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  1. Not quite sure I’m understanding all the criticism with T Johnson. He’s been our most consistent player outside of the top 4 for the past month. Still a ways to go, but thinks it’s more attributed to youth/inexperience and physical stature as opposed to something like lack of effort or bad attitude. Said it before, I think a big focus in the weight room would do him wonders. negative plays are magnified when you’re both handling the ball and guarding the guy with the ball every possession.
  2. Dang, that kind of stinks if so. Housewright was by far the new hire I was most excited for. With that said, JoeMo taking over the OOC reins again would probably be a good thing when you look at his first two seasons here.
  3. Good win. Did we lead the whole game?
  4. Ali needs to start showing up more in these big games.
  5. Feel like there’s an air ball every game. It’s bad
  6. I see our 3pt shooting still not showing any sign of life. Never thought I’d be most comfortable with Tribble taking the shot.
  7. They must have a really stacked line up for that to happen! Also surprising Bass has been benched. From my loose following of Can't, he hasn't seemed to meet expectations, but was pretty impressive at CMU last year.
  8. Serious props to Cochran. He is making some tough shots.
  9. Still time to turn it around, but by far the least effective game I can remember from Freeman in some time. Maybe multiple seasons.
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