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  1. I think it's on following the President's fireside chat address to the nation.
  2. Not sure what to make of the list because I don't believe in the stars and the recruiting class rankings. Instead, I'll share a few thoughts and observations based on the info for each player that was available via GoZips.com: 1) It seems there wasn't much interest from other MAC schools in these recruits. 2) Arth and company beat out some other strong programs for these players though. 3) The academic accomplishments of this signing class are impressive. 4) On "paper" this seems like a great class of true scholar-athletes. 5) If this talent can be coached up and combined with a dynamic game plan, the program could turn around quickly. Next season will be very telling. 6) One recruit wants to major in architecture and another in architectural engineering. Good for them, but does UA offer those programs?
  3. As with this year, the hard decisions will be coming from higher up the food chain than the Athletic Department.
  4. You nailed it! This is an epic and tragic disaster. Arth isn't going anywhere until his contract is up. If only we had that same desperation to keep Bowden around until his was finished.
  5. There is symbiosis among universities and their cities/towns, so this is great to see: https://www.bestcities.org/rankings/americas-best-cities/ Akron, OH #92 behind Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland, but ahead of Dayton. Toledo didn't make the list.
  6. Our TE's are more likely to throw a pass than receive one.
  7. Interesting and timely topic. I'll bite. The argument can be made that Athletics is almost exclusively funded by students as a result of a general service fee assessed directly to them. Students already get in free for their contribution. Am I missing something? How are state taxes directly paying for athletics rather than supporting university academics based on credit hours? Do coaches have equity in a state retirement system? I honestly don't know, but if coaches do get vested for retirement, perhaps going forward they should be excluded?
  8. Wow, Scarborough was taken off the list! You'd think that UA would be doing everything they could to get rid of him. He must have BoT or political connections. And it is far past time for Proenza to voluntarily take a more modest salary. While some of his decisions as President have not played out well, I always respected him for being a good leader and having an ambition for UA. Some of those decisions with regard to specific buildings look far too over the top in hindsight, but at the time I don't think they were obviously wrong given the context of timing. For my respect of Proenza to continue, he will need to show continued leadership by sacrificing half or more of his current salary.
  9. Thanks. I only read it once. As with many of you, things have been very out of the ordinary on my end.
  10. Thank you. Not sure that was clear in the press release.
  11. I support all of these things. The problem is, it costs the average student who doesn't participate $1500 / year, and they get little to no personal benefit. These are values of sports in general that anyone who participated at the high school level should already have. If our athletes were not on scholarship and coaches weren't making six figures, I'd feel differently. The objection I have is that academics and research are sacrificed for athletics that benefit <1% of the student population. Something had to give.
  12. Golf and cross-country have roughly the same number per sport, per gender though.
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