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  1. This has been mentioned here in the forums before. It is intentionally misleading and convoluted for the sake of supporting flawed logic. That $1 million + could have been applied to other expenses such as reducing the debt on the Info or better supporting the Athletics Department as a whole. Instead, it was burned to pay a coach 2 years not to coach and replace him with a guy who needed bought out at his old job in spite of being mediocre at best there. What a waste! If I were a student paying fees to support athletics, I'd be pissed! No wonder enrollment has been sagging. The UA community deserves better than this.
  2. We'd be holding on to him for another year then not renewing his contract. And we'd be more than 1 million dollars better off because of it. To a financially strapped university, that's a huge deal. And after next season, we'd set off on a legitimate coaching search early in the season so the new guy would be well positioned to recruit in his first year.
  3. Except it's not just us saying this. It's a member of the national media in a publication that reaches tens of millions of people.
  4. I did. As I said then and is true now, nothing matters besides winning the MACC. And no team wants to see us on their NCAAT bracket. Yes, we've had a rough season, but the talent is still there to go far in the post-season.
  5. Not holding my breath but still hoping he can for the sake of the program and the University. And I say this as someone who supported Bowden coaching out his contract.
  6. We aren't arguing, we're looking for solutions, which is what I wish more of us were doing. If the program is in this shape in 2-3 years, it is in grave danger. Meanwhile, many of us are defending past decisions and hoping or expecting Arth to turn this thing around. Those who are might as well be just praying to the football gods, and that is exactly the kind of thinking that got us in this position for the second time in less than a decade.
  7. Because Bowden was relieved of his duties for the sake of installing our next great coach, Arth. It is therefore impossible to dissociate the two. We are a severely cashed strapped university. The only responsible time to move on from Bowden would have been after his contract expired. And yes, if we had another season or two like the 2018 season, I would have been okay finding a new coach at that time.
  8. It takes talent to recognize the skills and value of others. Those assistants need to be managed efficiently as well.
  9. Gee, that sounds familiar! You mean he didn't win a bowl game?
  10. And if he had been at Akron, we would have fired him by year five.
  11. I am not a lawyer, but to me "termination" implies a separation of parties. Meaning if this happened, we wouldn't still be on the hook for a salary. I'd say he was "relieved of coaching duties". And if we are paying two coaches, we have the right to define that arrangement unless there is language in the contracts that is limiting. I'd love to see the contracts. What akronzips71 proposes here is a creative potential solution. We are far beyond relying on precedent to get us out of this mess. If that requires swallowing some pride and ruffling some feathers, so be it. In the context of the financial position of the University, the football program renders itself a terrible investment, particularly given it's recent performance, future trajectory, and options. Without serious, out-of -the-box thinking, we are looking at drastic changes that could justifiably include downsizing. I do not favor this outcome, so I welcome all ideas, regardless of how unusual...ideas which will likely not come from our administrators who do not have the courage or career flexibility to find a creative, viable solution.
  12. I'd love to have a guy like Frank Solich here...and we did. In the MAC, most teams are competitive for the division title until the last game or two of the season. It takes a special kind of poor staff to have us out of the race by the mid-point of the MAC schedule.
  13. To me, the problem in the past 15 years with football has been overly-ambitious AD's prematurely firing coaches to advance their own career by trying to hire the next MAC Urban Meyer or Brian Kelly but not having the experience to recognize good candidates. Of the last 4 coaches (Brookhart, iCoach, Bowden, and Arth), two were terrible candidates (iCoach and Arth) and were arguably not at all qualified to coach at this level. I felt that Brookhart was ready after serving as offensive coordinator at Pitt, and Bowden won everywhere he coached including a P5 school and a smaller D-1AA program he turned around. I recall when iCoach was fired, it was late in the process and there weren't many (if any) qualified candidates. Then Bowden threw his hat in. We got lucky. Firing a guy like Bowden who literally saved this program got us another weak pool of candidates and there wasn't another Bowden waiting to save us. Hence Arth: a terrible hire. This rolling the dice for the next great coach has to stop. Bring competitive football back to UA!
  14. Great idea! This needs to happen. Worst case scenario is that we have two highly paid coaches. Best case scenario is that we are off the hook for one of the contracts, and if Arth leaves and the team does not improve under Bowden, we can restart the coaching search. Message the BoT and AD about this. Seriously!
  15. Thanks for your contribution. Really unique insight.
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