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  1. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/03/21/toronto-fc-sign-richie-laryea-former-first-round-superdraft-pick https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/03/28/new-england-revolution-scott-caldwell-agree-contract-extension
  2. It is absolutely unreal what is happening to our University! If all of this is enrollment related, why haven't other Ohio public universities been affected in a similar way? All of the associated negative attention only further perpetuates that UA is not a good place to go, so how could we expect that cutting academic programs and professors would improve the situation and enhance enrollment? If you are a high school junior or senior or their parents, why would you consider attending UA given these circumstances? I have zero confidence in UA's leadership right now. While we're at it, let's put this out there too: https://www.ohio.com/news/20190318/ua-losing-top-polymer-researcher-13-person-lab-to-duke-university
  3. Poor prioritization abound! This is a quintessential example of the decisions that have drowned UA in debt and compromised its future. I have no faith in the Board of Trustees or the current administration. It is truly sad what our alma mater has become, and its trajectory is shameful.
  4. No, as I said in response to Hilltopper above, it wasn't about athletics. It's about the way decisions were made and that the cuts are unprecedented in scope and forever irreversible once they are fully implemented. The best way for UA to increase revenue is through more federal research grants. Cutting graduate programs in STEM fields is counter to this opportunity and diminishes the region's potential for innovation-related job creation.
  5. In my advocacy letter, I mentioned nothing about athletics, cuts or otherwise. UA is first and foremost a national research university, and my focus was on this aspect. While I question changes to athletics for the sake of academics, I love the Zips. Those questions are warranted given the financial forecast and unprecedented proposed cuts that will be forever irreversible once they are fully implemented.
  6. I wrote to my state representative and state senator on this topic. I encourage anyone interested to do the same. Perhaps this could become an alumni campaign dedicated to the long-term best interest of the University. Here is a link to find your elected state officials and their contact information: https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislators/district-maps
  7. Perhaps scheduling 2-4 money games every year would be an acceptable compromise? Seriously. Maybe this helps attract recruits like it did with Frye? Players not recruited to play P5 but still with that chip on their shoulder could play roughly half a P5 schedule every year. Perhaps that could be a recruiting advantage relative to the rest of the MAC? And you know if we play more of those games, we win more of them as well. Had we played the Nebraska game and with how we were playing at the beginning of the year, we very well could have had two B1G wins this year.
  8. I am fine with that too. We could still get our money game every season while downsize on salaries and scholarships. Altering athletics for the benefit of academics and the overall financial well-being of the University is what I'm saying needs to happen.
  9. SC needed a game and so did we. It worked out. I can't anoint someone a hero for doing their job. If SC paid us $1.3 million for the game, it was obviously worth it to them from a revenue perspective. We were lucky they needed a game. I have not seen anything publicly posted about getting paid for the Nebraska game. I'm fine if it was half now while avoiding litigation, I just have not seen that.
  10. SC was revenue neutral. We still have not been paid by Nebraska. If we saved money on KD's contract, it should be redirected to academics rather than expanding or reinvesting in athletics. As I posted above this, but after yours, I'm all for contracting other sports to shrink the athletics budget. And just to be clear, I LOVE the Zips. I've attended many football and basketball games and have traveled many times to watch men's soccer. I think it is great that we have top-25 track rifle, and swimming and diving teams. However, I do not think that a sizeable and important portion of our academic programs should be cut while athletics expand and waste money. Athletics are a luxury.
  11. Solid post. Sometimes a more prestigious title can justify a pay cut. There are more things valuable to a job than just the money. Independence, creativity, stability, and location all come to mind. Who knows what Getsy felt about those things, but it was a conversation worth having . After Bowden's next year, if more of the same, I would have backed the AD making Getsy an offer that was comparable to Bowden's...provided a financial solution could be found not involving the football program. Amen. When 80+ academic programs get cut, we are at that point. Unfortunately, I think we should go as far as to consider suspending football and doing the same for a Title IX commensurate number of women's programs that have not been successful. Once the University has financially recovered, these programs could be reinstated. The discontinuation and subsequent reinstatement after a few years absence has worked miracles for UAB's football program.
  12. If you are loyal to the University as a whole, then you should recognize that sports are a luxury for an academic institution and push for the preservation of scarce resources. Firing a football coach who brought us back from the abyss with several years left on his contract is wasteful and detrimental to the University. There is no other way around that.
  13. No, Arth and the situation should be blamed on the AD, which I have clearly done. I'm not actively rooting against Arth, I just have zero confidence based on what he has achieved in his career so far. I also know that the resources associated with his buyout from FCS and Bowden's buyout are a tremendous waste that would be better spent on just about anything else at UA. The Browns are finally looking good, and are poised to be on the fringe of the playoffs for the first time in a decade. If they make it, I believe it will only be the second time in the past 25+ years. In addition to their epically bad, record-breaking losing seasons, the Browns are the worst franchise in the NFL during that period. Similar things could be said regarding the Zips though until very recently, EMU may have been worse.
  14. With the status quo, I'd agree. I think forcing the replacement of Milwee would make a tremendous difference. If not, moving on after the end of a contract as opposed to having to buy it out makes a big difference.
  15. I appreciate that you feel that way, but I do not. Bowden earned my loyalty, at least for another year. What have the Browns fans gotten for all their loyalty over the years? Blind loyalty enables malevolence and the repetition of history.
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