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  1. Spring Game Thoughts?

    Tonga was on the sidelines but not in uniform.
  2. There was a 5:25am workout yesterday for the football team. It seems that some of the players a not going to class or not going to meeting with their academic advisors.It is about time we have a coach that makes these guys responsible for their actions. I bet the offenders might get an a$$ whipping the next time they screw up.
  3. Erick Howard

    There is a new pay article on scout.com. Howard talks about Akron and OSU. He makes the statement "even if I make grades I still might go to prep school". He also says some very nice things about Akron but dude wants to wear the scralet and gray. I don't ever see him in a Zip uniform.
  4. Rob Ianello's Initial Time Spent at UA

    This was the best part of the article for me. I have always wondered why no kids from Steubenville come to Akron. Nate Johnson, from the Owens era, was last one I can think of.

    BaRksdale (not Baksdale as the pd printed) committed to Wyoming in October?Wyoming Commit List shows himI found on scout.com he signed with NIU. Link

    The list on the PD shows:Greg Baksdale LB 6-3 210 University Park, Ill. / Crete-Monee HSBut I can not find his name on the list from the University.????????
  7. gozips.com has posted an article with a recruiting updatelink
  8. A Safety Joins the Recruiting Class

    Scout.com is reporting he will sign with UNH. I wonder if you he changed his mainf over the weekend.
  9. Does anybody know the status of Chris Henderson? I know scout.com has him going to IUP. Rivals and ESPN still have him listed as a Zip.
  10. Erick Howard

    I am taking the same approach. Please see Vince Hill........
  11. Erick Howard

    Howard will sign with the Zips on Wednesday.Linky
  12. Here is a grey shirt from last year Josh Couch.This young man might do all of the kicking this year.
  13. Erick Howard

    ?LOL! Nice Capn'
  14. Erick Howard

    What exactly do you mean by that?Every publication has stated Ianello was a mater recruiter. So I was just saying hopefully Ianello and keep Howard commited to the zips.
  15. Erick Howard

    I guess we will see how good of a recruiter Ianello is.