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  1. 3 years including a redshirt year sounds correct, but I hope we don't have to use that!
  2. FWIW, the coach actually does have restriction for taking another job. The catch is that their new employer is the one who pays for their buy out. Kids now get to transfer up to twice in their 4-5 year college careers without penalty. I have no problem with requiring them to be thoughtful about it and using it strategically/when the situation really warrants it, rather than transferring because they didn't play much as a freshman or their team stinks. My understanding is they still have the ability to transfer down a level and not sit out at all if playing for a coach who didn't recruit you is that insufferable.
  3. Its not blocking them from transferring, its blocking them from transferring a second time AND being granted immediate eligibility. If you haven't transferred already or if you're a grad transfer, it doesn't affect you at all. Will make kids think twice about transferring just because or transferring to a school whose coach is on the hot seat. I'm okay with it.
  4. You know the OL transfer portal market is f'd when our 3rd or 4th best LT is getting offers from a Big 12 school. Developing this position group from within is vital.
  5. Its like this board thinks just like the coaching staff. Refreshing for sure. I like Garvin, but probably not a complete and consistent enough player for a program like Akron. Thanks for his contributions and hope he finds success as his new home. At this point, I personally hope we don't lose anyone else. If I had to pick 3 from the roster to look for a better fit, the three who are leaving are it.
  6. I wonder is Duquesne fans feel their first round CBI loss to Rice was worth it.
  7. Pretty embarrassing showing by Kent. Love it!
  8. Cant's hustle keeping them in it so far. Shots don't seem to be falling like they were in the MAC tourney.
  9. IPFW comes to mind. Can’t recall if UT-A was NIT or not (think it was).
  10. Core returning + Dawson coming back from injury + 2 scholarships (as of now) to fill holes with transfer portal players. The staff appears to have seen what us fans have seen. Starting to feel pretty good about next year. Of course, results will depend on the quality of guys we bring in...
  11. April 29th Clark! I don't know if anything was ever posted on GoZips.com, but did see some spring ball schedules posted on social media.
  12. Thats our legend! (in my crying Terrell Owens voice). Hell yes!!
  13. We can make every player in our programs history look horrible if you want to cherry pick stats based on one game. If you want to look at stats for all of his last season season here, Ali was our leader in assists, leader in PPG, leader in 3pt fg%, leader in FG% (excluding Freeman, Aziz, and a couple guys who hardly played), and leader in blocks outside of Aziz and Freeman.
  14. Talented and proven MAC player? Yes I would take Ali back in a heartbeat. We'd be guaranteed to get much more out of him than we've gotten from a lot of our other transfers, because we've already seen what he can do with our own eyes. We should ask OU fans if they regret taking Jason Carter back.
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