributions as well! I’m excited about the upcoming season and confident this will be a breakthrough year. I’ve seen this scenario play out time and time again. The only thing that really surprised me is the amount of close games we lost last year and the fashion in which they happened. I guess the bright side to that is we could potentially triple (or more) last season’s win total and receive national recognition.
  5. I’m going back through the position groups and adding “star rating take” for all the players. Using Rivals formula I’m re-rating the players to what they should have been according to their college production.
  6. Buffalo has started their spring practice. Bowling Green has already finished theirs and did not have a spring game. They supposedly did not have enough offensive linemen.
  7. Finished up the conference preview with predictions. I still need to complete Morgan State, Kentucky, and Indiana. That being said I will predict beating Morgan State with losses to UK and Indiana. Overall record prediction is 7-5 and 6-2 conference. I will say the conference prediction may be a little too aggressive and we’ll probably be more like 5-3, but that’s just how it came out when I reviewed each team game by game. If it’s 5-3 conference, that’d be 6-6 Overall. I think Temple is a definite swing game and the last 3 games on our schedule could also go either way.
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