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  1. Not sure if this was posted here and I missed it, if so I'm sorry. http://collegead.com/applicants-for-akron-university-athletic-director/
  2. My company is working on a proposal for that project right now. That means they likely haven't purchased it yet, but are very close. The plans I've seen show a building more like the exchange street dorms, which could easily house either or both of those restaurants. Either of those would be a gold mine on campus, I would think.
  3. My only flame is before you post an idiotic comment like this, get your facts straight. (Edit): Sorry, my numbers were off, but I still think you're an idiot.
  4. Thanks for posting the videos. Did anyone else notice in the video that just as the ball rebounds off Nagbe's face the coach says "I'm really proud of our team"? Good piece of video editing MLS. I might be biased and looking for something that's not there (a sort of "Dark Side of the Rainbow" you might say), but it made me laugh regardless.
  5. I would like to think we are better than WKY, and seeing that they put 21 up on IU, and seeing us come within a few yards of putting up at least 21 more against UK, and being the eternal optimist, well this could be a good game for the guys to get it together. I predict it will at least be more competitive, but I'm going to stop short of predicting a winner.
  6. I'm going. I spent a couple years at UK before coming to Akron and my family is still down there So basically it's a win-win, no matter how good or bad the game could potentially be. Plus I have a friend who has season tix to UK and is out of town so I didn't even have to buy them! Take it from me Dr. Z, Ramsey's is awesome if you're looking into local joints. Go to the one on Maxwell, close to campus, for the most authentic experience though. If you are looking for an awesome beer selection, the Old Chicago the UK fans mentioned is nice, but they are a chain, try Pazzo's on Limestone St. at the north end of campus (across from the bookstore). They have 100 or so beers on tap and awesome pizza, oh and get a soft pretzel with cheese. If you have any other questions, let me know, I'd be glad to help out being a reformed Zips fan from KY!
  7. Funny you mention tennis, since Coach Wyshner is starting his new job at Wake Forest on Monday.
  8. Feel free to sign up as well. A friend forwarded it to me. It just hasn't found its way to gozips yet.
  9. This landed in my inbox today. Think I might sign up, I must say the scenery is much nicer than any football outing would be.
  10. Here's a nugget of fun information for your Friday:Did you know.....That the KHSAA had a deal with Scott County that if any kid transfers into Scott County because his or her parents had taken a job at the Toyota plant that they do not have to sit out a season like kids at other schools throughout the state. I don't know if Euton falls into that category or not, it's beside the point, but if you look at Scott County teams going back to the late 90's (which correlates with the construction of the Toyota plant) it's no surprise they have been a state contender almost every single year. I'm sure (insert sarcasm here) there are no politics at work in a "basketball" state such as Kentucky to have the best high school basketball team possible. A lot of Toyota's government incentives they were given when they built that plant have either expired or are about to, I don't know if this is any exception, but it didn't hurt to put Scott County basketball on the map 10+ years ago.The real question is however, is there any correlation between one's ability to be a good basketball parent, and one's ability to install gas pedals?
  11. I'm glad someone mentioned halftime, last night was TERRIBLE! WTF was up with that dance group? And the girls in the hamster balls, they weren't even trying. If you're going to put people in hamster balls, pick people who are enthusiastic about being in hamster balls!
  12. Don't know if Dakotah was there, but didn't want to start a new thread just to post this link:Dakotah EutonI'm excited about this kid, I think he's gonna fit this program well.
  13. I would like to add one more complaint about the team shop. I was at the women's game last night and it was closed. Seems to me, anytime you have any kind of gathering of the public (however large or small) the team shop should be open. I'm sure there are reasons behind this, such as justifying paying someone to staff it vs. amount likely to be sold, but a women's basketball game most likely would come in second to men's basketball for attendance at the JAR and VS Kant no less. I actually wanted to look at the Nike basketball sweatshirts, but no dice.
  14. There's no new coach making these decisions, the entire staff was let go at once, including Bailey. They have until Friday to be out and return their cars (so I've heard).I think this season speaks for itself as far as strength and conditioning goes. Granted, some of the injuries probably couldn't be helped with all the conditioning in the world, but something's gotta give. Rifle guys, I also have heard complaints about the weight room staff from some of the non-revenue sports. Apparently they do a hack job of developing a sport specific workout program, you are not alone.
  15. Louisville paper reports he's coming to Akron!http://www.courier-journal.com/blogs/demli...ah%20Euton.html
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