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  1. I've told this story on here before so I apologize to anyone who's heard it before. I'm one of those old guys that repeats stuff. One of my employees is very good friends with a college baseball coach. One of his players who overvalued his talent and thought he was underappreciated came to his office at the end of a season to tell the coach he was considering entering the portal. The coach told him he'd recruited him once and wasn't going to do it a second time and showed him to the door!
  2. I'm curious to see what adjustments were made over the week break. Will the rotations have changed? Will we see another starting lineup?
  3. Bradley fell to 6-2 yesterday with a loss at Indiana State. I am so looking forward to Tuesday. The week off only gives us more time to lament the three consecutive losses.
  4. I'm watching the Toledo/Miami MAC championship and it is damn depressing seeing how far the Zips are behind these teams.
  5. If you couldn't get on the field with what we saw at QB this year I can't consider you much of a loss to the program.
  6. Bradley dropped their first game Tuesday night, losing by 7 at Murray State.
  7. 14 home games= $140 for parking. Season GA ticket- $60.
  8. They yanked the parking passes from the GA season ticket holders. I'm not sure about the blue chair folks. They also closed the northeast entrance. Clarky is NOT happy.
  9. I too think the world of Joe. I just think with all the misery he's dealt with in Zips sports, especially football, he'd be well prepared to be a funeral director.
  10. Every time I think of Bradley I recall how Dustin's brother, Geno Ford, breached his contract with PCCC to take the job at Bradley. Final result- PCCC got a judgment for $1.2 million against old Geno! He lasted only 4 years there.
  11. Joe Dunn could always have the fall back of being a great funeral director.
  12. I don't get it. Tavari, Scott and Thornton are all guys that have previously played meaningful minutes. I don't expect any of them to be X or LCJ but the three of them should combing to give us above average point guard play. They also need to be some kind of scoring threat when Tribble is on the floor due to his offensive limitations. I'm confident one of them will step up (much like I was confident Maishe Dailey would come around).
  13. The 4-3 Zips welcome the 6-0 Bradley Braves into the JAR next Tuesday. Bradley was predicted to finish third in the Missouri Valley Conference in its pre-season poll. Graduate Guard/forward Malevy Lewis was named to the preseason first team while senior guard Duke Deen was named to the third team. The Braves have two games between now and when they come to the JAR. Their record includes wins over common opponent Utah State and UAB and Vermont. The 6'9" Malevy leads Bradley scoring and rebounding at 15.5 ppg and 7.2 rpg. 6'3" junior guard Connor Hickman averages 13 ppp, leads the team in assists and looks to be their primary three point threat. Hopefully, the week off gives the Zips a chance to work out some of the kinks we've seen in the last couple of weeks. I wouldn't at all be surprised to see some more lineup/rotation adjustments.
  14. Disappointing but not unexpected loss. The guards are certainly behind where I thought they would be. Given what we've seen of John Groce I have faith in him figuring it out and getting the team on track.
  15. That what I meant, immediately play. He's obviously here.
  16. We are so fortunate to have Reagan and Enrique as the faces of our basketball teams.
  17. Anderson showed some potential but he had 6 catches in 11 games for 40 yards on a team that won two games. Not a big loss. I wish we could put Gathings mouth the in transfer portal and retain his talent.
  18. I think a primary factor in deciding whether to allow a kid's immediate transfer is the position of the school from which the kid is transferring. Certainly, this is the primary party being potentially injured by the transfer. Here, Butler seems to be a proponent of allowing the transfer.
  19. Two things that jumped out at me from the article- 1) "...certainly we tried to go through the process in a very respectful and professional manner." Time to give that up and turn on the heat. 2) "He is traveling with us to Vegas," Groce said. "... I love the kid." I think that show you the type of family relationships Groce builds with the kids on the team and I think that's fantastic.
  20. I guess the only good news is that the NCAA currently has a limited shelf life. The P5s, especially in football, are already starting to consider a breakaway. Once that occurs, the dominoes will start falling. Guthrie and Miller need to step up here and turn up the heat.
  21. I'd need to have a lot of tequila already in me to pay $70 for that privilege!
  22. The Tequila and Tipoff event must not be receiving much of a response as I have now received 4 emails about it. I suspect people don't want to pay $70 to get 4 samples of tequila and finger food on a Tuesday night in December.
  23. Article on Ali's appeal, his mental health issues and graduation timeline (spring)- https://sports.yahoo.com/akron-zips-coach-john-groce-105501928.html
  24. Buckey is on the ball. To say that was a typical crowd in the 60's is revisionist history. Certainly, the crowds were better but that has to be an Acme Zip game crowd, not a typical crowd.
  25. Youth night on a weeknight in November goes a long way towards being a community asset.
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