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  1. Kinda used the wrong stock photo of the stadium. ...
  2. I thought this was interesting
  3. Yeah we have already seen it at Toledo https://www.espn.com/college-sports/news/story?id=4146980
  4. That is a good point catdaddyp. In the transfer world we are in, is there really a reason to keep the Juco separate? At this point they are just another transfer correct?
  5. https://406mtsports.com/college/big-sky-conference/montana-state-university/taylor-housewright-montana-state-akron-football/article_efb67342-e0be-11ee-a2ed-4bdc6e5ec7ba.html
  6. This part was interesting to me. The NIL recruiting landscape is casting doubt, too, on the value of a scholarship. Multiple Group of Five coaches tell Yahoo Sports that Power Five programs, having hit their NCAA-mandated 85 scholarship limit, are adding players as “walk-ons” with collectives footing the bill for a scholarship through NIL. The NCAA permits at least 30 walk-ons. One Power Five collective director, in fact, acknowledged this trend, telling Yahoo Sports that they often “layer on top” an extra $50-60,000 to cover a walk-on’s tuition, books and fees. “They’ve got to make up what a scholarship covers. I get it. It’s smart,” Chadwell said. “But the NCAA needs to create a rule requiring players to sit out a year if they are not on full academic scholarship.”
  7. This morning on the radio Jason Candle said Toledo wasn't even signing anybody today. They signed all their high school guys on the "early" signing day.
  8. The MAC has always had some unpredictability but now with transfers, I don't know how to assume who is going to be good. Ohio and Toledo are always among the top but both of them are looking for new QB's after the top 2 QBs in the league transferred out. NIU is good every other year. Their game management is horrible so I think it really depends on the week you play them. Eastern Michigan has had some winning seasons but last year was kind of a fraud as they beat bad teams and lost to good teams. All that said, I do agree with GP1. We have to win 5 games in the MAC this year.
  9. https://pistolsfiringblog.com/former-oklahoma-state-quarterback-gunnar-gundy-re-enters-transfer-portal/
  10. David Harvey..... on the Zips folklore of what could of been. Hixon graduated to the NFL and Harvey came in and blew everyone away. I believe he averaged over 20 yrds a catch.
  11. He has an impressive offer list. Friday he has an ov with the Hurricanes. This one would be a steal.
  12. He has been mentioned for every big 18 OC position by their news paper. Most of it seems to be sports writer speculation.
  13. The last 10 years have shown how fast the 2nd or 3rd guy can see playing time.
  14. I thought Zack would of flourished under Moorhead. I hated to see him leave. The article below says he is a grad transfer which is why he is transferring a 2nd time without losing a year. It also mentioned a possible package deal. https://www.si.com/college/georgiatech/football/georgia-tech-qb-zach-gibson-enters-transfer-portal
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