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  1. After your post, I wanted to see that play and had finally found it and Tavari was not taking the play off or being lackadaisical but was late fighting through a big man screen. Certainly not worthy of being benched the entire half. However, when searching for that play I saw a player not box out his man which lead to an easy Kent rebound and then a drive to the basket and an Ali foul. Watch at the 17 minute mark of the 2nd half and Dawson not box out his man. My point being is that other players make mistakes on D and do not get pulled. If I am Tavari I have to wonder why other players get free passes and I get pulled the entire half.
  2. I think Groce has a double standard when it comes to Tavari. I see other players miss assignments or not box out and stay in the game. He benched him the entire half for giving up a 4 point play to a hot shooter.
  3. After 3 bad games that were big disappointments that will happen even though one of the games was a win. I think it was a big realization that this team may not be as talented as we thought it was excluding the 4 seniors. I grew up in Philly and still root for the Eagles. if the Zips lose at home to a weak Kent team it will remind me of the Eagles collapse. We need to win this game at home.
  4. I thought this team would play better as the season progressed. Based on the last 3 games, they are regressing. Groce has to see that he needs to do something and bringing Prather off the bench to wake guys up is not working.
  5. I think we have to admit the the talent level is simply not there when you get to the bench players. We have seen enough of the season. We can go 8 or 9 deep but only 4 can score. I still think Tavari is the best bet because at least he has some offensive skills driving to the basket and shooting from the outside. Can not be more disappointed with Dawson, Scott, Thornton and Prather. Just not showing any ability to penetrate and their shot has just been plain awful.
  6. Cochran has just made 2 really tough shots in a row. Give credit to Toledo
  7. Was I the only one yelling at the TV telling Dawson not to shoot the 3?
  8. Three turnovers and 2 offensive rebounds and 0 for 3 shooting for 3 pointers.
  9. I have not seen him make a move to the basket in the past 10 games. Purely a perimeter shooter and has been just plain awful from the perimeter. At least we have seen Scott and Thornton make layups and Tavari had a drive and dish. We need our big three Ali, Freeman and Tribble to score some points in the paint. We cannot rely on our 3 point shooting.
  10. I agree so how does Groce justify giving him so much time on the court?
  11. Tavari looked good on that drive and dish to Freeman. I still think he is our best choice. Really tired of watching Dawson take and miss the three ball. Missed three already and none was even close.
  12. The first 2 3 balls and a turnover to boot.
  13. I do not bet on basketball but if there were a line on Dawson taking and missing the first 3 of the game, money in the bank.
  14. I hate to say this but when you look at the stats for the most part Thornton, Scott, and Dawson have struggled offensively most of the year especially when we have played the better teams. Every player has an off night shooting such as Sammy. You have to wonder if Dawson is struggling after last year's injury. But I see Sammy and Thornton just being misses on talent. How many times have we seen Sammy bail on a layup where he does not go up strong. I have seen Thornton drive to the basket and score but those moments are getting fewer and fewer. It seems with these 3 there game is now limited to perimeter shots that they are missing. We need more from these players to get to the next level. I know it seems stupid to complain about a team that has only lost one game but can anyone on this board say that they are happy with the offensive output of Thornton, Scott and Dawson this year?
  15. I agree that when a guard gets beat and Freeman is our rim protector it puts pressure on Freeman. I do not see Tavari getting beat more than our other guards. I have seen guards used their height and strength to back him into the paint. I will keep a closer look this game.
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