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  1. 2-1 wins for both the Zips and USMNT tonight. I'll take both! To those who watched, what was different for the Zips tonight?...lineup? rest? motivation? Seems that the Georgia State may have been a trap...it happens to the best of teams. When playing well, we're a Top 10 team, just gotta stay focused.
  2. At home after dominating possession nonetheless.
  3. Very uninspiring effort overall. Akron football and soccer must have traded rosters for the weekend.
  4. Unmarked in the box. No excuse for that.
  5. Our play in the final third lacks purpose and urgency.
  6. I never had a problem with Bowden not being renewed, but as you point out, a cash strapped university cutting academic programs like crazy while BUYING OUT Bowden was the appalling part. All so we could hire iCoach 2.0. It really makes me wonder what UA could be post-Proenza with perfectly average hires in place of iCoach, Arth, Larry Williams, and Scarborough. Given UA's financial circumstances, Arth shouldn't be bought out either. Tell him he won't be renewed and hope he gets another job knowing what's coming. State it publicly if necessary; shame him into leaving. That gets us out of buying out his contract or having him hang around. That's the best outcome we can hope for.
  7. Well that was disappointing. I hope this proves to be the Cleveland State game of circa 2009/2010. That's what we get for me talking trash with an OSU alum at work. I guess this means we'll upset them on the gridiron in two weeks though.
  8. Let's get this thing tied, so we can finish them off in OT!
  9. Got it...just wasn't working in my Firefox. Working in Edge. Thanks!
  10. The gametracker does not seem to be available. Anyone mind giving periodic updates?
  11. Because it's now more evident than ever that via a relatively small investment in facilities and a coach, your non-P5 brand and university can be featured on national tv winning a National Championship against a Big Ten team and perrenial powerhouse. To me, that's better than playing in a no-name bowl game or the NIT every year. Even if it doesn't get the alumni as excited, the exposure is better. Winning a game in the NCAA basketball tournament is about the only realistic thing that tops this achievement, but in Akron's case, we literally have one more men's soccer national championship than we do NCAAT wins in basketball. When or how else would Akron or Marshall win a D-1 team national championship? I live out-of-state, and when I tell people that I went to Akron, if nothing else, they know our powerful soccer brand. That's a great return on investment.
  12. Marshall was clearly the better team and deserved to win. Kudos to them, and yay to another non-P5 winning a team National Championship. In the last five minutes of the second half last night, the commentator referenced Indiana, Akron, and Maryland as the "hallowed grounds" of college soccer. It's awesome to be recognized in this way, and it's certainly been true in the past 15 years; however, I think UNC, UVA, and Stanford could make as much or more of a claim to such a distinction than us. College soccer is arguably the 4th most recognized sport for winning a National Championship behind football, men's basketball, and women's basketball, so one has to wonder if other mid-major AD's are taking a look at Akron and Marshall and thinking it wise to compete in men's soccer. It only takes a top notch coaching hire to compete with the P5's and win a National Championship. For all Cincinnati's success in football and men's basketball, they've only ever won two team National Championships, and those were in the early 60's in back-to-back years, so essentially the same team won two titles before the modern era.
  13. Said every NEO sports fan since the beginning of time. This is another hiring of a friend just like iCoach was. Lazy and without vision.
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