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  1. 1 hour ago, MangoZip said:

    Shocky has played well but he is an unsportsmanlike penalty waiting to happen. Needs to shut his mouth and just play! 


    Well said. Also, his fumble against MSU was very avoidable. Trying to be a hero and break 5 tackles at once isn't something I would expect from a seasoned veteran. I don't expect that to be an issue again, at least I hope.

  2. Joe breaking the news to George that Tenn. beat Pitt 😂😂


    The man is a joy to listen talk about football, that’s for sure. Listening between the lines it sounds like we’ll see Undercuffler on Saturday. Coach noted his jitters and nerves in that environment, hopefully he’s more ready to take the field in Knoxville and get a scoring drive or two on the board. The biggest issue in losing Irons on Saturday, coupled with the fumbles, is that the way the Zips were controlling the ball kept it from being a blowout. If they had gotten points on the board to start the game and kept moving the ball a bit, they wouldn’t have won, but it would have also been far closer than 52-0 at the end. 

    The Zips looked like a Division 1 football team for a bit on Saturday. What an improvement! LOL

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  3. Marshall is in the Sun Belt now. 

    And I’m out on loading the schedule with power houses. It’s fine to have years where you play a couple, but every year would be exhausting. Especially when the Zips are opening at home and then on the road for 3 in a row, potentially returning home very injured for the homecoming game. 

    I listen to a MAC football podcast today and was very interested by one of the hosts points on this matter. 

    In 2016, WMU beat both Northwestern and Illinois in nonconference play em route to their undefeated season and appearance in the Cotton Bowl, where they went down to Wisconsin. If they had traded NW and ILL for bigger paydays, they would have in all likelihood lost those games and never would have even given themselves a shot at playing in a bowl game like that. 

    Look at OU’s schedules. They almost always have a home-and-home. They schedule winnable P5 opponents (Kansas, NW, etc.). They’ve hosted schools like Texas State, they opened with a home win over FAU this year. And how many consecutive bowl games did they go to, simply by scheduling winnable games? They even beat Penn State one of those years and have earned a top 25 ranking. It may not be perfect, but I’d like it a lot more than what Akron’s been doing lately. 

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  4. 20 minutes ago, catdaddyp said:

    do not feel the final score is indicative of what this team could become. Are we were we need to be? Absolutely not. Irons going down and the turnovers completely doomed us yesterday. But if improvements continue to be made - which they will - this team should be competitive in the MAC. So far, no one in the MAC has seemed head and shoulders above anyone else.

    This is how I’m feeling too, and why I’m most worried about DJ going down. Could Undercuffler make progress in the next few weeks if need be to move into MAC play as the guy? Why not. But I have felt since Moorhead got the job that this is DJs team and he could lead them into the future. As much as I want the MAC to be be good…it isn’t. It’s bad. The East specifically. It’s going to be a pretty open race once again, and I fear the Zips are going to miss out again on playing meaningful November football. I don’t expect a trip to Detroit, but with teams like BG, OU, Miami, and Buffalo on the schedule, you’ve got to put up a couple Ws. 

  5. I wasn’t able to watch the game yesterday, but I was able to listen and follow along in this thread. I hope to watch some this week when I have a chance. 

    It really sounded like the offense started to find a groove, they just couldn’t catch a break with the fumbles. Maybe they weren’t ready for the physicality of a team like that? Get used to it, we’ll see plenty more. Defensively? Love love love getting TOs! That’s how they can win some MAC games. Arth’s teams were helpless in creating turnovers, and it’s really hard to win when you don’t get a couple. That was promising. 

    Im concerned about the huge uptick in penalties, though. That was one of the  more impressive things from week 1. Can’t have that either. 

    And as much as I’m a skeptic of Irons, I wish we had him back and I’m hoping this injury isn’t too serious. I have faith in JoeMo for this season and for the future, I just know DJ fits his system well and may have started to figure some things out before he went down. 

    It doesn’t get any easier. Just gotta be ready for October 1. Go Zips!

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  6. I think the Zips could back-door cover this one if they can force a turnover or two and get some points on the board in the second half. Of all the things that concerned me about last week, the two that will kill us the most this week are the trenches and speed on defense. MSU is huge and physical, and I see them being all over Irons as soon as the ball is snapped, and UA's lack of a pass rush will be very evident. The problem is, even SFU was able to get the edge on running plays to create chunk plays and get to the second level. MSU will be able to both bully the Zips up the middle, and take them to the outside. 


    I'm hoping the defense can step it up in the red zone and be sort of a bend-don't-break defense, not allowing huge touchdowns and holding MSU to some field goals. I would be ecstatic if the Zips had the ball down a score in the second half like WMU, but I simply do not see it. 45-13.

  7. 17 minutes ago, Blue & Gold said:

    Whaaaaat?  No way. Really?!  Thats pathetic.

