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  1. What time does the bus from the assisted living facility pick up Chuck Amato?
  2. Sure, sure. Next we'll hear a Norm Van Brocklin comparison!
  3. Late to the party guys, so just catching up. I think it's a hell of a statement for one of your senior "leaders" to get suspended in the middle of the "stretch drive." Sure makes you wonder about his dedication to the team.
  4. Odd. Mine are in a nice spiral bound notebook format (and I am really not that special!).
  5. Tickets arrived today. Love the new packaging. Feel a little guilty getting something that nice for $60 a ticket (but I'll get over it).
  6. Poke will be on the top 10 in the country in: blocked shots per minute played; percentage of points from dunks; and fouls per minute.
  7. I see Poke as a high energy backup, but recognize that our lack of size may thrust him into a starting role. I'm afraid he may foul out in 10 minutes. The Sayles kid has some size (6-9), but I have no idea if he's ready.
  8. Anyone want to venture a guess on the starting 5? I think Ivey, Utomi and Duvivier are obvious, but what about the other two spots?
  9. Hard to believe we are only a week out!
  10. I sure hope you're right, but I don't think they have the horses. Roster was too decimated and the reinforcements won't arrive until next season.
  11. He was one of my favorite high school football players. You have to be good to stand out on a team with Parris Campbell and Dante Booker. It's a real shame his Zips career has been so injury plagued.
  12. The grades were looking great. Quiz grades all A's...top credit for class participation...and then...they took a big $h!+ on the final exam (at Quicken).
  13. That rag has gone from a staff of dozens to a staff of about a dozen. It is now at the level of the Mr. Thrifty classified paper of the 80's and took a distant second place in Summit County to the St. Vincent St. Mary Leprechaun Gold for excellence in journalism last year. Were it not for the mess at Summa and the heroin epidemic it would be a 3 page paper.
  14. I gave up on Thomas years ago when he had a similarly negative article about a Zip basketball game and I then learned it was an away game he did not attend. From a perch in front of a TV in his mom's basement he was able to assess the Zips' collective attitude and effort. Shame we're subjected to him as the Zips beat writer.
  15. Could you please describe what this will look like? I've never seen that (from a UA team).
  16. I too like what Groce is building. Remember, "Rome wasn't built in a day." This is going to be a process and pain will be a part of that process. To that end, I am going to try to be patient and watch the growth for the time being.
  17. Looks like CSU is in transition too. Looks like Mel Blount's kid, Jibri, a St. V kid, transferred out.
  18. Funny how the Zip fan base finds 7-5 acceptable in football yet that winning percentage in basketball would make them lose their minds. Not saying I wouldn't be happy with a 7-5 football record after what we've been subjected to, but the perspectives sure are different.
  19. I get that Bowden was left an immense pile of dung for a program, but he was hired on December 22, 2011.
  20. Again, a pretty lousy return on the investment UA has put into football.
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