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  1. I guess the reason I don't like the Zips playing against FCS competition is more basic than a strength of schedule argument. I don't like the idea of 85 scholly schools playing 63 scholly schools, or however many FCS has now. While everyone tries to talk about how different P5 and G5 are at least the rules for composing their teams are basically equal. That is not the case when comparing FBS and FCS. I get that many schools, even P5 schools, schedule FCS teams in part to ensure bowl eligibility. While I wouldn't go as far as saying FBS schools should not be able to play FCS opponents I do wish that FCS wins did not count toward bowl eligibility. Then you would see more P5s knocking on the door to schedule G5s and a good recruiter at a G5 school could use that to his or her advantage.
  2. Sabo scouting the other programs has to be a good thing, right?
  3. While I am not a huge fan of playing FCS schools I do think the Zips needed to schedule a near certain win for 2021. Those other three non-conference games are rough.
  4. Bryant in 2021. St Francis of PA in 2022. Morgan State again in 2023. I believe that completes all the non-conference schedules for the next five seasons.
  5. I disagree that Kostelac is not a D1 talent... he needs work but the talent is there. He may not be able to play at MAC level right now but he would have an impact at some low majors for sure.
  6. Yeah, I came on board the Zips bandwagon the very last season of Coleman Crawford, so I probably just barely missed this one.
  7. its amazing how many people here in the Columbus area don't even know that Akron is big enough to be in the MAC. Many here seem to think of Akron as the same level as Ohio Northern or Ashland. I really want that perception to change. The quickest way to do it is through athletics. It seems to me that just about every other Ohio MAC school recruits the Columbus area more than Akron, at least in the sports that are featured most prominently on television. I'd love to see that change.
  8. Once the Zips do begin play next year will they likely have any games televised on ESPN3 or ESPN+? Does the MAC have a contract with anyone for baseball broadcasting?
  9. I remember Purdue and Xavier playing at the JAR but not Penn State. I also remember VCU in the JAR the year after they went to the Final Four but I think that was a Bracketbusters event game.
  10. Right but I know a lot of times we are aware of where our early season tournament will be located. I remember when Groce was hired the question was whether we'd still be going to Hawaii or not because that had been scheduled for months prior.
  11. I haven’t read this entire thread so I apologize if this has already been discussed. What do we know about the out of conference schedule next year? Do we know of a tournament or event the Zips will be a part of in November or December?
  12. Ha! that was why my comment said I was hoping Buffalo, CMU, or Toledo could have made a run.
  13. I know the Zips weren't in the MAC for his success here but Huggins did OK for himself after moving on from Akron.
  14. Buffalo defeated Arizona State in Tulsa before going down to 3 seed Texas Tech in the NCAA Tournament. The other three MAC squads all went one and done on the road in their respective postseasons. I still think the MAC was stronger this season than most but 1-4 in the postseason doesn't say much. To be fair the NIT, CBI, and CiT didn't do the MAC squads any favors by putting them up against some pretty decent opponents (compared to other teams that hosted). I was just hoping Buffalo, Toledo, or CMU could have made some sort of run to keep the MAC flag flying a little longer.
  15. Oats seems like a guy who would at least stay for the first couple years of a newly signed deal. If the big paychecks are still calling his name a couple years from now then I could see him going elsewhere but I think he will be at Buffalo for another two years or so if they stay at the top of the MAC and probably longer if they do not.
  16. I just don't like watching all these other teams playing after Selection Sunday and the Zips sitting at home. I think in most cases teams should play when invited if they can. I realize that the finances can deter a program from participating and that is sad. I don't think this was the case with the Zips though since the women's team did participate in the WBI. It probably had to do more with the lack of depth. Not saying I disagree with the decision. I get it but I am disappointed because the argument a few years ago seemed to be that it was already a veteran team so not that much would be gained by accepting a CBI ot CiT berth. This year we had one senior so I feel the added experience, barring serious injury, could only have been a benefit if there were enough depth.
  17. So who will get PT in Groce's third season that also got PT in his first? Sayles maybe but he hasn't finished a season healthy yet.
  18. With the announcements by the postseason tournaments the Akron season is now officially over. I did not figure we would be playing anywhere. Does anybody know if we declined or just didn't get offered?
  19. I was really hoping that there would be more than four MAC teams playing in the postseason. Did I miss someone?
  20. Arizona State -St. Johns winner vs. Buffalo in Tulsa, OK, approx. 4:00pm Friday TNT Toledo at Xavier in the NIT, 7;00pm Wednesday ESPN3 Central Michigan at DePaul in the CBI, 8:00pm Wednesday PCCC at Louisiana-Monroe in the CiT, 8:00pm Thursday
  21. The NIT will tell you that they like to limit travel and create regional matchups when possible. They never publicly say that the bigger arena or more perceived ticket sales get preference but it is clear that they do. ... as far as the Akron-OSU game a few years ago goes there were nearly as many akron fans there as OSU fans. The NIT missed a chance at a boisterous crowd in Akron and opted for a less than half full arena in Columbus.
  22. This should come as no surprise. Toledo, despite their record and second place finish in the MAC, is given an NIT berth but will have to go on the road. Does the NIT ever put the MAC in position to play at home in the first round? ... the eyes are always on the NCAA tourney and how the MAC never seems to get two in but if you look at where the NIT seeds MAC teams or omits them I think that committee is probably even worse
  23. Buffalo could face Hurley’s Sun Devils. That is interesting.
  24. That's a killer for Duquesne but I'd take a CiT berth for Akron right now. I want this team with only one senior to get as much experience as possible before next season.
  25. I am not saying they should or should not. I was only saying it is possible. I don’t know how the different budgets within the program work nor how the tournaments themselves get their money. I know you pay to host in those tourneys but outside of that I know very little about the finances of them.
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