    To be more specific, Akron has never beaten an FBS non conference opponent at InfoCision

    2009: Indiana

    2010: Syracuse

    2011: FIU

    2012: UCF

    2013: Louisiana

    2014: Marshall

    2015: Pitt

    2016: App State

    2017: Iowa State

    2018: N/A

    2019: UAB, Troy

    2020: N/A

    2021: Temple

    2022: N/A

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  8. I tried to catch a little bit of all the games this weekend. Most were in action with some tough P5s and a few decent FCS programs, so it’s hard to get a good feel for what to expect. I was impressed with Miami holding their own in Kentucky. They’re a pretty experienced team with a damn good coach and QB.


     Ohio picked up a big win. Any time you beat a fellow G5 on your home turf, that’s big. Akron has never done that in InfoCision Stadium. 


    WMU impressed me with their ability to create space in the running game. With a new QB, they didn’t stand a chance though. 

    Overall I wasn’t overly impressed with anyone this weekend. To me it seems like another down year for the league with the usual suspects contending for the title. Definitely no all-time great teams, unless NIU can go on another run. 

  9. 10 minutes ago, Hilltopper said:

    The video board is barely functional. There are no parts avaiable to make it work. Remember the fire from a few seasons ago? They have solicited bids for a new one. The good news is that the overall structure is in great shape. If anyone has 1.4-2 million $$$ laying around that they would like to donate for this upgrade please contact the AD.


    Right, a problem nobody could see coming for nearly a decade. 

  10. Some more focused thoughts on the game last night. It's a much longer road ahead than I was expecting, but I shouldn't be surprised. Last night was a good wake up call for sure, but it's great to come out with the win. If these guys get slaughtered in all three of these buy games, I will have a bad, bad feeling about any bowl chances, which is fine. It's a marathon, not a sprint.


    Xavior Gray was not good at all at LT. Once Daniels got put there, things got a little better. I also recall far too many passing plays where either the center or LG was immediately stood up and pushed back a few yards on the snap. Imagine what that will look like next week, or the week after. The thing I'm most looking forward to for the future is the Moorhead recurits getting in and making an impact here. And the playcalling was okay, but three straight runs up the middle for a 3-and-out made me want to pull my hair out. I thought DJ had a decent game, and actually threw a few really nice deep balls that were defended well. It's just so hard when the pocket collapses almost immediately. 


    Defensively, I saw an improved DB unit from the past few years, but still a long way to go there. There were a few instances on QB rollouts where things opened up, but I'm rather pleased overall with them, considering I was expecting much worse. There still isn't much of a pass rush, though the front 7 actually began to make a few plays once they stopped blitzing every damn play. That was driving me bonkers. 


    And special teams. Punt and kick coverage was great, but a blocked PAT and missed 39 yard field goal are mistakes this team can't afford to make as the season moves on. If it nearly costs you the game against St. Francis, it will cost you the games against BG and Ohio. Also, Gettman punted pretty well, losing Slike was big and he did a fine job. 47 average, long of 62!


    The post game presser is on YouTube. I caught it before bed last night, and it put me to sleep in a much better mood. Zero coach speak and a lot of honesty from Joe. And George asked him some good questions. There is hope to be had with this program, it will just take patience.


    And as for the game experience, it flat out sucked. That was no fun at all. The music sucked, the pre game video didn't work, the music didn't work most of the time, no third down bell, none of the familiar noises and sounds that help give that stadium life from time to time, and the VIDEO BOARD SHOWED NO VIDEO. Pathetic. If I didn't love Akron football, there's no way I'd go back to a game this season. It was almost awkward sitting in the stands through all of the silence and dead air. No more Pritt Entertainment Group, a company made up of alumni that love doing what they do to make those games palatable. Imagine if last night had been a blow-out, just how painful that would've been. This is a massive failure by the AD and athletic department. I've been to better produced Akron Public games at InfoCision. That was not a D1 experience last night and they should be ashamed of themselves. It's year two of this new regime, and this is the time to gut everything and totally take the fan experience away? What could have been a great opportunity to showcase the program, showcase the stadium, showcase the Akron football experience, fell COMPLETELY flat and I am embarrassed. I'm glad the PA announcer told us what the electrifying play of the day was, if only I could have actually watched the clip. PATHETIC. 


    The next home game will be homecoming against BG. If they don't get their heads out of their you-know-where by then, we're going to have yet another batch of disappointed alumni that come to a game never to return again. Think small, be small.


    P A T H E T I C.

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  11. More in-depth thoughts tomorrow (ESPECIALLY for the pathetic atmosphere), but Joe Moorhead has never lost a game as head coach of the Zips! I’m happy but also a little disappointed. That felt way too much like the last 3 years. Maybe they can rally and wind up making some noise this year, but I was bummed by how flat and overmatched they looked at times. The foundation is with the line, and the line is so, so bad. Those Arth guys will never amount to anything, they got bullied. Not good. And the defense made some plays when they needed to, sans a 4/5 play-81yd drive to tie the game back up. What was with all the blitzing early? So unnecessary. Special teams nearly cost the game too. Gardner Webb anyone? Again, happy to win, but my hopes and expectations were far too high. 

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