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  1. This is the only scenario that I could see as justification for Bowden's firing...if the AD told Bowden he could stay if the OC was removed and Bowden refused. Even then, it's irresponsible for a cash strapped university to do so. However, I feel that this was a resume' building ploy by our soon to be replaced AD.
  2. It's appalling to me that so many here have risked epic failure on an entirely new level (and that's saying a lot from a program that was recently 3-33 over a 3 year span) by firing a coach who recently had the most successful season of any coach in UA history (on 2 of 3 relevant measures: 1) most wins in a season, 2) bowl victory in a very entertaining game against a respectable program, but 3) not a MACC, but we did make the MACC and lost, finishing second). This is particularly ridiculous given the financial struggles of the University, which made national news for its unprecedented level of academic program cuts. But why stop there? Let's make note of being the worst D-1A program in the country by earning our first winless season in program history. Balsy is right, the approach from most of you here is to just roll the dice hoping to come up with a coach who gets us to that magical and unprecedented plateau of a Top 25 finish. That's delusional. You can't just be satisfied with new levels of success even if that bar is relatively low for UA Football? What's wrong with a few down seasons every once in a while? That's what happens when a great coach like Fleck leaves for greener pastures anyhow. What's wrong with continuity? Continuity matters. See Steelers versus Browns success. We are the Browns of college football. Y'all are enablers! (Not you, akronzips71.)
  3. I didn't get to see the game, but a result against a very solid team is a sign of progress even if we gave up a late and potentially illegitimate goal. Win the MACC!
  4. If we play Akron Soccer, we can get a result tonight. Bet those FL boys won't like playing in the colder weather.
  5. I don't know why you chose to make this personal and highlighted the one negative thing I shared. Please read it again. What I posted was a fair interpretation of my observations. Do you think Caleb Porter would have been satisfied with those long, aimless balls up the center when there was no pressure being applied on the ball just because we won? I don't. I also don't know what your level of experience is, but I've celebrated my love for the game as a coach, state licensed referee, and a very high level amateur player. I could have played for most other schools in the state, but chose to go to college for engineering, not soccer. Anyhow, I strongly disagree that the kind of deliberate surrender of possession I saw against VCU happens to the best teams at the highest levels. They certainly weren't part of the Akron program until this year. I believe Embick will get us back on track but to be satisfied with a fairly dominant (but far from flawless) win when we are 1-7 is lowering the bar. This is one of the best programs in the country. We need to be better, and we will be better.
  6. It was great to see this game from my couch in MD via ESPN3. The video and commentating were both high quality. I only got to see the 2nd half, but was happy to see extended stretches of Akron Soccer, especially down the left side in the offensive third. However, there were also several unnecessary long balls up the middle of the field. Other than a drop in talent or experience or both, it's hard to imagine why this is happening nearly half way through the season. That said, VCU is a respectable program and it easily could have been a 4- or 5-0 win. This team will continue to improve and needs to have the "Dambrot Mentality" where all that matters is winning the MACC. If this thing gets turned around in time for the NCAAT, we are a nightmare first round opponent. No school will want to see us on their bracket.
  7. You're right. You didn't. That was another poster. My apologies. I will edit my post accordingly.
  8. That's pure hyperbole. Bowden pushed the boundaries of the program and achieved what is reasonable to expect for us in the current climate of college football and given our history. He not only brought us back from the abyss, but also gave us our best ever D-1A season. As I stated yesterday, our performance at Michigan was great for entertainment and pride in our University, yet by your metrics counts for nothing. We will certainly never be Boise St and likely not NIU or Toledo either. I'm fine with that, and I don't think risking all these 1-11 seasons and consistently returning us to the joke of D-1A is worth it. It's problematic too that some AD's encourage these fire-hire cycles to build their resume only for the sake of moving on to the next position. It's an exploitive practice.
  9. Factual, yes. Meaningful, I doubt it. Recruiting rankings only exist to generate excitement in the off-season and to suck more money out of college football fans. Across college football, I doubt that recruiting class rankings correspond much at all to W-L in the following years. I believe this is even more true in the non-P5 conferences where there isn't the same money or interest and thus little to no research on lower-level recruits. What were UT-C's records in the season or two after these amazing classes? I say again, iCoach was pegged as a "great recruiter", and he even had a much better pedigree and overall resume than Arth.
  10. This is the exact same thing that was said about iCoach..."great recruiter".
  11. Meanwhile, the Canadians are up 10-7 at #15 Penn State. I guess the positive from today is that Can't had to go to OT to beat Kennesaw State. We may win 1 game this season after all.
  12. I am watching Army tied with Michigan in OT and am reflecting on our trip up there. Nearly a win. That game counted against Bowden in every way...not a B1G win, not even a win, but I was captivated by the team's play that day and truly proud and entertained. How's that for being positive?
  13. There was plenty to be positive about during Bowden's tenure, and I was among those supporters. I've seen nothing so far this season to be positive about, especially considering this is at the expense of the premature sacking of the most successful D-1 coach we've ever had. Hence, my current negative disposition. I guess most NEO sports fans are perpetually happy with what the prospects of starting over again might bring. I'm not among them.
  14. +100x!!! ...and the guy who had national name recognition, gave us a MACC appearance, and won the most ever games in a season for an Akron D1 team. Don't forget, we ate a year of a contract for this. Even if the cupboard is currently bare, discipline issues and poor play calling are purely on the coach. While we suffered through some of that with Bowden, his teams were usually competitive and won some notable games and had a small handful of good seasons, particularly after bringing us back from the iCoach abyss. Why do I feel we have returned to that dark time?
  15. Seems like a reasonably good hire. My only concerns are his age of 65 and that he's already held two other Chancellor/President positions. He won't be at UA for more than 5-7 years before retiring, which doesn't provide the long-term stable leadership that I was so desperately hoping for. Why has Dr. Miller made two nearly lateral moves late in his career? Here's to hoping the STEM and major graduate programs that were cut recently can be restored.
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