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  1. I don't like the closed process. Akron is a public university, and the public needs to know how their money is being spent. Only concern about the pick is that most of his academic life has been at colleges that don't have a large research presence.
  2. MAC football coaches have said over and over that they want TV games any day of the week because of recruiting.. It's not about money. The AD's have said screw the fans.
  3. Schools go through coaches' agents. That way a coach can say he hasn't been contacted.
  4. All of these current/former OSU coaches mentioned can't coach their way out of a paper bag as proven by recent Buckeye fortunes. Move on.
  5. Why should the MAC do these schools (WV etc.) a favor because they want to go to a bigger conference. If they want to pay us $1M per year,OK.
  6. From a Toledo faculty blog: Anonymous said... Jacobs was a one-trick pony: Transformative. He was clueless. He embraced change, any change, for the sake of change. I don't think he understood the difference between transformative and destructive. Nor did he give a damn. Scarborough was just evil. He was a right-wing thug hell-bent on privatizing public higher education, or destroying that which he couldn't privatize. And this bring us to Larry Burns. Mr. Smoke and Mirrors. He always struck me as a cross between a used car salesman and a Joseph Goebbles wannabe. It amazes me that as I write all three men have been fired and yet are collecting roughly (nearly?) a million dollars a year combined. July 7, 2016 at 6:40 PM
  7. As someone living in Toledo, I was concerned about the Scarborough hire after I saw what he and Preident Jacobs tried to do to UT. There is still the matter of some of their cronies who followed Scarborough to Akron.
  8. Cleveland State, Wright State and Ohio all got gobs of "boondoggle" money from the state, pushed by their area representatives, to overbuild arenas because they thought they were going to be Ohio State.
  9. A school cannot change its cost of attendance on a whim. These are numbers that are sent to the federal government and are used for many purposes. The numbers have been available for decades, long before athletics became involved. Akron COA $2,520 Ohio COA $2,818 Can't COA $4,250 Toledo COA $3,850 Ohio St COA $2,454 It should be noted that some schools will also pay COI for summer school classes and that COA payments may be taxable.
  10. This is exactly what Scarborough said when he was at Toledo, except that UT would be one of the schools to survive. But then Scarborough's boss (Jacobs) was fired and he got of town as quickly as he could.
  11. 1. Regarding a previous post, Akron's law school pass rate was fifth in Ohio (July 2014). 2. It seems like much of the talk on the state level is about duplicate programs. Does every school in the state need a College of Education or Fine Arts? Maybe Akron has Engineering and Can't has Education for example.
  12. Of course there are also the multitude of higher education "experts" that say college education is too expensive to sustain itself, and that within 15 years many schools will cease to exist, mostly replaced by free internet education.
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