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  1. UA in the news

    Most of those programs were not at all redundant nor out of demand. UA needs to decide if it is primarily an athletics club that happens to have academic programs or vice versa.
  2. UA in the news

    And after announcing that over eighty academic programs would be cancelled. Disgusting!
  3. UA academic programs

    There is much more to a college education than vocational training. In general, relative to someone with lesser education, a college graduate should be able to: 1) think independently, 2) work within a team, 3) learn throughout life, etc, etc, etc... Again, I am not opposed to cuts or consolidation of programs. It is the hasty way it was done and outside of the context of stable leadership and a clear vision for the future of the University. There is inconsistency in the statements put out about the motivation for the cuts that makes things even more suspect. I am not a partisan, and I actually abhor them. It's unfortunate, particularly as a fellow UA alum, that you find the need to make petty opposition rather than seeing it as a great loss to our common interest.
  4. UA academic programs

    A Letter to the Editor from one of the UA faculty members is here: https://www.ohio.com/akron/editorial/voice-of-the-people/letters-to-the-editor-aug-24-university-of-akron-is-alone-in-attacks-on-history-sociology-compromise-on-akron-primary-should-be-easier Why does it not surprise me to read that these cuts are being motivated by partisan politics? Members of the UA community looking to give feedback can write to: M. Celeste Cook Secretary of the Board of Trustees University of Akron mcook@uakron.edu
  5. UA academic programs

    But good for him for demonstrating real leadership. I have already started to advocate against most of the cuts to STEM programs, and I'd like to encourage others to do the same.
  6. UA academic programs

    They say there is low demand, but as today's article demonstrates, that's not necessarily true. Even if there is low demand in certain programs, that is bean counting at its finest. There has been no consideration for the impact cutting a graduate program may have on the corresponding undergraduate programs and faculty or research and innovation. Cuts to ANY programs without a cohesive new mission statement and 15+ year plan in place at the university level are unjustified!
  7. UA academic programs

    President Proenza used to talk about university innovation and research being a key to the regional economic engine. Faculty and students are attracted to the research of Ph.D. programs, which are the foundation of university innovation and research. No Ph.D. programs, no innovation or research, no local economy. This is true for STEM programs. In the arts, less graduate programs mean diminished local culture.
  8. UA academic programs

    https://www.ohio.com/akron/news/local/what-university-of-akron-programs-are-being-cut This isn't a comprehensive list, but it's the most extensive thus far. It's hard to believe that UA would cut ANY STEM programs. Fashion design and some of the hospitality programs I get, but physics, math, and some of the health and education programs...come on! Ph.D. programs are the last things that should be cut. They are the most difficult to establish, drive prestige and excellence, and are key to the regional economy. In another article, it specifies that, "The areas of investment are: cybersecurity, criminal justice and emergency services; polymer and chemical sciences; health and biosciences; performing arts; digital communication; and business, law and education." The statement is not consistent with the programs that are being cut. https://www.ohio.com/akron/writers/katie-byard/ua-sheds-80-degree-programs-plans-to-beef-up-others-including-cybersecurity-polymer-science-engineering-dance-and-business I am saddened by this development.
  9. http://golobos.com/news/2018/7/18/general-changes-proposed-to-unm-athletics.aspx I was surprised to learn that men's soccer is one of many sports that are being dropped by the University of New Mexico. That program has been very strong, nationally, for a couple decades and was in serious contention for several national titles. Like us, they are one of a small handful of schools that are not P5 but still a major national power. UNM has great soccer facilities too. What a poor decision by the administration. The article also includes a nice tally of men's and women's NCAA programs added and discontinued over the past decade for which data is available.
  10. https://www.ncaa.com/news/soccer-men/article/2018-07-13/9-best-places-watch-college-soccer-according-fans Pretty cool, especially when you narrow it down knowing that several other stadiums only host women's programs.
  11. Game 31—@WMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 1]

    It's been a busy couple years for me, and I seem to have lost track of our recent results in those series. The trends are still largely true though. Thanks to you and skip-zip for the historic factual corrections. The standards here are obviously high, and I spouted off like a PCCC graduate. Thanks again for putting me back in line.
  12. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    I don't know how many times we lost close games to near even or better competition under KD when they primarily played zone or switched to it mid-game. I feel like there have been many. However, but I don't have specific examples in mind. Apologies.
  13. Game 31—@WMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 1]

    Here are a few certainties with Zips men's basketball: 1) We own WMU to the tune of about winning about 9 games out of 10 since KD started as head coach. Good to see only a small blip on that trend for Groce. I bet Dawkins hated facing us. 2) We ALWAYS own BUGS even when they are the better team or should win the game. What is it 27 in a row? 3) We ALWAYS lose in Canada. Most of the current UA students were probably in diapers the last time we won up there.
  14. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    We've struggled against the zone for more than a decade!
  15. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    It was a testimony to passion, not numbers. The evolution process of northeast Ohio fans that I cited in the original post has taken a toll in terms of our numbers.