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  1. CB that started 9 games for Georgia State this season. Preseason All-Conference. 34 total tackles, an interception, and 6 passes defensed.
  2. Without looking, I’m guessing Sobol is off to San Diego?
  3. Bailey was #2 on the depth chart by the end of 2022. This year he was leapfrogged by LaNorris Sellers. Elite 11 participant Dante Reno is coming in and supposedly Carolina is also the front runner for KJ Jefferson. So this is purely a move in which Bailey is looking for playing time. We haven’t offered yet (because technically we can’t) and we seem to be abiding by the rules. Not sure if we will offer but I have to imagine JoeMo will at least reach out. Bailey’s former teammate Joey Hunter could also put in a good word. Another portal entry that is looking for more PT is WR O’Mega Blake. He’d be a solid addition, but we certainly aren’t hurting in the WR room. Similar player to Shocky Jacques-Louis, just not as accomplished. No direct connection to this staff that I know of though.
  4. That’s too bad. The recent HS DB offers make sense. Seems the staff knew this was coming.
  5. Every team will lose at least a few players they don’t want to lose. That’s just the nature of the portal. Recruiting has not been an issue with this staff. Keep in mind they’ve only had one full offseason of recruiting. The first year was a crash course to make up ground and find quality HS prospects that were not already committed. The portal brought in a few guys from that class that have gone on to make All-MAC (SJL, Adams, Whigan, George, Martin). QB recruiting has been the biggest bugaboo so far. I say that and there’s always the chance Wasel, Bullock, or whoever is brought in this year will prove that statement wrong.
  6. Freshman RB at SC State. Amassed 809 rushing and 7 TDs for an avg of 7.9 ypc. 10 receptions for 149 yards and 2 TDs. 6’1 215lbs
  7. 4 star QB Tanner Bailey will be in the portal with 3 years of eligibility remaining. Committed to JoeMo at Oregon and de-committed after the coaching change occurred. Something to keep an eye on.
  8. Bump. We currently have 2 CBs committed and 1 S committed from the HS level. I have seen a few more HS offers go out lately for 2024 DBs, so I’m expecting there will be more activity here.
  9. Walk-on and HS teammate of Wasel in the portal.
  10. True. On the flip side he’s one injury away from either being the top backup or starter depending how things shakeout. I’d rather him stay and compete, but at the same time as long as Tibesar is coaching/recruiting the LBs, it’s not a position I’m worried about.
  11. Sounds like they play their own pod every year and it’ll be some type of rotation against the other pods each year. So we’ll play Buffalo and Kent every year no matter what.
  12. Thought this one might be coming. Good luck to him.
  13. Sounds like it’s just a way to make sure rivalries stay intact and each team plays each other at least once in 3 years time. Supposedly: Buffalo, Akron, Kent State Ohio, Miami, Ball State Toledo, Bowling Green, NIU EMU, CMU, WMU
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