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  1. I like the uniforms overall, just never been a big fan of the script Akron. I'd rather that be bold print to represent the U. Also, not a fan of the white numbers on white jersey trend that seems to be taking place in the sports world but I am sure something else will be trendy before long. Still, having the school colors in the uni is a huge plus.
  2. I have seen a few references now to "four away games in a row". Where is that coming from? My schedule shows next two away then two at home.
  3. With Nebraska out of the picture, anyone know of any attempt to set up an end of season "if needed for eligibility" game with any other team that has had a game cancelled? I imagine there are a number of teams that are a game short after the hurricane came through a couple of weeks ago? East Carolina or Coastal Carolina maybe?
  4. EMU Buffalo I'll actually take PCCC with the points Fresno State Iowa State Surprised Michigan at Northwestern isn't on here. last I saw Michigan was favored by 13.
  5. ... and unfortunately they did not win yet this season so there should be no level of overconfidence. The way I see it the Zips are playing with house money at this point. Everybody and their mother said the Zips would be 1-3 before the start of MAC play and we currently sit in a 2-1 worst case scenario.
  6. I have Amazon Fire TV and uploaded Fox Sports Go, they have all FSN events and all BTN events. I also have Sling loaded for ESPN events but still pay the fee for ESPN+
  7. The plan was for the play to take the entire 7 seconds before the ball hit the ground out of bounds. Kato threw a couple seconds earlier than he wanted. Northwestern had a serious rush closing in on him.... I didn’t like the plays on the series before the final one. Be safe with the ball and keep it on the ground but try to get the first down to end it.
  8. The chants came through loud and clear on the Big Ten Network.
  9. My guess is that Kato was instructed to scramble around long enough for him to then throw the ball deep downfield out of bounds and that he jumped the gun and threw it a couple of seconds early. Bowden did not look happy with the result of that play at all. I get not punting. I kept thinking of Michigan State’s miracle punt block as time expired against Michigan a few years ago.
  10. I usually take sports in stride but I think I may have shed a daggum tear tonight! Go Zips!
  11. I saw Will King play Friday night. He stands out on the high school football field due to his height. He seems really quick and athletic. he could probably use some filling out as he just seemed to have somewhat thin, albeit tall, frame. In the game I attended he didn't make a ton of plays on the ball carrier but the opponent was clearly not running plays in his direction. When he did get a chance to make a play, though, he always successfully did so. King did, however, pick up one personal foul for continuing a tackle that started in bounds but ended up clearly out of bounds. He just didn't disengage soon enough.
  12. Yep, sorry. Somehow I overlooked that one.
  13. Interesting scheduling for week 1. It was all or nothing. Every MAC opponent was either a FCS team or a Power 5 Conference team. It’s odd that no MAC school played another Group of 5 school in their opener.
  14. The South Dakota State- Iowa State game was also cancelled. Iowa State is looking to schedule a game for their bye week to still play 12 games. Granted they were playing a FCS school from the middle of the country so they are looking for FCS teams to play that also had cancellations last night and a bye week that matches theirs, but is there any chance the Zips now try to fill the bye week?
  15. I think the Zips would do well to have a guy or two like this in their program. he seems like an extremely hard worker and that effort, even if he never sees the field or plays late in lopsided games, can certainly push those ahead of him on the depth chart. It sounds like his biggest hinderance is size and if he was to be a running back sometimes those little guys are what is needed to slip between those big uglies undetected. Plus being from Windham his being on the team would probably bring a good handful of fans from that community to a lot of games. Local connections, especially to local communities that support local teams well, are important when attendance is struggling. I am obviously no expert on this type of thing but I like to see hard workers get a chance and I think sometimes when choosing well taking a flyer on someone can provide great dividends. Who knows how it would work out if he ended up a Zip?
  16. GJGood


    Other than having to pay for what was free before, how does ESPN+ differ from ESPN3. The network has touted it as being an improvement. I guess I am looking for some sort of explanation as to how ESPN+ is better than ESPN3 for a Zips fan that has regularly watched on ESPN3 the last few seasons.
  17. GJGood


    I have seen that the Zips will be on both ESPN3 and ESPN+ this year. I know ESPN is touting ESPN+ as the way to get to view games you couldn't see before for a low price. If I am not mistaken, though, weren't these same games free on ESPN3 in years past? I guess I am having a problem understanding why an Akron fan would rather have a game broadcast on ESPN+ than on ESPN3. Does anyone know how much ESPN+ costs? Or if I can get it just for football season? Can we assume the basketball Zips will be on ESPN+ frequently too? What about soccer or even baseball once it returns in full? I hope most Zips fans who frequently watch the games on ESPN3 realize the changes this year but I have a feeling that many do not.
  18. I am not sure how winnable this game is or is not but I certainly think that if the Zips were going to pick a year to play the Huskers that this would be the one that makes the most sense to try to go in and shock some people.
  19. I saw him play in the 16-17 season. This is a guy I would love to see in the Akron Blue and Gold.
  20. With eight teams wouldn't there only be 3 games? If so, I am voting "no" on the going 0-4 question.
  21. I apologize if this has already been discussed but do we know if the Zips are going to be in a non-conference tournament in November or December yet? When are the fields for those type of events announced?
  22. I get that the deepest recruiting relationships are with coaches and not the schools. However, I also think there is something to be said for name recognition. Not only did the Zips end the hometown Cougars season last year but the leading scorer on the team this year is from the area and many down there are bound to remember him. I get that the Houston area may not be an area Groce and crew know much about recruiting or have many relationships with. However, isn’t this the opportunity they have to expand their recruiting connections. I am not arguing anything anyone else has said I just wonder if there is more opportunity there now than there would be usually. Personally I want to see the Zips program return to recruiting some Central Ohio talent. I am tired of seeing so many guys from my local area go to a bunch of other MAC schools but that is just me. I just know I cringe when I hear the name Jason Carter at OU or BJ Duling over in Portage County. I have seen both those guys play within walking distance of my house and never heard of the Zips even showing interest in them.
  23. The Zips in recent years have been able to get a lot of very good players from the Houston area. They also ended the Houston Cougars season in the NIT last season. Akron clearly had a presence and some name recognition in that area under Coach Dambrot. Do you think Coach Groce and his staff will try to take advantage of, and continue, that pipeline? Do you think they should try?
  24. The two teams I think we match up worst with are Ball State and Buffalo. If they end up at 1 and 4 I hope we end up at 10 or 11 so that if we pull of the road upset we are on the opposite half of the bracket from those two in Cleveland. Just my opinion.
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